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  • OllyW
    Mar 23, 04:02 PM
    The military and the Army has had a "dialogue" with Apple for years... pretty much every project involving a piece of field equipment has gone to another manufacturer because of durability concerns.

    It must be those pesky water sensors. :D

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  • ewinemiller
    Sep 13, 09:09 AM
    Originally posted by chmorley
    p.s., Dell a "top tier" vendor?

    At least in my book, in my day job we've used Gateway, IBM, Compaq, Micron, and Dell. Dell by far has been the most reliable. Consumer reports' survey put them on top as most reliable, even beating out Apple, through under support I think apple and dell swapped spots. I don't know how else to define top tier if not "works best". Don't let the awful Dell dude commercials color your perception, they make a good product. I grimace everytime someone walks into my office and says "Dude, you got a dell!"

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  • URFloorMatt
    Apr 21, 01:19 PM
    The iPhone 4 sported twice the RAM of the iPad. Perhaps the iPhone 5 also sports more RAM than the iPad 2.

    In fact, maybe that's part of the reason for the push to September. To put more distance between the iPad and the iPhone so that iPad owners don't feel like their product is playing second fiddle to the iPhone (which it is).

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  • LimeiBook86
    Aug 20, 03:11 AM
    nice work bud ;)


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  • AppleMc
    Mar 11, 11:42 AM
    Line is about 46 now at Stonebriar. Posting pics on twitter @dpedini

    Cookies are still calling my name must resist.

    Stop by say Hello


    If I come take cookie orders is someone going to save me a spot? :p;)

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  • tree man feet. his hands and feet removed; his hands and feet removed. leekohler. Mar 4, 05:00 PM

  • clayj
    Sep 17, 11:16 AM
    Lick my mini.

    Oh, wait, that may be a bit too forward. :oIn your case, it's just inaccurate. Shouldn't it be "Lick my nano"? :D


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  • edesignuk
    Dec 18, 08:51 AM
    I bought it, all fingers crossed for a raging victory on Sunday :D

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  • MorphingDragon
    Apr 15, 07:24 AM
    And Microsoft Windows Server ? really ? Is it successful because I have to install 30 of those to run a simple SSO db like AD whereas I can run eDirectory off of 3 Sun boxes and achieve the same results with about 100 times more objects in the directory ?

    God, haven't used eDirectory in ages, especially so since Novell has been a bit volatile. Been using a Mixture of FreeIPA/Zimbra OSE/Zimbra Collaboration the last couple of years, much faster and cheaper than a Microsoft stack.

    So yes, Microsoft server is so successful because its just the best. :rolleyes:

    They have literally held the industry back all through the 90s and early 00s, something we're just now breaking free of. Just for that, I would never lend them my expertise no matter the offer. It is an ethical and moral choice, not one based on some crazy love for one brand of products.

    Don't forget the the near-brainwashing of Techs and Admins, keeping most businesses and service providers out of plain ignorance.


    tree man feet. tree man feet. Man dies after nearly 30-foot; Man dies after nearly 30-foot. Mac_Freak. Sep 7, 09:31 PM. He is performance aside,
  • tree man feet. Man dies after nearly 30-foot; Man dies after nearly 30-foot. Mac_Freak. Sep 7, 09:31 PM. He is performance aside,

  • wekes
    Sep 20, 09:42 AM
    Maybe I'm just too old school, but I'm a bit resentful of the fact that it's touted as a priviledge to have the opportunity to pay $2 to watch a missed TV show. I hope I'm wrong, but having joined the HDTV crowd about 6 months ago, I'm struggling to find a way to do what I've always been able to do for free in the past -- record a TV show at the same quality it was piped in to my home in the first place.

    Tivo isn't free either, I just can't justify paying the monthly subscription fee. Apple's solution seems to potentially cost even more. I don't see this as progress. :(

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  • tree man feet. out of his arms and feet after; out of his arms and feet after. fivepoint. Mar 3, 09:45 PM. I heard somewhere that federal employees are not

  • MacRumors
    Mar 28, 08:14 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/03/28/wwdc-2011-set-for-june-6th-10th/)



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  • clayj
    Sep 18, 09:35 PM
    I think you have a better chance of dating Emily Rossum than this Apple store girl. :pIt's EMMY Rossum. ;)

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  • str1f3
    Dec 28, 01:49 PM
    AT&T now selling iPhones to New Yorkers again (http://www.9to5mac.com/)


    But...But what about the frauds and ID thefts? :rolleyes:


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  • asphalt-proof
    Oct 17, 06:10 PM
    I have a Treo and I love the keyboard but I have a hard time believing that a keyboard on an Apple branded phone would look good. I have yet to see any PDA phone that looked good with a keyboard. It just looks clunky. Maybe Apple can do it right. But all those chicklet sized buttons just look like a crazed Bedazzler-wielding mom attacted an innocent cell phone. :eek:

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  • mattwolfmatt
    Mar 30, 10:12 PM
    Haven't they been updated importing issues since day one? Is this about the 4th update?


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  • davidjearly
    Dec 18, 10:48 AM
    I suspect you could be taking this just a little too seriously, David.

    Just like everyone behind the 'rebellion'.

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  • Thunderhawks
    Mar 23, 02:16 PM
    Since it was in beta testing forever, one would think it should have been working before it got released!

    There, if you are waiting for it from FoW!


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  • roadbloc
    May 3, 03:13 AM
    Anyone who chooses the simplest operating system (like OS X and iOS, obviously) to accomplish the same tasks *is* savvy.
    Whereas I agree that some everyday tasks are "easier" (and by easier I mean accessible via fewer clicks) in OS X; some tasks in OS X, such as networking, is insanely hard than the simplicity of the Network and Sharing Centre provided in Windows.

    Both OS's I find have their +'s and -'s in the terms of 'ease of use'. Neither are superior over one another for this. (Although I do think Aero Peek kick's Expose's ass at the moment.)

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  • BanjoBanker
    Aug 14, 11:40 AM
    I have had several co-workers come by my office to ask me about Macs since the ads started to air. Two have made the switch and are rippingly happy about it. I hear comments like " iPhoto really does see my camera and open when I plug the USB cord in" and " Mail is so much easier than the e-mail on my PeeCee was" all the time. I believe that anyone who feels antagonized by the ads really needs to take a close look at themselves. After all. they are only ads. I have yet to meet a hard core Windows user who has taken offense at the ads. Our IT guys here are always razing me about Macs, but they think the ads are cool. I like to remind out IT director that he sort of looks like the PeeCee guy. In my humble opinion, the vast majority of folks out there realize that these are ADVERTISEMENTS and do not take any offense.

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  • itcheroni
    Apr 10, 04:56 AM
    All right, let me rephrase that: government funds plenty of things, like libraries and parks, that aren't "necessary" but wanted. If you want to keep the argument on the federal level, substitute your own examples, including national parks. (Remember Bush trying to push them towards privatization?)

    If you have a balanced budget, and you suddenly unbalance it with tax cuts, the difference between revenue loss and spending is pretty much a matter of semantics. You had the money, and now you don't. At least when you spend it on a service, you expect to get something for it.

    Maybe one of the problems with House Republicans is that they don't think of tax cuts that they can't afford as spending.

    I was wondering when the rich were screaming about parks. Never mind, it's not important.

    I believe the crucial difference is that you believe when government taxes and spends the money on a service, it's better than not taxing at all. Do you believe in any exceptions to this rule?

    Nov 18, 11:29 PM
    May have already been said, but seriously...$279 just to have a white iPhone? I paid $199 for my phone with a new contract...sheesh.

    Nothing wrong with the black iPhone. Just seems a bit much to my dirty peasant mind. :(

    Jun 13, 12:03 PM
    Cool, just what I always wanted for Christmas :p

    Dec 27, 07:26 PM
    Read the chat. They say online cannot be done. You can still purchase one in store.

    So in other words: It isn't banned.

    No it's not banned. They are intentionally trying to make it more difficult for you to buy it. You have to do the footwork yourself to get it. It is unprecendented for a company to want to make their product more difficult to buy.

    Seems fraud is the reason from what that rep said in the chat. Maybe we have started to solve the mystery to this thread (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=613734). ;)

    This has already hit Gizmodo. At the time of The Consumerist post, they were already trying to reach AT&T Public Relations. The fraudulent claim is to divert attention away from the original reason.

    As for eBay iPhones, you can find any of these for any cell phone under contract on eBay. This, or fraudulent claims, wouldn't be a NYC specific problem.

    Jun 10, 02:38 PM
    this analyst needs to do better homework. the t-mobile 3g band isn't supported on any of the iphones, including the iphone 4.

    As opposed to what, the new CDMA iPhone? As was stated by screensaver400 it would be much easier to add a 1700 band than redesign for CDMA (though numerous rumors have suggested that Apple is preparing a CDMA iPhone.)

    As for carriers, look what the iPhone does to networks, both here and abroad. How much complaining do you hear about AT&T and O2 as exclusive carriers? The huge strain on their networks balances out the publicity and business they've gotten from being the sole cell companies offering the iPhone. The unlimited data plan castration will follow the iPhone wherever it goes. It could make a comeback as networks improve, but I doubt it because bandwidth expansion is accompanied with larger/more complex files.

    Add an iPhone potentially video conferencing over 3g plus multitasking and no carrier would be willing to shoulder that data load.

    Mar 11, 01:13 PM
    I will be buying an American made car at some point in the near future.

    Will you consider cars made in the US, but have parent companies, and thus profits, that are overseas? Will you exclude American brands that manufacture outside of the US?

    I too will be swapping out my US made foreign car for an "American" car, but anymore, I'm not sure what that means.