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  • MacsRgr8
    Sep 27, 02:50 PM
    I don't know what to tell you. Couple days after I installed 10.4.7 , major issues happened on my quad. I end up with my computer at Apple for repair and 3 weeks later they figure out a combination of 10.4.7 and my GT7800 card were the issue.
    Now, I have a new GT card and I use 10.4.6. The kernel comes once a week. So the problem in some way still persist. I hope the new 10.4.8 will address this issue. If not I'll go back to Apple and request a new computer in exchange for the one I have.
    I don't know, I love my quad but I have to say I was pretty upset with this whole fiasco. I wish Apple had a loaner program for professionals using powermac. That way we can still productive while the computer is being repaired. I would not mind to pay a little more on applecare to get such a service.

    I have a Quad G5, GeForce 7800 GT, 4 GB RAM, and have had Mac OS X 10.4.7 installed on it ever since the update was available.
    I have had absolutely 0 problems with it!

    If this 10.4.7 update would have had a known issue with our setup, we surely would have known by now.
    You are sure no hardware can be faulty? Any 3rd party stuff? No bad RAM?

    cartoon caterpillar clipart. cute caterpillar cartoon. cartoon caterpillar; cartoon caterpillar. idunn. Apr 6, 07:10 PM. #39;With the release of Sandy Bridge, Intel upgraded the
  • cute caterpillar cartoon. cartoon caterpillar; cartoon caterpillar. idunn. Apr 6, 07:10 PM. #39;With the release of Sandy Bridge, Intel upgraded the

  • scrapple
    Mar 24, 02:54 PM
    good deal, might get one for the wifey and kid..

    I sold my ipad 1 for $529 a week before the ipad 2 was announced...


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  • cute caterpillar cartoon. cartoon illustration of funny; cartoon illustration of funny. samh004. Nov 28, 07:14 PM

  • Mustafa
    Sep 25, 11:03 AM
    Looks like goodbye to iView Media Pro.

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  • bobber205
    May 3, 01:14 AM
    Canadian politics hehe.



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  • MorphingDragon
    Apr 15, 07:24 AM
    And Microsoft Windows Server ? really ? Is it successful because I have to install 30 of those to run a simple SSO db like AD whereas I can run eDirectory off of 3 Sun boxes and achieve the same results with about 100 times more objects in the directory ?

    God, haven't used eDirectory in ages, especially so since Novell has been a bit volatile. Been using a Mixture of FreeIPA/Zimbra OSE/Zimbra Collaboration the last couple of years, much faster and cheaper than a Microsoft stack.

    So yes, Microsoft server is so successful because its just the best. :rolleyes:

    They have literally held the industry back all through the 90s and early 00s, something we're just now breaking free of. Just for that, I would never lend them my expertise no matter the offer. It is an ethical and moral choice, not one based on some crazy love for one brand of products.

    Don't forget the the near-brainwashing of Techs and Admins, keeping most businesses and service providers out of plain ignorance.

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  • mischief
    Sep 20, 05:38 PM
    Originally posted by LethalWolfe

    I think I'm gonna kill the next person who uses a stupid car anology...;)


    You're right, Cars are a bad comparisson:

    Better to compare Trucks. :D

    Macs are like Semi's : the don't rev very high but they can haul a ****load of cargo from A to B.

    PC's are like Chevy Avalanche: A nearly useless SUV with nearly every extra but guarenteed to work and look like **** in less than 5 years and always do a half-assed job on all but the basic navigation. :D


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  • BlizzardBomb
    Jun 1, 09:51 AM
    Some comments.

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  • Jimmni
    Sep 1, 03:43 PM
    yeah, it would only cost them $1000+ to have someone come round to my house and do something about it, well worth the �59 they would sell the end product for :rolleyes:

    do they check everybodys IP, how do they know i wasn't at wwdc.

    Exactly - why would they bother? I'm not sharing it. Plus, I paid for Jaguar (well, the computer it came on), I paid for Panther, I paid for Tiger and I'll 100% certainly be paying for Leopard when it comes out. I want to play with the new features every so often, and get myself all excited about what's to come. How exactly am I hurting Apple? They'd be fools to drive away a long time and dedicated customer by throwing legal issues at me.


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  • iHerzeleid
    Jan 15, 02:34 AM
    Yes, MacRumors has it's own IRC, but which one?

    http://www.macrumorslive.com/irc/login/ says it's irc.macrumorslive.com and the post you refferenced is irc.krono.net (which doesn't work BTW) the post you linked to was from 2003.

    krono is the server

    macrumorsliveis the channel

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  • bigjobby
    Apr 13, 02:35 PM
    Doesn't work for me either. Turning to Time Machine now after messing up all of my calendars in the wasted time with this. :mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Yep. This so called and touted Outlook Calendar/iCal sync feature has been a huge FAIL. Simply does not work and there's a bit of noise about it growing on the www. What a huge failure in their testing department!!! :mad:


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  • Potential4Evil
    Apr 27, 02:38 PM
    I dont like the little blue folders and even if it is only just changing the color id appreciate some guidance! ^_^

    thats the folders im referring to. This being my drawing reference folder by my trash can. So ik the method of get info and copy paste doesnt work.

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  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 17, 02:20 AM
    Apple Ipad Replaces Computer... Computer required


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  • AlphaAnt
    Dec 28, 09:28 AM
    2) which other carriers will Apple partner with.

    If it's Verizon or T-Mobile, I wouldn't consider it a step up. I might consider going back to Sprint now that they've considerably improved their customer service and prices. For me, Verizon would be a lateral move, as their customer service, prices and billing are a serious detractor, and their network is actually worse that AT&T's here where I am.

    Verdict: All American cell companies are garbage, period. Just another reason I'm considering moving overseas.

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  • lepidoptera
    Nov 21, 06:23 PM
    ...I mean isn't this just cold fusion?

    Why are these guys in Utah though?

    I think their being in Utah is entirely appropriate for cold fusion, don't you? ;)


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  • CaoCao
    Apr 13, 12:34 AM
    Racism should be illegal, end affirmative action

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  • jalagl
    Nov 14, 09:31 AM
    Well, the only airline I remember which had seat-back displays for all passengers was WestJet. I just flew United and the smaller planes didn't even have an in-house audio system, let alone video.

    But this is a great idea.

    Most airlines that fly trans-atlantic and pacific have individual displays for everybody. In coach, most of them play the same movies and series over and over, but in business/first, most of the time you can choose what to watch, and even pause/stop the movies.


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  • ejfontenot
    Apr 2, 09:46 PM
    Just sold my used 16g wifi, getting a white 32g 3G ATT from ms connection Tuesday. Anyone wanna trade this for an unopened black one?

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Jun 14, 06:56 PM
    about time they put in built in wifi on it.

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  • WaRrK
    Aug 14, 12:09 PM
    From the interview:

    Anyone else from england think of Michael Winner when they read this bit? :D
    I hadn't but that just wont get out of my head now!! :D

    Apr 25, 11:21 AM
    Trump is a good businessman... which may be good for corporations if he gets elected. IMO though, what we need is a President who looks out for the people, not business.

    Either way, I don't see a Republican candidate winning at the moment. Obama, even with "low" ratings, has enough to win re-election.To be honest I don't think we will ever find a president that works for the people again. They love and need their rich donors to get elected.

    Apr 5, 05:39 PM
    Since the Mic port turned into Line-In, there hasn't been any power on the port, requiring a powered input or amp. However, on the Headset jacks that support the iPhone mic on them, do have a built-in mic, even on the MacBook, but only when using the 3rd sleeve that the iPhone mic cable has.


    Hence why I said he was referring to headsets that DON'T support said jack which there are more of than there are that do support the jack.

    redeye be
    Jul 14, 06:26 PM
    My user name is Astral_Cars and ID number is 379088 (I think) but my stats aren't on EOC, that's the problem. I've had it running for three or four days and I'm still not on there.
    Nothing anybody here can do really. http://vspx27.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/main.py?qtype=userstats has no Astral_Cars either.
    Maybe you should just wait until you've ended a WU or you've mistyped your username.

    Oct 26, 09:38 PM
    Unfortunately iDisk is as slow as buggery, and always has been. Apple have done nothing to improve performance.

    The new webmail interface is nice but thats it - a face lift, no new functionality.

    You could but a "Name (Appear in From: )" for email aliases. Before it was the email alias. Not a big wow, but new.

    Zombie Acorn
    May 6, 10:12 AM
    I'm sorry, but no they weren't. People have very short memories and they forgot that the Conservatives really have a much more extreme right view on things. All they remember is what has been going on during these minority Conservative governments, which was a very muted version of what the Conservatives are all about/aboot. You weren't living in Canada prior to their first minority government (IIRC, you moved there sometime last year), so I don't really think you can have a true feel for what was going on back then. Reading stuff online now doesn't really give you a sense for what was up back then either. I was living there during that time, and I remember.

    The Conservatives decided to tone down their platform in order to gain power. This was their strategy (and IMO, not a very honest one). They maintained that toned down platform during their minority governments because they knew full well that if they attempted to make and major policy changes, the government would fall. They were very patient, and they were waiting for this: a majority government so that they could do what they want.

    All of the small businesses? Every single one? Did you go around and poll them? Did they all mark their door-frames in blood or something? Surely some (or even one) of them voted Liberal/PC/NDP/Green. Toronto isn't much of a Conservative stronghold.......

    Blue= Conservative
    Red= Liberal
    Orange= NDP
    (obviously, these are the colors of the winners. It doesn't mean that every single person in each riding voted for the winning party)

    I said all the small businesses I knew. As in personally frequent/know the owners. Prices and taxes are already high enough, the last thing I want to see is a 5 percent hike on corps who are going to simply shrug the cost down the line. The revenue obtained just isn't worth the impact it would have on the economy. I think there is a general sense of belt tightening due to the recession, and that is what many of the conservatives are promising (save a few fighter jets).

    Many of the voters in my area (older portuguese/Italians) are just looking to pad their wallets and go with whatever candidate promises them more candy. In fact there are quite a few people on government pension who have never worked a day in their life, why not get more free money?