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  • TheMacBookPro
    Apr 25, 07:53 AM
    That's pretty cool. Trust Sony to push the envelope like that.

    Sony had a lot of innovative products in 2010 but they (for no discernible reason) decided to discontinue all three products (VAIO Z, X, P).

    The P fits in my pocket, the X is insanely light and thin (and somehow managing to shoehorn internal Ethernet and VGA to something that's lighter/thinner/smaller than the Air) and the Z was simply astonishing. Non-LV i7 proc, GT330M graphics, 512GB SSD, Blu-ray and a Full HD 13.1" LED screen (covering 96% of Adobe's RGB colors!) in something that was the same weight as the last-gen 13" Air.

    Why they discontinued them I'll never know. Glad I bought them while I could :)

    Ignoring current situations and if I could have it any way I want:

    Macbook Air 11.6''

    - Intel I5 ULV, 6mb FSB

    - Nvidia GeForce GTX 460M

    - SD Card Slot

    - Thunderbolt Port in ADDITION to 2 USB ports.

    - Get rid of the bezel around the screen and either make the screen slightly larger or make it black edge similar to MBP.

    I would just settle for the i5 and Nvidia chip. As for the collapsable ethernet port... moving parts? ew.

    And somehow having to buy/carry around another bulky dongle, and using up another one of the USB ports, is better?

    Not to mention that the internal Ethernet port could support up to Gigabit speeds while the extEthernet would only support up to 100Mbps (due to USB's limitation of 480mbps).

    Yeah, all of the above limitations/annoyances sounds way better than having a collapsible Ethernet port :rolleyes:

    ...and GTX460M in an Air? Yeah good luck with that. Do you want worse battery life and a melted casing or what?

    Is this not a dream thread!

    Fine 410m.

    @ Retina display. I seriously doubt IGP 3000 is capable of even running OS X at this resolution let alone anything 3D based like a game.

    You do realize that the 410M is a dedicated graphics chip? There is no space for a dedicated card on the Air's mobo.
    Besides- the 410M performs slightly worse than the HD3000 and is thus worse than the current 320M. And thus, if you doubt the HD3000 can run OS X at a 'retina' resolution, good luck with the 410M. The only thing going for the 410 is the better NVIDIA drivers.

    Not if you have this

    See above.

    I bet it will come in the next 2 years ;)

    We'll see. I highly doubt it, but we'll see.

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  • Psilocybin
    Apr 22, 11:15 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Haha. The hd3000 actually is horrible. And I have proof to back that up if you'd like me to make a YouTube account. It's a joke

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  • iris_failsafe
    Oct 26, 02:08 PM
    Actually they are concerned that their mac share is growing and they were not ready for it. Within their creative apps macs are over 50% and growing.
    Here is the article

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  • InuNacho
    May 5, 10:38 AM
    Aww the Mini, Pro, and i7 27" aren't on there.


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  • Brometheus
    Apr 19, 02:31 PM
    On a more personal note: I do not need and I do not want Apple to tell me what I can read or see on my device. If I want to see naked flesh, then it's none of Apple's business and they have ZERO rights to deny me that. (I'm European - we're not prude here and we prefer sex over violence.) If I want to use software that directly competes with Apple's own offers, then obviously their competition is giving me something that I like better than Apple's software products.

    As much as I like Apple's computers, I hate their entire AppStore and iPhone SDK policies with a passion.

    My impression is that Apple does not want to tell you what to watch on your iPhone. If Apple had built tools into Safari that prevented you from visiting x-rated sites or somehow made it impossible to for you to transfer adult content from your computer to your iPhone, then you definitely could accuse them of trying to control what you watch on your phone. My sense is that Apple cares about the reputation of their app store. They don't want it to be known for pornography. I can envision a situation in which pornography could dominate the top paid and free apps list. I can easily understand why Apple would not want that. Another important thing to consider is that in today's world it doesn't take much for a media frenzy to develop if your product is linked to some kind of sensational crime or scandal. That could undo all of their years of working to create a certain image. You can certainly watch pornography or other sexual content on your iPhone. Apple simply does not want you to use the apps in the app store to do it.

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  • CaoCao
    Apr 6, 01:06 PM
    Oh, dream time?

    I support a return to paying a $1 per annum honorarium to political office holders. :rolleyes:

    It would encourage efficiency massively


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  • szark
    Sep 19, 06:15 PM
    Can anyone actually find details about the benchmarks on that site?

    All the links I find take me to old articles about DP 800 machines or earlier...

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  • str1f3
    Dec 28, 01:26 PM
    This is old news I have been trying for over a month and a half to look at iPhone prices on AT&T's website and have had the same thing.

    Yeah I just realized that yesterday. Also I tried using a Long Island zip code and it still would not work. Apparenty they are blocking all of NY state.


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  • likemyorbs
    Apr 13, 11:46 AM
    source - wiki
    In an ethnic sense, an Ashkenazi Jew is one whose ancestry can be traced to the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe.
    A 2006 study found Ashkenazi Jews to be a clear, relatively homogenous genetic subgroup

    Yes Corvus, that i already knew. But since they trace their roots to europe, and not the middle east, that technically makes them caucasian. And with the amount of blonde/red haired jews with blue eyes and fair skin i've met in my life, it's a hard pill for me to swallow to say they're not white. :p

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  • Aldaris
    Apr 30, 10:03 AM
    Still waiting... Come on blizzard! Send one to me!


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  • gkarris
    Mar 29, 04:01 PM
    I am tempted to buy one for this reason. I was able to look at one in a store earlier today and wow, its ugly.. I really prefer the look of the DSi a lot more, the 3DS just looks horrible compared to the DSi.

    The 3D aspect really means nothing to me as I cannot see anything in 3D (glasses based or this I assume) because of my vision issues. The idea of having better graphics compels me, however I'm not sure if I will get one just yet.

    The screens are more vibrant on top of that.

    The 3D is an option. The better graphics alone is worth it - though I'm hoping it's not going to be all just "updated" N64 games.

    If you are not using the 3D - I'd wait until the price drops and maybe a slimmer version is available...

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  • amoda
    Nov 21, 04:05 PM
    That's actually pretty cool. And it's a good example of killing a bird with two stones. Not only does it take away the heat but it also uses the energy gained to reduce the heat remaining.

    Wish my mbp cd had that in it :(


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  • twoodcc
    Nov 14, 10:18 AM
    even more good news for Apple and the ipod. more success for Apple ;)

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  • iBlue
    Sep 15, 08:55 PM
    I find it funny that people come here for medical advice! :rolleyes: ever heard of a Doctor? :p

    ever heard of comfort and the benefit of personal experiences? ;)


    iGary i'll just say again that i hope you ask for Zofran (or at least some such antiemetic) this will go a long way towards keeping you from getting sick, since i know you're worried about that.


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  • peskaa
    Jun 15, 12:45 PM
    Any UI/Software/Dashboard changes?

    I don't mind the new design. I think I'll probably get one in a year or so when I move out.

    Yes and no. There is a "new" Dashboard for waggle controls...I mean Kinetic, allowing easy motion access to things like FB, movies, movies and the basics. However, it'll be controller driven for the main part still.

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  • PODshady
    Oct 26, 10:26 PM
    - doesn't work on firefox (1.5) under WinXP

    - still can't use an email address other than mac.com email address as "reply to"

    At least they have fixed it so that it properly quotes previous emails in replies!

    I use Firefox (1.5) under WinXP and it works just fine... no problems at all


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  • rdowns
    Apr 25, 01:29 PM
    Wait until they start digging around in his past.

    The Donald�s free ride is over. As the 2012 race begins, time for more reality, less reality TV. In this week�s Newsweek, Howard Kurtz says Trump may regret a decision to declare for the White House.

    As Donald Trump tries to leverage his brand with a reality-show campaign for president, surging to the top of the 2012 GOP polls, the past is coming back to bite him. The media establishment has been treating him more as colorful sideshow than serious candidate. But now that it seems The Donald might actually run, it�s time to take a closer look at the darker corners of his empire.

    Take John Robbins. When the retired Army officer heard Trump, in a music-filled tent, talk of putting up the tallest building in Tampa, Florida, he wanted in��because of the Trump name.� But Robbins lost half his $150,000 down payment when the condo project went bankrupt and was �floored� to learn that Trump had merely licensed his gold-plated moniker: �I just don�t see Trump fitting the role of commander in chief. Somebody has to stand up to Mr. Trump.�

    Hamed Hoshyarsar invested $54,000 in a condo at the Trump Ocean Resort Baja for one reason: He was a fan of The Apprentice. He lost every dime when the project was never built. �I want to throw up every time I see him,� says the Los Angeles accountant. �I see all these people talking about him being president, and I would never vote for that guy.� Trump, who exudes a blustery charm, doesn�t miss a beat. �What about the 50 deals that worked out great�are you going to cover that, too?� he asks me. Let the record show he has built some fabulous properties�but has also filed for corporate bankruptcy four times, most recently with his casino unit. �I do play with the bankruptcy laws�they�re very good for me� as a way of cutting debt, Trump says.

    He says he�s not responsible in lawsuits over the two failed condo projects because his partners were the actual builders�and, his attorney says, such confidential licensing agreements are standard. Besides, says Trump, the buyers are �lucky� because they would have lost more money in a tanking market had the projects been built.

    Another venture, Trump University, had to change its name after New York authorities ruled it wasn�t properly licensed; the school is also under scrutiny in Texas, where officials are examining possibly deceptive practices. Tarla Makaeff spent $35,000 to �Learn from the Master,� as a brochure put it, but the marketer says she didn�t get much beyond two �mentors� who were barely available after showing her some properties needing rehab. �I�m just disgusted by their greed,� says Makaeff, who is suing the school.

    But Trump, who is countersuing, has a tape of Makaeff calling two staffers �awesome.� �This is really ******** stuff,� he says, citing customer surveys that rate the school highly.

    Trump sells himself as a head-banging businessman who can shake up a dysfunctional Beltway culture. But as pundits belatedly put him under the microscope, they�ll find him all over the political map. While Mitt Romney is typecast as a flip-flopper, Trump declared in 2000 that �we must have universal health care�; now he says President Obama's health-care law is unconstitutional. He once pronounced himself �strongly pro-choice� but recently discovered that, guess what, he�s pro-life. Obama was �amazing� and �phenomenal,� Trump wrote in 2009; now, not so much. And while Newt Gingrich is branded an adulterer, Trump conducted a tabloid-frenzy affair with Marla Maples, the second of his three wives.

    For now, the press has pushed back hardest on Trump�s strange decision to peddle the birther nonsense. But he knows his customers: Polls show roughly half of Republicans don�t believe Obama is a citizen.

    Trump is suddenly inescapable, all over the networks, which love Trump because he�s good for ratings and the field is dull. Remember Sarah Palin? Her spokeswoman chided news outlets on Twitter for largely ignoring her last speech.

    Trump may be giving his rivals cover by dominating the stage, but if reporters keep turning over rocks, the master showman might be glad he hung on to his day job.

    Link (http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2011-04-24/the-donald-trump-backlash-by-howard-kurtz/?cid=sexybeast:mainpromo4)

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  • burtx
    Feb 23, 03:21 PM
    Just make it so you can turn off the 15 minute unlock in the settings. It could even be defaulted to be off.

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  • nickisgame69
    Mar 24, 12:03 PM
    ATV quality is in Apple's control but T quality is not. If they do decide to license the software technology then every tv manufacturer will implement with their own hardware. Its possible that Airplay will work better on one device versus another. I believe that will taint the Apple brand. Apple should stick with its guns. ATV works well because it fits in Apple's model. Licensing software that is so hardware dependent is just a bad idea.

    Feb 18, 10:52 AM
    Notice Steve is the only guy without wine?
    He is undergoing treatment for cancer.
    What is so strange about him not drinking alcohol?

    Mar 13, 12:32 PM
    I had this issue too, on my VZW iPhone. Had nothing to do with any alarms that were set. I left work at 11:30pm, my phone had the correct time. I got home at 12:14am, and I noticed that my phone was now reading 11:14pm. As I had been driving in between those two times, I didn't notice when it made the switch, but I assume it was at midnight.

    I went into settings and I noticed that my timezone said "Chicago", even though I live in NY. I deleted Chicago and set it to New York. The time switched to the correct time, and then a moment later fell back an hour again! Then I turned off "Set Time Automatically" and set it manually. That set the time to the correct time. I was curious to see if it would ever fix itself, so I set it back to Automatically, and then went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night and saw that it was still an hour behind, even though DST took effect at 2am. However, when I woke up this morning at around 11am, my phone was correct (as in, it matched my cable box which I assume updated automatically).

    Full of Win
    Mar 23, 03:46 PM
    Why don't they just use existing standards? RTSP, H.264/MPEG4 video and bonjour. There. No licensing required.

    But no.

    Apple pulls the "standards compliant" flag out of their asses only when it suits them. Boo.

    Apple is all for open standards...except when they are not.

    Aug 19, 03:15 PM
    If you don't like it then just make sure you customize the privacy features in your account info.

    I suggest this because your friends can 'tag' you in at a location even if you aren't there.

    ie - pretend that you are at a stripclub and send it out to everyone......believe me, some people's friends will do stuff like this as a joke....and some will do it out of spite.

    Could make for some funny encounters.....HS kids are going to get a huge kick out of this...

    Nov 14, 02:37 PM
    Now this is really cool! :D The iPod is everywhere now... even in flight! Go Apple! :)