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  • spotlight07
    Apr 19, 10:50 AM
    There is something nice about being surprised. I love the rumors, but when we see the real thing ahead of time, it sort of spoils it. (Like the iPhone 4 leak.) I love a good "one more thing." Hope there will still be some surprises left by the time it releases this winter or fall or summer (whichever it is).

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  • T'hain Esh Kelch
    Apr 5, 09:07 AM
    If I would leak something, I would make sure the device is clean, the camera is in focus and there is enough light.

    Why are leaked images (almost) always such bad quality?
    PR images are boring.

    Blurry stuff, grease, elevators - They all add to the credibility of the photo!

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  • AllmightyFun
    Jan 15, 10:47 AM
    as far as i can tell with my own contacts, only name and email address were used for synching.

    ahh thats possibly why, thanks.

    Dont suppose anyone made an app on the iphone for MACrumors.com at all???? would be very handy in a similar form to the facebook app rather than using safari

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  • Mr. Retrofire
    Apr 5, 09:51 PM
    I might just be missing something here but how does this imply that Apple is putting thunderbolt in here?

    Only TB-compatible (mini-) DP-connectors have two lanes.


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  • aced411
    Mar 5, 10:03 AM
    Actually you'll get the best performance with the single CPU Mac Pro. Logic doesn't do a good job of multiprocessing. It's beats up one core for most tasks. There is supposedly a way to leverage other cores/cpu's by routing tracks through different buses or something to that effect, but that's a ridiculous solution. I'd really only recommend the multi cpu pro's for those using Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects or if you're doing a lot of encoding.

    On a 2009 Mac Pro single quad, I've had 45+ tracks (combination of audio and virtual instruments) all with multiple plugins running and it doesn't even flinch.

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  • BC2009
    Apr 12, 05:34 PM
    Pages and Number are TRASH compared to Word and Excel(especially excel)

    Keynote is actually pretty good!

    I use MS Office, iWork and even OpenOffice.org. I never said Word and Excel were bad (I think they are great) -- only that I also think Pages and Numbers and Keynote are great too (especially Keynote). Each has their purpose. Pages is fantastic for creating a single page layout from their templates. Numbers does a rocking job of creating fluffy charts and diagrams for you to copy/paste into other things (it also does a nice job letting you categorize by column).

    If I am working with a large data set I prefer Excel or OpenOffice.org depending on which makes it easier to crunch the numbers in my desired way. When I am writing a large document (like a technical specification), again I turn to MS Word or OpenOffice.org, since Pages seems to do better at single page layouts and is less robust when working with large documents. I tend to prefer OpenOffice.org when I need to make sure my documents are portable to others who have not chosen to fork over hundreds of dollars to Microsoft.


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  • Heilage
    Apr 12, 01:14 PM
    I don't think opinions should be illegal. It rings a nasty little bell labeled "thought crime" in my mind.

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  • shiftyroach
    Jan 6, 03:32 PM
    still waiting for facebook to sync actual information like phone numbers and email addresses... now that would be handy!


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  • alset
    May 24, 11:53 PM
    Realize that we are often targeted by PC users first. We are a minority, and as such we band together. Some of the group may go a little overboard, but you must understand that we have been persecuted for years. When the rest of the world gave up on Apple (remember that Wired cover with the Apple wrapped in barbed wire and the word "Pray"?), we stood fast and kept up our faith in a company that has delivered time and again.


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  • jacg
    Apr 5, 11:44 AM
    Are iPods glass-fronted like the iPhone? If so, then removing the button may reduce the chance of shattering the screen when dropped. The edge of the circular cutout could be the weakest point of the glass on an iPhone.

    I agree though, it would be a pain if you couldn't hold the device without the fear of accidentally triggering a touch sensitive button, as you can with the current physical button.


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  • *LTD*
    Apr 14, 02:00 PM
    I like the mop behind him. Is he the janitor of the data center?



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  • AppleScruff1
    Mar 25, 11:02 AM
    Remember back in the 90's when Apple was a dying company?


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  • robeddie
    Apr 21, 11:53 AM
    Apple is a business, and its not only a possibility but expected to withhold features from products to help sell other products.

    Your analogy is not as black and white as you portray it. Air conditioning is a feature that many many cars have. To not include it would be a deal breaker for almost every customer out there. Meanwhile lets say leather interior was a feature that was standard on another model it would make you think twice when thinking which model to buy either between that of the same brand (in this case ford) or another lets say Nissan. If you wanted to use your same analogy in this situation it would be if Apple choose to withhold a trackpad on the laptop.

    Same thing here. BL KB is a feature that is not too standard on ALL laptops. Its more or less a luxury feature that differentiates itself from not only other Apple laptops but other companies laptops.

    But to take it away ... after it had long be a 'standard' feature, that's what's vexing. That's all I'm saying. It's weird to make one part of your product line go backwards (after so many years of having the feature) in order to all the sudden assert that the rest of the line is now 'luxary'.

    Usually, yesterday's luxaries become tomorrows 'standard' feature. It's downright inane to go backwards in that regard.

    And I'll go with your analogy. If apple suddenly took away trackpads on their lower end laptops and declared it a luxary feature... we'd all be pissed as hell. I really don't see how this is any different.

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  • Melrose
    May 6, 04:41 PM
    if maybe if you go spec for spec but often times you end up having to pay for a bunch of crap you do not need or want to get what you want from Apple.

    Take this. I needed/wanted a 15in Laptop higher res screen and i7 processor. I bought it for around $1500. Same laptop from Apple over 2 grand. I was willing to give up the alumium body and battery life because they were not as high on my list.

    Or try this one. Someone wants a 17 (hell even 15 in) screen but only really need a core duo or a i3 processor. If they went Apple they have to pay a huge tax to pay for all the extra crap they do not want/need just to get that 15 or 17 in screen they want/need.
    Apple Tax is in the form of having to buy a bunch of extra crap you do not need/want to get the few items that you do need/want.

    Very true - component for component, Mac's are the same as Windows-based PCs. In which case, the only argument that can be tendered about the supposed "Mac Tax" is that Apple simply does not make a low-end computer.

    In the end, with prices neutral, it boils down to personal preference and user experiences - in which case, if you use Windows and love it (whether it gives you problems or not), that's what you get. The funny thing is that everybody argues these points over and over but in the end it boils down to what the user prefers, nothing more. I base my opinions on my experience, those of others I know (both who use Macs and who don't), tempered with what I read in legitimate publications, which is all that can be expected of anyone.



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  • minimac
    Mar 25, 10:01 AM
    I picked up a 16GB yesterday for $299 and after using it last night I decided I should get another one so my wife and I aren't fighting over just one :). I ran out this morning and all the 16GB are gone so I picked up a 32GB for $399. The problem now is I still have an iPad2 on order from Apple due mid-April. I'm considering canceling the iPad2 and being content with the 2 first gen iPads.

    I think these are perfectly fine and I'm sure there will be another revision next year. The only thing that would have tilted the scales for me to hold out for the iPad2 is if it had a higher resolution screen. The cameras do nothing for me and the weight and thickness I don't think will make much of a difference when just using it around the house.

    Is that what others who are still buying the 1st gen are thinking too?

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  • 28monkeys
    Apr 5, 10:07 AM
    fair and square


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  • GadgetAddict
    Apr 12, 04:09 PM
    Right now in NYC you can walk in the Apple store anytime and get the Verizon iPad. ATT models are extremely hard to find.

    So how is it that Verizon is preferred???... (I know why but I'll let you guess...:))

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  • menziep
    Sep 25, 10:52 AM
    The site has been updated!

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  • JAT
    Apr 13, 02:26 PM
    Hi, I read the whole thread and just couldn't find the settings...


    Check the DNS settings in network setup in your computers, and in your router/modem. See what you have. Your ISP should have servers they recommend, try them. Or you can search the internet for other DNS servers, try some public ones out, like the aforementioned Google.

    If they are set fine in your router/modem, you can set your computers to nothing or to the IP of your router, which is usually something like

    I've seen computers (or modems) that end up with half a dozen DNS servers listed, maybe not even typed in properly, and it would sit and wait with a blank page for 5 seconds before loading any webpage. Cleaning up DNS with a good server usually drops that wait time.

    I also once had a similar problem to Popeye's, where I couldn't go to certain websites. I can't remember specifics, I think I replaced my Qwest DNS with Verizon's or something and it cleaned that up. That was many years ago, it's a little foggy.

    Dec 28, 12:35 PM

    A call from .........]AT&T, you're an embarrassment.[/B] Apple had better make sure this exclusivity ends next year. This is about as ridiculous as it can get.

    This is old news I have been trying for over a month and a half to look at iPhone prices on AT&T's website and have had the same thing.

    May 6, 09:52 PM
    Lack of education and poverty don't cause terrorism, at least in the case of Islamic terrorists:


    No, jihad is one of the central tenets of islam; Allah's religion must be made supreme on the planet. Hence why Osama and others are referred to by muslims as mujahideen, holy warriors, as opposed to terrorists.

    The qur'an (numerous times) tells muslims to strike terror into the hearts of unbelievers, muhammad said he was made victorious through terror.

    So, islamic terrorism will still go on until the entire earth is made islamic. These are facts, alas.

    That article contradicts itself in the title...

    may not reduce terrorism but could make it less effective :rolleyes:

    Apr 2, 10:54 AM
    The 3DS is a glossy nightmare and should be used as a showcase of what not to do when it comes to industrial design.

    Especially the green sorry 'Aqua Blue' version.

    Bought Rabbids 3D. It's an OK 2D (quasi 3D) platformer - doesn't really benefit in any shape or form on the 3D handheld. But it plays well enough I suppose (till something better comes out and warrants me trading it in).

    Mar 29, 08:03 AM
    Go and try it and come back...

    Edit to add:

    Here is a great little one page explanation of EF vs EF-s (http://jefflynchdev.wordpress.com/2009/01/10/understanding-canons-ef-s-lenses/). I quote from it:

    Which, once again, agrees with me.

    Go back and re-read ALL the posts. You will see that I never claim that a 50mm EF lens and 50MM EF-S lens have different focal lengths. They do have different EFFECTIVE focal lengths, dependent on the camera sensor size being used, as your quote agrees.

    May 6, 02:47 PM
    All I can say is we need a proportional voting system in Canada. :mad: