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guitar hero wallpaper. Guitar Hero (fan art) 1
  • Guitar Hero (fan art) 1

  • cheesemonster24
    Mar 25, 02:45 PM
    A co-worker and I called around and found three 16gb at a store. Went to get one apiece and luckily got the last two. They were reluctant to sell them to us for some reason though. :D

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  • Guitar Hero III: Legends of

  • Rt&Dzine
    Apr 8, 12:10 AM
    People won't have sex if they aren't educated about birth control.

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  • Guitar Hero franchise.

  • OllyW
    Mar 17, 06:47 AM
    �1.30 per Litre, �5.91 per UK Gallon, $7.95 per US Gallon.

    It's a good job I enjoy cycling. :)

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  • takao
    Mar 16, 09:44 AM
    Excuse me, I was talking about consumer pickup trucks, not large16+ Ton HD shipping trucks.

    well you said "large" trucks ;)

    the problem with pick up market is that the US manufacturers still have problems of selling theirs worldwide in emerging markets opposed to toyota etc.

    and in europe and japan there simply is not much of demand for them apart of the novelty factor

    edit: one of the problems of the US car industry sometimes is the thinking of a "this years model" which from time to time surfaces again and again, Perhaps not so much with the companies but with consumers.


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  • Guitar Hero Rock Star Download

  • AppleInLVX
    Apr 19, 11:47 AM
    I'm going to go out on a limb and postulate that the next release won't be iOS5, nor will the next phone be iPhone 5. Reason being, as someone already stated in the forums a few days ago, this release is more likely to be iterative--evolutionary, not revolutionary. The new design of iPhone 4 will stand, and the only changes outwardly might be the screen. Everything else is inside.

    I think '5' is a catchy number, and Apple will reserve it for the 2012 iPhone. We'll see a whole new, magical iOS5 and with it, iPhone 5! Dun, dun, duuuuun!!! (or should I say, BOOM!)

    I think you'll see iOS4.5 with all these cool little tweaks to the UI (and I REALLY hope improvements to notifications), and the new iPhone 4NS (New Screen or some such) in September.

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  • Guitar Hero III SE K800i.jar

  • jjhny
    Jan 5, 09:17 AM
    If you live in the northeast I can tell you definitely there are many places where data coverage goes out - it's just a fact of terrain. There are many places where you would need a cell tower every hundred feet to have complete coverage - and that ain't happening. I'll give you and example - Greenwich, CT has terrible data coverage - this is a rich area, maybe 35 miles from NYC and data coverage is terrible. I've seen it first hand, this not speculation.

    I use TomTom - it has all the maps of the US and Canada - it works in the middle of nowhere in the backcountry even without cell or data coverage.

    Now - to be out in the middle of nowhere and have the app say it needs data - and that you can't get your street or turning info - well that is just profoundly stupid. They need to have the option to download at least your full region within 200 to 500 miles - otherwise I just would not trust it as my gps system. No way. Case closed.


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  • wallpaper guitar hero. be

  • iTucci
    Sep 25, 09:59 AM
    Japan store is still selling Aperture 1.1 ...

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  • Polo5
    Aug 19, 11:01 AM
    Why is everyone ragging on Facebook for this?

    It's not as if they invented it.

    Foursquare, Loopt and Gowalla have had these types of apps for many many months.
    because it's turned on by default. it should be off by default (IMO) and then turned on as an option. many people aren't aware that Facebook's new "features" are almost always on when rolled out.
    I'm sure you will be able to turn it off
    I dont know what kind of CRAZY KILLER friends you all have on facebook. I only have relatives and close friends I see and talk to on a normal occasion.
    and only share the info you want with the people you want.. its not that hard really

    But yeah, why do people freak out about this? I usually see people updating their status with "i'm at the mall, movies etc?". I guess they have to panic now and go back and check in their homes to make sure no one is trying to break into their homes.


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  • Guitar Hero PSP Wallpaper

  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 27, 07:27 PM
    I thought this was funny.

    Imagine President Trump feuding with global enemies. �I�ve met Kim Jong Il. Guy�s a midget. Who cares what a midget thinks! I take dumps bigger than that guy.

    Easy to do, when you are full of it.

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  • of me playing Guitar Hero

  • gorgeousninja
    Mar 25, 11:25 AM
    What if I came along and stole all of Apples patents and used them in a way that were above and beyond anything Apple created with them?

    You're thought process of this situation is completely horrible.

    What are the chances of you creating anything 'exceedingly awesome'?
    Slim, or none?


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  • Wallpaper Guitar Hero World

  • jaw04005
    Sep 25, 10:23 AM
    Tally me in the 'I care' crowd as well.

    If the student price were $99, I could buy it in a heartbeat... but it's so close that I'm trying to find a way to get it.

    If you have a student ADC membership, and still have your hardware discount asset�you can purchase it for $99 (EDU) at the ADC Store.

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  • amac4me
    Mar 23, 04:01 PM
    I'm all for more agencies adopting Macs! Heck, one day we might be able to classify them as switchers :D


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  • Video Game - Guitar Hero Wallpaper

  • scottlinux
    Sep 26, 12:05 AM


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  • Guitar Hero 2 iPhone

  • Dreadnought
    Jun 20, 03:46 PM
    Redeye, you have to enjoy the warm weather a bit. Stop developing that widget and get out into the sun! What am I saying.... Get back to work and work on it all day tomorrow, it's gonna rain anyhow! :D


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  • lepshi
    May 3, 08:54 AM
    I can't download it, the "Download Mac Client" is just gray. Is it becaus i live in Europe?

    I have the same problem.. it might be. may it be that mac version is not available if submitted computer stats are of a pc?

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  • Guitar Hero (video game)

  • darkplanets
    Mar 25, 09:57 AM
    Im pretty sure Kodaks going to be left holding the bag on this one.


    guitar hero wallpaper. Guitar Hero III: Legends of
  • Guitar Hero III: Legends of

  • Rt&Dzine
    Apr 8, 12:10 AM
    People won't have sex if they aren't educated about birth control.

    guitar hero wallpaper. We#39;ve got more Guitar Hero:
  • We#39;ve got more Guitar Hero:

  • aristotle
    Jun 13, 12:50 AM
    because the 700 spectrum has theoretical data speeds much higher then the "standard" spectrum.

    my family has been happy with t-mobiles service where we live for over 6 years and there rates are very affordable.

    The only reason i went to ATT is because of the iPhone and if the iphones does come to t-mobile i will be switching back.
    The speed has nothing to do with the frequency used. Those Canadian carriers I mentioned have a theoretical speed of 21Mbps (HSPA+) and they use the same frequencies as AT&T.

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  • Video Game - Guitar Hero

  • alamein
    Nov 26, 11:08 PM


    Oct 16, 04:13 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    Appleinsider reports (http://www.appleinsider.com/article.php?id=2146) that Apple has filed for another trademark for the "iPhone" term on September 15th with "a Far Eastern trademark office". The filing describes the iPhone as under "handheld and mobile digital electronic devices for the sending and receiving of telephone calls, faxes, electronic mail, and other digital data; MP3 and other digital format audio players".

    Apple's rumored phone has been dubbed "iPhone" due to Apple's ownership of the iPhone.org (http://www.iphone.org) domain name for the past seven years. Apple, however, owns a number of unused domain names (http://guides.macrumors.com/Apple_Domain_Names).

    More evidence of a legitimate interest in the iPhone name came when Apple filed for iPhone trademarks in Australia (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2002/12/20021203005112.shtml) and the UK (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2002/12/20021203113133.shtml) in 2002. This is only the latest filing is of iPhone trademarks. Interestingly, another company (http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=toc&state=p5h7ib.1.1&p_search=searchss&p_L=50&BackReference=&p_plural=yes&p_s_PARA1=live&p_tagrepl%7E%3A=PARA1%24LD&expr=PARA1+AND+PARA2&p_s_PARA2=iphone&p_tagrepl%7E%3A=PARA2%24COMB&p_op_ALL=AND&a_default=search&a_search=Submit+Query&a_search=Submit+Query) has the iPhone trademark in the U.S.

    Meanwhile, Prudential analysts (http://www.appleinsider.com/article.php?id=2146) released a research note to their clients indicating that according to their "checks", Apple's entry into the phone market would come in two forms. One model is expected to be a "smart phone" with integrated keyboard, video and music capabilities while the other model would be a slimmer phone that just played music.

    Reportedly, there are some concerns about market acceptance and battery life and Apple is only planning to market the phones in limited quantities to test the market.

    Incidentally they also believe that the long rumored "wide screen video iPod" will begin production in the December quarter, but is not expected to see a release until next year.

    Oct 9, 04:38 PM
    Ah shut up you bastards...

    well that's one way to put it :p

    but i agree.

    Mar 24, 03:46 PM
    Well windows for killing is one thing, Microsoft are well known to be evil but mac for killing? Either way I don't care what the end use is if the US army take apple on i'll be put of buying Apple stuff. It's purely political!

    Sep 19, 11:39 PM
    alli did was put in the xp cd on the drive.. pop in another hdd.. and rebooted.. at startup press and hold the option key and your startup devices come up choose the xp cd... boot from that then install to the other hdd.. and done and done xp is installed no problem as for the drivers thats where bootcamp driver disc comes in

    but mind you.. you do NOT need bootcamp to boot and install windows xp.. but will need it for drivers and such

    Apr 15, 07:35 AM
    never mind all this. i want to know his salary!