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  • marksman
    Apr 1, 12:03 PM
    I'm always amazed at how much work studios go to to keep people from watching their shows.

    This is the weird reality. TV Networks spend millions and even billions of dollars trying to get as many people to watch their shows for free, and then they also spend a great deal of time and money trying to stop people from watching their tv shows for free.

    Imagine if they spend that energy just trying to properly record viewers for those outlets instead of weirdly begging people to watch their shows for free and then on the other hand demand they don't watch their shows for free.

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  • iansilv
    Apr 7, 05:00 PM
    This dock means that the future iPhones will sync throught thunderbolt with macs and with usb 3.0 for pcs!!! I guess thins means macs wont come with usb 3.0, so maybe an adapter would come out sometime...

    I repeat: sync to macs with thunderbolt and sync to pcs with usb 3.0!!

    I hope they do this in the next iPhone- the thunderbolt speed.

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  • Bierkameel
    Apr 23, 05:00 AM
    €6,66 per gallon, nuff said.
    That's 9,65$ per gallon.

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  • fabian9
    Feb 18, 10:35 AM
    This is the photo is full size:

    He does look scarily thin�


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  • satcomer
    Apr 22, 10:13 PM
    Northern Virginia Sunoco (USA) on April 22, 2011:


    PS - Will people post pictures of the Gas prices in this thread. This is the picture gallery. :eek:

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  • iBlue
    Dec 18, 10:58 AM
    Just like everyone behind the 'rebellion'.

    But that's just the thing, it's not serious. At least I don't think so. A bigger deal has been made of it in this thread talking to you than any other place I've encountered. How's that for irony?

    Some time in the future when past christmas number ones are played I'll get a little smile when I hear 2009's.


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  • philbeeney
    Mar 13, 09:58 AM
    I'm with Rogers in Canada and my iPhone 3G Date & Time had "Set Automatically" to ON. I had to change "Set Automatically" to OFF before the time corrected itself. My Time Zone is set to Toronto.

    My Mac changed correctly (Leopard 10.5.8) and the Set Date & Time automatically checkbox was ticked.

    I'd say Apple have a problem with iOS 4.2.1 as well. Governments around the world should stop dicking around with Daylight Savings. That would solve the problem.

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  • fox10078
    Mar 26, 05:34 PM
    I agree with others. This is page 1 content for sure.

    This supports my theory that all this Google - Apple hate is manufactured to throw off the authorities who were starting to investigate their close ties last year. They both need each other.

    This right here has hit the nail on the head.


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  • grooveattack
    Feb 23, 03:41 PM
    oooo high as pos please. was thinking dvd screen shot but it looks pants.

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  • John.B
    Mar 13, 01:28 PM
    Is it possible that 4.2.6 and 4.3 have different DST settings? Sure. Unlikely? You bet. Odds are we're seeing an issue with carriers and it localized in spots.
    My work phone is with Sprint (WinMo), and it adjusted two hours forward. :confused:


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  • sebastianlewis
    Jun 1, 01:38 AM
    I don't think the number of clicks is the best metric here. If there are hundreds of articles in a category, it takes a long time to skim through the list of them. If you can spend a few extra seconds narrowing down what you're looking for, it can be much faster to find something.

    Then that means merging articles wherever possible, and as I suggested before, using the subcategories as filters rather than points of separation. That way we can reduce article clutter while simultaneously avoiding arbitrary separation between different types of software simply because they don't fit the idea of being "Mac" like.

    OK, let's take this one small step at a time and see what we've come up with.

    Option 1
    Mac Hardware - I'm in favour of "Mac Hardware", not just "Hardware". No need to split iPhone/ iPod software apart.

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  • TheMacBookPro
    Apr 21, 12:56 PM
    yeah, my best friend actually has an M11x R2. I love it, but still, at how compact the 11" Air is, I'm surprised it can max out Portal 2 easily.

    Just got Portal (1) for free (OEM Alienware Gift or something like that) and it does run well on both my AW and my Air.

    If replacement SSD prices dropped, this would replace my alienware as my on-the-go machine.

    This thing surprises me to no end. MW2 at 20~30fps is nothing to scoff at, especially since it only has an ULV C2D and an IGP.

    Only thing I miss is the bl kb.

    Almost all people in this thread sound like they want to buy a Mac mini (MBA), but want at the same time the features of a Mac Pro (MBP). Silly.

    Yeah, this is the MBA-forum, but it does not make this discussion thread better.


    Wanting a backlit keyboard isn't as unreasonable as you think it is... esp since the previous gen Air had it.


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  • gkarris
    Mar 1, 10:54 AM
    ^^^ I heard they're pretty cool...

    and the VG store by work has a long waiting list already... :eek:

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  • nuckinfutz
    Sep 13, 09:24 AM
    when the P4s first came out, they were clock for clock significantly slower than a G4, but with the release of the Northwood core and then the 533mhz bus, at least with the stuff I do, my P4 is clock for clock faster than my G4.

    I think you're mistaking what "Clock for Clock" means. What it means is that if you leveled the playing field so to speak by matching the megahertz of each processor. Which machine would have the inherent advantage due to design. That was and still is the G4. If a G4 in it's current state could run at 3Ghz it would easily beat a P4. The 533mhz bus hasn't really that much to do with it. Anandtech tested and found only a 6% advantage in measurable speed by moving from 400mhz to 533 which is over a %30 percent hike in bus bandwidth. Benchmarking an app rendering is a reflection not only of the Processors and system design but of the app itself and it's optimizations for various platforms.

    but is probably more an indicator of my skills as a system integrator not of the platform in general.

    Agreed. Stability soon will be something the avg user can take for granted. However it does sound like you know how to tweak.

    Apple is behind the curve in this battle but the next battle looms.

    Who will :

    1. Move to and quickly establish 64bit computing on the Desktop. Intel always has the upper hand. Apple may be closer than most people realize. .

    2. Integrate new tech. RapiIO, Hypertransport and PCIExpress all factor into the race for a leap in Mainboard performance. While the uninitiated squabble over DDR buses the near future holds much more opportunity.

    3. Whether MS or Apple can really evolve their os. Apple being smaller and more nimble should pull out to a commanding lead here. Much work needs to be done but the infrastructure is building and OSX is a good base. Hopefully we'll have a new Filesystem in the next 2 years and Apple maintains it's current course of action by embracing standard muliplatform protocols(like Rendezvous/zeroconf)

    4. Expansion into new markets- Is a must for Apple. More iPod like successes. Apple must attempt to stay single platform unless there is much money to be made in Wintel. Driving customers to Apple has always been a priority but it must be done more keenly.

    5. Continue to grow Pro apps. Final Cut Pro and the growing family of Pro Apps from Apple should converge as a sort of High End Digital Lifestyle. Support Open Standards when Applicable and augment them with Apple Tech like Applescript to automate the workflow.

    Fellas the fun is just beginning.


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  • Rt&Dzine
    May 1, 02:07 PM
    The fact that Trump complimented Obama about bin Laden, and is now temporarily laying low, makes me believe he's serious about running for president. Strategical move on his part.

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  • liavman
    Mar 25, 12:59 PM
    I think these are perfectly fine and I'm sure there will be another revision next year. The only thing that would have tilted the scales for me to hold out for the iPad2 is if it had a higher resolution screen. The cameras do nothing for me and the weight and thickness I don't think will make much of a difference when just using it around the house.

    Is that what others who are still buying the 1st gen are thinking too?

    Yup, pretty much. If Video conferencing is not a requirement, then iPad 1 is just as good for all practical purposes. There may be some outliers but so be it. We will catch up next year.


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  • Richard Flynn
    Sep 20, 06:36 AM
    I'm in the same boat. It beeps, I see the update bar but the DVD drive pops open and then shuts -- then normal boot. Ugh!

    I'm having the exact same problem, and am on the phone to AppleCare in the UK about it at the moment. The support representative evidently hasn't come across this before (he didn't really seem to have a complete awareness of the updated firmware) so it would seem they haven't been inundated with frantic MacPro users unable to update their firmware.

    I tried unplugging everything but the display, keyboard and mouse but that didn't work.

    I'm not on my 38th minute (most of them have been on hold) on the call. I'm very grateful for http://www.saynoto0870.com so I didn't have to dial the prohibitive 0870 number. So far I've trashed and redownloaded and reinstalled the update (same problem, optical drive opens when update begins, closes again and machine reboots normally without updating firmware). Now we're just investigating whether doing an original firmware CD reinstall will have any effect. My technician seems to be communicating with someone in the know elsewhere at Apple by IM...

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  • bigjnyc
    Apr 12, 01:56 PM
    Pages and Number are TRASH compared to Word and Excel(especially excel)

    Keynote is actually pretty good!

    Dont be a uninformed fanboy. k? Thanks

    I agree. Numbers can't even tie excel's shoe laces lol.

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Jun 1, 08:06 AM
    Option 2 is better, there's no need to add "Mac" to the beginning, nor is there a need to split Desktops and Laptops because Apple has had very few distinct lineups, and not every variation needs it's own article, so all the iMacs would be covered inside a single iMac page rather than splitting them out between G3, G4, G5/Intel Core (2) Duo, and Intel Core 2 Duo (2007 and later) reducing article clutter. It would be pretty much the same idea for the Powerbook line, the iBook line, the Macbook line, the Macbook Pro line, the PowerMac line, the Mac Pro line, etc.

    Wait a minute. You're saying to have just a single article for ALL iMacs? OK, sure number of clicks goes down, but then you get the "Oh where did that piece of information go?" and a tired finger from scrolling ;) The PowerMac page would be huge and for people with slow/ mobile connections, the load times would be painful.

    Anyway, I agree with HexMonkey, instead of wasting time trying to do Beta categories, we should just decide right now in text, then do the whole thing in one sweep.

    I still think Option 1 is superior. If a "Hardware", "Software" split was done, pages like "iPhone" and "iPhone Applications" would be split up, which isn't necessary. "iPhone" needs its own category.

    Mar 28, 09:10 AM
    Well, a little over 2 months to go :)

    Sep 25, 11:52 AM
    I've had enough of this voting system. Look for a thread on it in the Community Discussion.

    Edit: Make that the Site and Forum Feedback forum...

    May 26, 02:00 PM
    Originally posted by markjs
    I poked around on a mac for about an hour today, and found that some things are less intuitive (minimizing and closing windows).

    ok so let me get this straight, youve been using a PC for a while right? and you go poke around on a mac for an hour and you say its less intuitive?

    this is silly, youve grown acustome to windows thats all, cant you see that? things feel different on the mac. yet you made your decision based on an hour of poking around on the mac? thats really not a fair comparision.

    havent you ever had a favorite application that you used all the time. then, you came across another app that did the same thing but differently and you hated it the first time you used it? yet after learning the new app you realized it was better?

    im shaking my head that you couldnt see that it was your comfort with windows that threw you off. but hey, the windows is just fine im sure, so no worries.

    Chupa Chupa
    Feb 23, 07:48 PM
    This is appalling. I cannot believe this government intrusion is even legal.

    So...where does parenting come into the picture here?! That is the problem with this and many, many other problems in society.

    Edit: Posted my response without even reading other comments. Glad to see I'm not alone on this one.

    Wait. You live in The People's Republic of Massachusetts and you are astounded by this level of government nanny-ism?

    Jun 22, 04:35 AM
    Wow, hadn't even thought about that... That would be so nice. :o

    Very good idea!!! The only problem is speed, Apple SD readers are quite fast but only some high end SD reach good speeds.