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images Avril Lavigne Punk Makeup avril lavigne no makeup. Posted by Fonze in Without
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  • UKannan
    05-27 11:20 AM
    may i make a sincere suggestion. Please, go back to school, take a course in english grammar, writing mechanisms and reading comprehension. People can better respond to you, when they understand whatever is it you are asking. You may also be able to file as a qualified eb2 applicant. No pun intended.


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  • ita
    11-07 03:23 PM
    Can I do it over the weekend?

    Thank you.

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  • srikondoji
    07-27 02:20 PM
    The receipts will be generated not by Priority Date but by Physically received date. This was obvious right from beginning, but some questions were raised on this forum.

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  • bastati
    09-05 03:37 PM
    Today i and my spouse received RFE for 485 (email) . The reasons are yet to know.

    Please let me know if you know these points....

    Does Visa number will assign for my case?
    if NOV bulliten is not current , will NSC still process my application or i got to go back to the Q ?


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  • coopheal
    11-05 01:43 PM
    Contribute Contribute Contribute

    avril lavigne no makeup. Avril Lavigne
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  • coolpal
    02-09 10:02 AM
    ****SPAM ALERT!!!*****
    Block the posts from the new spammer member "iamlove649". He/It is posting messages with some advertising at the end to all the threads...

    pal :)


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  • kumar1
    05-28 09:29 AM
    Thank you. I was looking for an answer too.

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  • Robert Kumar
    03-17 11:19 AM
    Any recent experiences please.
    How easy or difficult is it.

    Is it any different in Chennai or in Hyd.

    I heard different things like some employer memo or something. Is it related to stamping.
    If it is, please share your receent stamping experiences.

    Is Canada better.,

    Thank you


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  • JunRN
    08-18 01:28 PM
    Speculation is always part of one's life. We want to know our future options, that's why we speculate. Some speculations are deduction from facts and some are just inference. We cannot avoid speculating. What we can do is trying to know which speculation is nearer to the truth and which ones are not.

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  • Tommy_S
    04-08 03:02 PM
    Yup, the text "suffers".


    avril lavigne no makeup. Posted by Fonze in Without
  • Posted by Fonze in Without

  • BarneySha
    07-18 08:42 AM
    $320 an hr!

    His 'RFE response' charges were $450!

    go figure...
    lotsa people are making money out of the s*ituation we are in!

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  • gcseeker2002
    07-23 08:57 AM
    He is the one who says" Oops! I made a mistake" look at his screen name.. do you expect him to be right at all? :)
    bush --> also voted yes .... please provide details


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  • martinvisalaw
    10-22 03:27 PM
    So when she appears for H-4 interview in consulate in India, will there be any questions on her H1 stay in US? Is there a chance of her H-4 getting denied in case if the officer finds her out of status stay?

    It is unlikely. The officer will know that she violated status, because she must disclose this on the DS-156 or DS-160, whichever she will use.

    Does she need to show proof of her in-status stay while in US for appearing for H-4 interview?
    No, thankfully, because she can't

    Are we allowed to appear for our interviews at any consulate in India or are we restricted to appear only that consulate which is in my area of jurisdiction?

    You need to check the consulate requirements on this. They vary widely, and change frequently.

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  • Hassan11
    02-21 04:35 PM
    My answer might be a little too pessimistic but I actually filed an appeal for a denied LC in Sep 2006. and as of today I still haven't heard from them. we tried calling and emailing them but they keep asking us to wait and they will get to it.

    sorry and good luck. please keep me updated if you hear something from them.

    I filed my LC on June 06. The Certification was denied on Feb 07, I filed an appeal right away, and I have not heard anything. I called the DOL so many time and they gave me the same response: "Your case is in process, we work on first in, first out, and we do not expedited cases, we don't have a frame time" That is not a concrete answer.
    There is any body that faced a similar situation, Please advised�. what to do!!!!
    Thank u.


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  • ghost
    07-24 04:20 PM
    What can we ask for-
    1) Portability for all cases where I - 140 is approved for 180 days, and the co. is unable to file for 485 because of retrogression.
    2) ability to maintain priority dates incase labor is filed for more than 365 days and the employee is forced to change jobs - even though the i 140 is not approved because of delays at the BPCs
    3) I guess asking for an EAD incase I-140 is approved for 180 days will be too much?

    LC - Verification is related to the sponsored job
    140 - Verification is related to the sponsoring company
    485 - Verification is related to the sponsored individual

    Portability, by definition, applies to individual and not company. Why would your company want you to have portability?

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  • MerciesOfInjustices
    03-11 12:27 AM
    The devil is always in the details!

    What is proposed for the 315,000 individuals in backlog centers? What happens to the 271,000+ cases in Retrogression? And, their families? They will all get their Green Cards with their Labor Cert, I guess!

    While they are it, why does'nt the AFL-CIO also propose that the 2012 President of the USA HAS to be from amongst those who come from these numbers?

    Do not mock us with these unenforceable and fantasy-filled proposals for now. Such red herrings can skew the whole legitimate debate about relief for hard-working, legal employment-based seekers of Permanent residency!

    We would be all for it in principle - which EB-Visa seeker would deny a Green Card with the application itself! Something of this nature used to exist for doctors during the late Vietnam War years!

    But, it has as much as chance of seeing the light of the day as the rest of AFL-CIO efforts - Democratic control of Congress and a Democratic Presidency! Heck, AFL-CIO could not even get Dick Gephardt thru half the Dem primaries with a decent show!


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  • h1techSlave
    12-04 04:57 PM
    Increase in H1B with out corresponding increase in visa numbers is bad for us. But the industry is all for it. They will get a ton of slave labor for the next 5-10 years.

    Somebody needs to look at the issue of mismatch between increased H1-Bs and visa numbers for greencards. Otherwise the current green card backlog for some EB countries will only widen leading to untold suffering for people from many countries. Maybe they should have a new visa similar to H1 but which does not allow the holder to apply for a green card. The better solution is of course recapture of visa numbers. Simply increasing the H1-B quota will be quite detrimental.

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  • WithoutGCAmigo
    06-07 05:37 PM
    sorry my friends; 'm not understanding;when i viewed immigration voice last time you were all supporting it now you are against it. i'm quite confused:confused: :confused: :confused:

    hairstyles Posted by Fonze in Without avril lavigne no makeup. avril lavigne no makeup. avril lavigne no makeup.
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  • Dhundhun
    10-26 01:36 PM
    ... US is an English speaking nation although people from all parts of the word live here. We have to abide by the common language which is English and not Spanish. ...

    This statemet has narrow sprit of English Only Movement (English-only movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English-only_movement)), where as US is much broader (Languages of the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Languages_in_the_United_States)). Many states and citizens won't agree.

    November 18th, 2004, 01:50 AM
    I'd just like to add that it would help to see some examples of the images that you're having problems with. It's quite hard to tell from a description what could have gone wrong (or even if it's perfectley expectable, just that you expected the camera to do something else. I've done that more than once ;-)

    Upping the ISO is an obvious solution, so is using a different flash than the built-in one, and using the flash directed at the ceiling (or some other white-ish surface, such as a piece of cardboard). By bouncing the flash, you get a more spread out light, and the picture will not be so harsh.

    You can probably also lighten the images somewhat in Photoshop (or whatever photo editing software you like to use). This obviously doesn't work if the image is completely black and you want white walls, but if it's one or two stops short of right, you should be able to get it 'almost' right.

    But seeing some pictures of yours would most likely help a whole lot more than talking about them...


    03-10 05:16 PM
    Any I140 recent approvals regarding 3 years degree Education RFE?