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  • arn
    Oct 26, 05:26 PM


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  • funny quotes myspace orkut

  • slffl
    Oct 16, 07:32 PM
    if apple came out with an iPhone the size of the RAZR or smaller with the same capacity/functionality as an 8GB iPod nano, id buy it.

    if it did all that AND had functionality like a pda, id sell my grandmother to buy it.

    I agree. All I want is a thin form factor (flip or bar), and the ability to sync ical, itunes (including video) and iphoto.

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  • Hellhammer
    Jun 14, 04:55 PM
    That design is just awful. Reminds me of a cheesy alienware case:


    I knew it looks like one of those cases, just didn't remember which! :D

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  • Takuta-Nui
    Mar 23, 09:12 PM
    Images of black soldier silhouettes against multi-coloured battlefields are flashing through my head...


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  • Designer Dale
    Mar 18, 06:26 PM
    More from me.

    Believing that there is an actual difference in output between low cost class 4 SD cards and super fast class 6 or 10 cards. Video excluded.


    Ruahrc: Ansel Adams made his own paper using platinum instead of silver on 100% rag paper.

    Add this: Impulsively correcting everyone when you could be using the time better.

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  • peharri
    Aug 15, 11:04 AM
    I don't think the Apple ads are elitist or snobish, however I do think the HP ads are very cool. By showing what the computer can do in a slick, sci-fiction way, the ads sell the HP computer in a way that the Mac vs. PC ads don't
    If Apple's seeing increasing market-share it because they're finally trying to sell the computer and it's this ad presence that is working. The commercials' content doesn't really work, but only die-hard geeks can really get fired up for these commercials.
    For Joe Sixpack, the commercials remind him that Mac exist, they're cool and they do neat stuff. And that's the good part.

    The bad part is some people think they're being insulted, and some of those people will matter when it's time to buy a computer.

    Apple should've gone the HP way, show how cool the computer is and stop mentioning the PC at all.

    However, during WWDC, take a shovel to Microsoft is so inclined, that's a time to stir the troops into a fury.

    Hear hear!

    Excellent examples of good advertising. Nothing about the HP ads insulted the target audience, stereotyped, or posted stuff the viewers knew was false (therefore ensuring distrust of the maker.)

    There's so much that's good about the Mac, and the current ads hide those positive traits in favour of defining the Mac in terms of the PC and generating hostility at the same time.

    I know a lot of PC users. I know geeks and non-geeks alike. I can't say I've met anyone who thought better of the Mac after watching the "I'm a Mac" ads, and I've met several that thought worse of it. And geeks are telling their families and friends, at the moment, that the ads are misleading, and Apple's reputation is suffering as a result.


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  • rdowns
    Dec 28, 02:05 PM
    But...But what about the frauds and ID thefts? :rolleyes:

    Seriously, who really cares about this?

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  • Blueline29
    Aug 20, 09:59 AM
    I was interested in trying this out, but when I updated FB for iPhone it crashed and I haven't been able to get it working again since.


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  • marksman
    Apr 1, 03:48 PM
    People are wrong who think Alacarte would boil down to a handful of channels. The opposite would happen as people would not purchase duplicate channels with similar content. They would choose the one they like best and then choose something more narrowly focused in their interest range.

    People are confusing ratings on tv with what people would actually pay for to have brought into their home every month. They are not the same thing.

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  • amols
    Nov 22, 12:02 AM
    Wouldn't using the "extra" electricity to power fans to decrease heat lead to less "extra" electricity???? :rolleyes: I hope they really think this through - and I'm sure they will. Of course powering fans isn't the only use for electricity.

    LOL!! Good one. They'll cool the chip which will produce less electricity which will slow the fans and produce more heat which will make more electricity to speed up fans to cool the chip which will....:confused: :eek:


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  • mi5moav
    Sep 25, 10:08 AM
    So, I'm assuming 1.5 will not be available today but in October?? I wonder if the stolen RED VC has anything to do with macrumors RED announcement & Apple, though they thought it had to do with BONO and not with Oakley RED.

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  • netdog
    Oct 27, 03:04 AM
    It's still a ripoff.


    So don't get it. Obviously many agree with you, and many don't, myself included.


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  • Lex Yu
    Apr 30, 07:47 PM
    And a Apple branded USB Thumb drive makes no sense cost wise! DVD makes much more sense as an installation media.

    I don't think Apple will be bothered by a few bucks because Apple is the cash king.

    OS media on the USB stick makes sense because it is a lot faster than DVD-ROM.

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  • Cyberheart
    Mar 17, 04:07 AM
    9$ usd a gallon here. and thats for regular.

    jesus where do you live?


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  • kd5jos
    Jun 19, 09:27 AM
    The standard file system of SDXC cards is exFat (http://www.sdcard.org/developers/tech/sdxc/capabilities/) -- so does this mean the Mini now supports exFat?

    Not necessarily. You could reformat the cards using HFS+ and use it on any device that can read HFS+. The trouble is, that likely wouldn't include any device using the SDXC standard.

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  • JAT
    Apr 5, 10:09 AM
    Thank you so much for that interesting and insightful comment. You really added to the discussion.

    I can help. You weren't sure if posting copyrighted information here is "allowed". It is illegal in most countries, certainly in the USA, where both MR and CR are located. So, no....not allowed, either.

    And to explain cvaldes comment...If you are going to be posting information on the net, you maybe should look up and know a few laws about such things.


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  • dcv
    Oct 26, 01:45 PM
    I wasn't gonna bother going but curiosity got the better of me. I go past that way on my way home from work anyway. Got there around 5:45 or 5:50 I think and the queue was all the way down Hanover Street, along Hanover Square and about 2/3 of the way down Princes St :eek:

    I wasn't gonna queue as I was just interested to see the crowds and thought I'd pick up a copy of Leopard at a later date - but then I stood at the back of the line and tried to get online... and just thought I'd see how quickly the queue moved.

    Didn't feel like long but actually didn't make it in to the store until about 6:15 - yeah, just after I made that previous post. Wow, chaos! Just grabbed my copy along with a wireless keyboard and didn't feel like hanging around.

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  • Origin
    Sep 19, 04:28 PM
    You can't boot XP from CD on a Mac. You can't you can't you can't. The Mac boots using EFI, which XP doesn't support.

    You need to use Boot Camp to install it, as legacy BIOS emulation has to be loaded specifically for XP.

    YES YOU CAN OF COURSE, I did NOT used Bootcamp application to install my MacPro Under XP, just put the CD and go ;)

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  • johnnyjibbs
    Apr 25, 03:16 PM
    Big deal. I'd be very surprised if it's not offered on DVD - it's surely cheaper and easier than USB drive. I'm sure the USB drive for MacBook Air was simply because that machine has no optical drive. Surely? :o

    Nov 21, 05:05 PM
    As someone pointed out above, Powerchips (http://www.powerchips.gi/index.shtml) seems much neater. Their insulation/conduction effect comes from a cool application of quantum mechanics and nano-etching. However, as they point out--and as I worry for the guys mentioned here--the chip actually insulates as it generates electricity. Thus it would get power from the heat of the CPU, but it also raises the temperature of the CPU by insulating it. I wonder whether these guys would have the same problem (perhaps not if they lose more heat to conduction).

    Mar 2, 12:15 PM
    for a small sum of a $1billion usd, i volunteer to watch over the innocent children and their purchases. I will smack their little fingers with a a bamboo cane. Suddenly this reminds me of that south park episode where they started smacking "add" kids. "sit down and study." i think parents need to get caned then schooled into using parental controls


    Apr 5, 08:39 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    The area around the home button looks unusual.

    I agree that it's likely a fake.

    That's because it is capacitive, meaning it is a surface that senses the ouch, not an actual button.

    Oct 6, 10:39 AM
    They've already asked their developers to change app resolutions once. 3 screen sizes will never fly with developers.

    Just get it over with and allow variable screen sizes.

    Aug 14, 03:18 PM
    Considering Apple just announced at WWDC that 50% of the Macs purchased in their retail stores were people that were new to Macs, I'd say that's a pretty good indication that the ads aren't hurting them, at least. I personally love the ads, as does my fiance. They're witty, funny, and rather annoying to the hard-core PC fanboys, which I think is a very good thing. I don't know how many times I've heard very similar arguments (the ones that John Hodgeman gives in the ads) from my hard-core PC fanboy friends. I also have friends that think they need to warn me about every "virus" that comes out, and I'm always sending them back messages both telling them that the messages they're getting are hoaxes (I've even given them the website to check them against, but they never learn) and also that I can't get any of the viruses they're worried about, but it seems they never get it. This ad campaign could do them a lot of good.