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  • zuhail
    05-08 11:27 AM
    This would help you in reviewing the content and format of AC21 letter.
    USCIS Guidelines on AC21:

    You can send it to your attorney for his perusal.
    Good Luck!

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  • Jamin
    07-17 05:01 PM
    H U R R A Y!!!!

    All you guys can file.... Our voice is heard! Hail you members....Hail IV..

    Those of you who haven't filed yet, FILE IT IMMDTLY!!!

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  • for_gc
    08-13 01:03 PM
    Hi Funny,

    When were your respective I140s approved ? Were they with the same or different employer ?

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  • sidbee
    04-17 06:27 AM
    Which state are you in? In CA you can drive till one year with foreign license. In case there is a traffic violation , or for some reason he breaks a red light the fines are 3 times the regular fine since he wont hold a USA license.

    Also the insurance companies have different requirements which you need to confirm with them.

    are u sure its 3 times?? can u please give me the link from the point where u got this information


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  • rsharma
    10-11 09:42 PM
    Now that you have left your abusive employer, would you mind disclosing your ex-employer information?

    Friend, this issue is not only with my ex employer. As far I know most of the major consulting companies based in my native country who bring in L1s do the same stuff as the creator of this thread had reported.

    I was with one of the major consulting companies from my native country.

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  • dealsnet
    01-05 11:41 AM
    First year or 10th year of H1B, the law is same.

    Can I use AVR even if I am on my 8th year of H1B (because of an approved I140, waiting for I485 to become current)?


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  • pappu
    12-05 04:59 PM

    No offense, but why have you opened 2 threads with very similar information and questions?

    Your other thread about soft lud updates (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=15916) is very similar to this one. It's one thing to not search for similar threads and quite another to open 2 similar threads on the same topic.

    After about 28 threads about LUD updates during the July VB Fiasco, we know by now that the USCIS approves cases ad-hoc and not everything is FIFO. We also know that LUD updates mean ABSOLUTELY nothing. Suddenly we have seen older I-140s getting soft LUD updates. It means absolutely NOTHING. I know it is a bitter pill to swallow, coz ur heart is telling you that MAAAAYYBE there is something here, but unfortunately there is nothing there.
    You are right. LUDs can be misleading and do not give accurate info on what is happening to the case. In the absence of info, people make do with whatever little info they can get. I was recently speaking with a member and he told me that people even congratulate each other when they have LUDs. :D

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  • sobers
    02-24 12:36 PM
    ragz4u, ...you pipped me to the post..hehe..:)

    Thanks, this is very informative!


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  • vxg
    12-31 01:57 PM
    See my answers. WE just came back on AP, no issues.
    I am July 2 filer and have EAD card for myself and mywife. We are planning to go to INDIA for 30 days. I have H1B extended until 2010 but H1B STAMP is expired in passport. I have following questions:

    1. Should I apply for AP for both of us?
    2. If we have AP documents for both of us, Do we need to have NEW H1B STAMP in passport?
    3. When you aboard in flight from INDIA, do they question for expired H1B VISA stamp in the passport? What document we need to show them at that time?
    In my case (we just returned on AP) the IO at Chicago did not take us to a room. He stamped AP thereon the counter, kept one copy and returned other to me. Carry all three copies of AP along with a photocopy.

    Your help is greatly appericated.

    Thank you.

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  • gcpadmavyuh
    07-27 12:28 AM
    What was the date of I485 approval? And when did the wife's 485 reach USCIS?

    My friend has a unique situation. Please help out with your advise.

    He had earlier applied for 485 in 2005(before October retrogression) and didnt get a chance to add his wife until the July bulletin(as he got married only after filing 485 and his PD was not current until the July 17th). His wife's application is now filed with the NSC center on 7/19th(didnt recieve the receipt notice yet) as a add-on and as a dependent for his original 485 application(he submitted I-134 affidavit of support along with his wife's application).

    Today he got an email update from USCIS confirming that his 485 is approved. Since he doesnt know his wife's 485 status yet, he is not even sure if his wife's application is receipted or acknowledged as a dependent to his application. From Fedex, he can confirm that it reached the Nebraska CIS office on July 19th.

    Considering his wife's application did go to the NSC center(7/19) before his 485 is approved(9/26), does this mean his wife is in-status or out-of-status(wife is on H-4 dependent visa). Their were not prepared for this news so soon and hence would appreciate any alternatives they can pursue.


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  • devikas81
    06-19 04:26 PM
    1. if i want to change my job then do i need to transfer my H1(my spouse's H4) and also need to file AC21?? so when the PD become current at that time this new company has to file for her 485/EAD/AP... is that correct??

    2. i am thinking another option that if she transfer her status from either F1 or H1 then- can i use my EAD for new job and when the PD become current at that time i will be able to add her for 485/EAD/AP from this new company??

    Really appreicate your help..

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  • istrategist
    03-25 10:13 AM
    Thanks h1bworker! I had a call with their immigration lawyers

    AC21 not an option since job descriptions are not similar - that in addition to the fact that EB2 app is for a different job.

    The lawyer did bring up the fact that I will be taking a risk if I quit my current job and my GC gets approved or if I get an RFE before they can complete the interfiling. USCIS may push dates ahead in the last quarter (July VB) and my 10 year wait will be jeopardized.

    My safest bet is to try to see if the employer will agree to start filing now and I join them when it 485 app is attached to new EB2...

    Don't know if there are any other options - may post this as a separate question.

    However, does filing AC21 (same or similar) cause a conflict with EB2 filing in this case? : Interesting question - here is my take - if you switch job you'll have to invoke AC21 portability to keep existing application alive. You may choose not to inform USCIS about the change in employment - another grey area.

    Should they file and get I-140 approved and then only I should join them? : This may not be a viable option since filing for Labor takes 2 - 3 months (might be a lot quicker in your case as they are already doing the recruiting). Labor approval can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 1+ years and then I-140 prep and filing even in premium processing may take at least a month. Your new employer may not be willing to wait that long.


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    07-20 02:47 PM
    ofcourse you can renew your H1B using your pending I485 and you should get 3 years extension. There should not be any problem.

    I don't think your revoked I140 will pose any problems as your MTR is accepted.

    Filing your H1b and what documents to be included will be taken care by your attorney.

    I think you should be OK. Any way all the best

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  • jhaalaa
    12-12 04:20 PM
    Folks how are you and where are you all in OK. I am in Tulsa. Here are my details:
    Labor Filing Date: 27 Sep 2002
    Service Center: Texas Category: EB3
    Application Mailed: 22 Jun 2007 USCIS Received Date: 26 Jun 2007
    USCIS Notice Date: 03 Aug 2007 Filing Type: non-concurrent
    I-140 Processing: regular I-140 Approval Date: 30 Mar 2006
    Fingerprinting Date 1: 29 Aug 2007 Fingerprinting Date 2:
    RFE: no RFE Reply Date:
    Name Check Status: pending Name Check Approval/Denial Date: N/A
    I-485 Status: pending Approval/Denial Date: N/A
    Card Ordered Date: Card Received Date:
    EAD Applied: yes AP Applied: yes
    EAD Approval Date: 16 Aug 2007 AP Approval Date: 23 Aug 2007
    Nationality: India


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  • theoyilma
    09-09 07:47 AM
    I have finished my 6 years quota of H1B and right now I am on TN visa (I am Canadian). Since I started the green card process a little late, I still need more time to finish the green card process. So, my question is, is there any way I can go back to H1B visa again once my TN visa expires. I can not renew my TN because I have applied already for I-140 and that shows my intent to immigrate to US.



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  • jliechty
    February 14th, 2005, 12:20 PM
    I just bought a new D70 and was interested in getting some advise from current owners about additional lenses and accessories.

    Was looking at buying a SB-800 flash. Is this the best option?
    The SB-800 is excellent, but a bit expensive. Worthwhile if you can afford it.
    How about additional lenses? I have an 18-70mm AF that came with the camera.

    I am looking for other nikkor lenses that are very handy to have, meaning won't sit in the bag most of the time.

    Any other advice or help would be much appreciated.

    What kind of photographs do you plan to take? Lenses for bird photography are going to be different than what's needed for macro, which will be different from what's needed for architecture or landscape.


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  • mvsreddy
    11-06 05:15 PM
    Me too in same boat. At NSC, RD - 7/30, ND - 8/31, PD - 04/2007, EADs rcvd by 10/10 and waiting for APs. No LUDs after FP(9/28) on APs or 485s. LUD still shows 9/5 only. Any idea where is Nebraska now in processing APs???

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  • haider420
    03-04 12:57 AM
    and for god sake, please update your profile.

    just did for your convenience :)

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  • shivarajan
    08-14 08:14 PM
    USCIS is considering to "permit pre-filing of I-485 applications upon approval of I-140 petitions for preadjudication of the I-485 applications pending immigrant visa number availability."

    News From The Oh Law Firm Site: Link (http://www.immigration-law.com/Canada.html)

    Possible good news for folks who missed 07' July Fiasco and still waiting to file I-485

    10-20 04:43 PM
    EB-2 is the investor visa offered. You can renew every year without any time limitation. But this is purely a non-immigrant VISA. You can not get a GC from this. Of course, being on H-1B creates a conflict with this. So let your H4 spouse take advantage of this and let him/her build the business and then switch to EB-5. As a dependent, you will also get the GC.

    EB-5 GC is conditional for the first two years. You have to show $1 Million non risk-free investment and employment for 10 full-time employees through your company returns for past two years at the end of conditional GC and apply for renewal. Then you will be offered a non-restrictive GC.:)

    So can I take a loan and open a business to get EB-5 green card ??

    10-09 03:04 PM

    Last year in March end I had an opportunity to go for business trip to Frankfurt, it was technical conference of my company. Just 5 days before the due date, my H1 was to expire. Thanks to this moron in my HR, the whole H1 renenwal was delayed to just 2 weeks before expiry. We paid extra to expedite the H1 renewal, fixed Visa stamping/interview apointment at Ottawa, ON same week as we applied for visa renewal. In-fact I had apointments paid for two consecutive days(friday and monday), just in-case the documents do not arrive on time. And they didn't ( aka Murphy Law) till saturday. So headed out on Sunday to Ottawa from MI. arrived Monday morning, got the visa extended next day. Arrived back in office on Wednesday morning, sent all the documents to Chicago consulate office, with same day delivery. Anxiously awaited to hear-back till Tursday afternoon. Started frantically calling consulate office on Friday Morning. Believe it or not someone did returnback my repeated calls and complained about why I was calling everyone in office and in future try to send application atleast 1-2 weeks before travel. My flight was booked for Saturday 3:00 pm in afternoon and believe it or not I collected my passport with visa at noon!!!:rolleyes:

    P.S: Trip was great and in-fact also got chance to visit Paris!!!:cool: