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  • Veldek
    May 4, 07:43 AM

    One can't argue about taste. I think the reasons you described for being a pc user are good ones. Usually mac users don't buy a mac because of the gaming but for the ease of use and stability.

    You might argue that your pc is indeed stable and you know how to use it. Well, if it's okay for you then all right. My experiences haven't been so good. It got on my nerves, how often error messages popped up when I was just using the pc for normal tasks and how often an installation couldn't be finished because of hardware incompatibilties.

    Still this hasn't become better, I think. At work, I get a special error message every day, which says something like "unexpected error". Well, as often as this one pops up, you can't call it unexpected any longer and that's what my collegues and me are joking about (grim humour). Also, my friends pc is shutting down suddenly since he installed something needed for his games. He couldn't find out yet, what he can do.

    All these things make me feel I made the right choice when switching three years ago.

    I have one question: What do you as a convinced pc user do on this site?

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  • dejo
    Apr 6, 06:20 PM
    Selling outside the Marketplace

    All threads offering items for sale or trade, asking to buy items, or asking for pricing advice on items to be sold must be posted in the Marketplace forum, which is accessible only to qualified members and subject to additional rules; see the Marketplace Rules for details. Members not eligible for the Marketplace forum may not start threads elsewhere for such purposes.

    from http://guides.macrumors.com/Help:Forum_Rules#Minor_Problems

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  • Rocketman
    Apr 6, 04:24 PM
    That article is succinct enough to be an Apple TV ad.

    Woz, you busy?


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  • awulf
    Jul 5, 09:58 AM
    The Macintosh SE has a 68000 processor which limits it to the StyleWriter series (I think up to the StyleWriter II works on it). Laser printers are different and to my knowledge all LaserWirters will work on a Mac SE.

    THe Mac SE can have up to Mac OS 7.5.5, which includes the LaserWriter 8 driver and other LaserWriter Drivers.

    It depends on what ports are available on your LaserWriter. Tell us the model name.


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  • swiftaw
    Nov 14, 09:51 AM
    Very cool idea. Now, what airlines need to do is publish this information on their websites so you can know when choosing your seats what are the accommodations of 19F.

    I always use seatguru.com to choose a good seat.

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  • Chwisch87
    Jun 11, 03:34 AM
    Oh wonderful ... how many of these brilliant analysis's have we had?? They are gonna go for T-Mobile cus they the GSM ... they are gonna go to verizon because they have an awesome network!

    Everyone seems to forget that of the big 4, all of the carriers told apple to take a hike (except atnt) because of their the demands of total control of the app store, and the demand of a cut of the general revenue from the phone. atnt pays apple more for the devices than competing products.

    atnt now has a data hog of a phone, and because they don't receive revenue from app store sales (even when its being downloaded over the network and not wifi or on a computer) and have to pay and arm and a leg to apple, thus they can't affording to upgrade their network. Mark my words, they will be the last to 4G and they will have the worst 4G network too.

    All 3 of the carriers not with the iPhone have gotten behind Android. They have more control over the product, pay less for it, and receive revenue from the android market. Their flagship phones, are all android devices, the Incredible, the Evo and the Nexus One.

    A manager has to say ... what exactly does apple have to offer us exactly? except a headache ..


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  • rasmasyean
    Apr 30, 07:36 PM
    Their entire careers depend on maintaining an OS that needs constant maintenance. Windows is inherently broken, and an entire industry grew up to take full advantage of exactly that. Too funny.

    Anyone who knows anything about IT knows that "Windows" is not "broken". It's just extremely "breakable". :p The fact that a million ppl try to write viruses to steal money from the million banks that use it and have a billion customers that use it doesn't help either. But that's where professional security IT comes in. Not even a Mac is "immune" to this, so pro Mac IT should use security too.

    The reason why carreers are made on "maintaining Windows" is because it's POWERFUL. Why would a group of engineers, developers, and MBA's constanty buy an OS that is > 3x more costly than a Mac OS...just up front? And require numerous certifications beyond a "CS degree" to upkeep? And this is just the "desktop" version, never mind the server version which is the leader in the server industry. No...it's NOT u/linix sorry...because "web page servers" are not the only computers in data centers!

    The only "entire industry who grew up to uptake Windows" is the average person who tried to copy what they used for work...and in some cases, the software packages from "IT friends". They may be stuck with something they can't handle if they aren't careful about downloading porn, but it still doesn't change the fact that Windows is much more powerful and hence requires much more "computer-savviness" to use on average.

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  • jamieg
    Jan 8, 02:19 PM
    3.1.1 is updating some of my contacts who aren't on Facebook and haven't got an email address assigned. It matches them to a seemingly random person's profile who I am not even friends with on Facebook!!

    Anyone else getting this issue??

    Push updates seem intermittent today, they were working well yesterday!!


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    Apr 12, 10:45 AM
    Is is just me, or is Pages one of the worst apps that Apple has put forth recently?

    Designing a newsletter has proven to be one of the worst computing catastophes that I have had in recent years. Pages erased my work multiple times, even after I had saved it. Also, the way the program formats is terrible; Apple has caught the Word syndrome of trying to help you so much with Word processing - guessing what you want to do and doing it for you - that it makes you want to pull your hair out. I also find the interface very counter-intuitive (highly surprising for an Apple app)

    Sorry for the rant, but I just lost a lot of money and time because of this half-baked program, and I have to let it out. I had high hopes for Pages and am sorely disappointed. And I thought that only Microsoft could push my buttons like this... :mad:

    I purchased iWork to produce newsletters and instruction sheets. I too found it to be an unwieldy program. A new user can make a decent project if they pick a template and not deviate from it. Changing fonts, layout, etc. is painful. I assume (hopefully) that Apple wiil continue to upgrade the program.
    I hate to say it, but I have an old copy of Microsoft Publisher for Windows (1 CD) that I have used for the last 6 years. It is much more intuitive than Pages. I got rid of most of my Windows software when I switched to MAC, but I kept Publisher and my old Celeron laptop for emergencies.

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  • SandynJosh
    Apr 5, 06:44 PM
    I thought they were committed to Thunderbolt and ignoring USB 3.0

    It's a patent application. Just because you see 3.0 in the sketch, doesn't mean they will light it up for that with any product.


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  • haiggy
    Apr 30, 12:25 PM
    So, how long does GameStop take to send the beta code? I just preordered... wish I could start the download while I'm waiting for the code...

    Takes a day or so apparently. Maybe up to a week? Should be in your e-mail.

    I've been playing the beta for over a month now under Windows 7 with bootcamp with no problems on low settings graphics/models wise and high settings for terrain and physics and effects. Shaders are the biggest resource in this game.

    Anyways, it played/plays awesome on bootcamp - very smooth, no stuttering even in large battles. I can't say the same for the Mac version... yet. I hope they can optimize it more and that Apple/Nvidia put out new drivers to help out the problems but it just was not a pleasant experience for me. And when I minimize the game into windowed mode to go to my internet browser, my whole system lags and INSANE amount. Like to the point of being unusable.

    Fairly disappointed. :( Hope it gets optimized!

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  • jobesucks
    Apr 12, 04:53 PM
    Gutted, seems there's still no support for syncing google calendars or am i missing something?


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  • fulldecent
    Mar 24, 09:54 AM
    Are you people seriously applauding this? What a waste of our tax dollars!! I do contracts with the Navy every single day and I know that the technology that they have will not be benefited by the use of iPad/iPod/iPhone. The military does not offer wi-fi to their staff on base. Everything is hard wired and the conduit is sealed with a tamper proof silicon. The Government is very very particular about their SIPRnet (as they call it). Without wi-fi, what use is the iPad for the military other than to give them a little treat and waste our tax dollars? They already have mobile equipment in the vehicles that is far superior to Apple's products.

    Because COTS products are always cheaper than contracts.

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  • sebastianlewis
    May 28, 03:51 PM
    I don't have much time right now (I'm kind of in class at the moment) but I think I figured out how to edit categories, just edit the category page like any normal page, I'm going to test it out with a new category later when I have more time to figure out how to delete my test category after creating it (yes I'm very new to wiki editing).

    Anybody care to confirm this before 4:30 PM Pacific time and save me some trouble?



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  • Ommid
    Apr 25, 01:05 PM
    Ooh, the rumor mill tonight is crazy!

    maybe Amazon don't have a USB option for that field!

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  • Knowimagination
    Mar 11, 09:10 AM
    At University now, I believe I'm number 5 or 6.

    Thanks for the update I think I am going to head up there around 12:00-1:00


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  • Bennieboy�
    Apr 18, 06:55 AM
    ok mines turned on :D ps3 will start the night shift tonight :D

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  • DPinTX
    Mar 11, 01:55 PM
    Which entrance to the mall is gonna get me closest to the end of the line?

    Walk in from Dillards line goes to escalator by there or come in to ice ring entrance and go to the left.


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  • AmericanIdiot12
    Sep 6, 07:53 PM
    its basically things overheard in new york and then posted on this site

    i should warn you there are some kinda dirty topics on it though


    Mar 11, 08:09 AM
    Thanks for the updates, I'm starting to get nervous... I can't get in line before 3:30.

    Mar 31, 04:37 PM
    Up here in Washington State. and I don't like going to chevron. I usually go to shell.

    http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/2221/photonxf.jpg (http://img193.imageshack.us/i/photonxf.jpg/)

    May 2, 03:49 PM
    Why not just set Chrome's tab settings to open all links in a new tab? Or get an add-on if that setting isn't in Chrome by default?

    Full of Win
    Feb 18, 08:35 PM
    He has said before that he dresses the way he does because he doesn't give a **** what anyone thinks about him.

    I think it is very telling for Microsoft that they weren't represented there. You had Yahoo!, Cisco Systems, Twitter
    Oracle, NetFlix, Apple, Genentech, Google, The Westly Group, and Facebook.

    Its all about respect for the office. The others are wearing jackets and/or button-up shirts. Just because you don't give a ____ does not mean you have to be disrespectful and show your lack of class.

    Mar 27, 02:21 PM
    Two questions:

    1) Is that an iPad on the table?
    2) Who paid for the coffee? :D


    3) Does Steve Jobs actually wear anything else?

    I imagine him being buried in that outfit.