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  • DELLsFan
    Feb 23, 06:31 AM
    I wonder what do they discuss and what is the conclusion?

    Considering how nearly all of those CEOs are solidly in the tank for Obama, and given how increasingly unpopular B. Hussein is becoming, his presidential re-election and prostrating himself for campaign contributions was likely the top priority.

    Oh ... after prawn and champagne, there might have been some idle talk of technology and Jobs.

    Conclusion? All that "genius" and not one of them cares about U.S. history and the dangers in repeating its mistakes. It's a shame that wealth has blinded nearly all of them to the danger of statism. It's too bad the innovation by this small, powerful, (and ideologically ignorant) group of elitists is restricted to technology.

    The rest of the country is hurting. Gas and food prices rising, housing market crippled, jobless rate still 10%, bailout after bailout, billions and billions spent on a failed "stimulus" that did nothing but line Obama cronies' pockets, a health care "overhaul" that will obliterate not only the health care in the U.S., but the rest of the economy with it, US foreign policy incompetent, our troops' hands tied in Afghanistan - with no directive to really win there. Oh yeah ... give us 4 more years of this? Pass the caviar, Steve. :eek:

    And there they sit ... Cheers to the community organizer-in-chief! How about we focus on the cancer that affects more than just Apple stock. No ... not Steve Jobs' illness. Something far more virulent ... America's. The blight of liberalism. How about we talk about how time and time again, it's utterly failed to do anything but grow an already bloated government, destroy liberty, personal property, and worsen an economy that used to be second-to-none?

    Bon Appetit!

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  • SteveSparks
    Mar 23, 06:52 PM
    I bet Apple keeps secrets better than the Government....

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  • zap2
    Apr 29, 01:05 PM
    There was a study recently that showed that the bulk of suburban driving was non-work related and that most of those trips were less than two miles. We need to drive a lot less than we think we do.

    I'd love to see that study.

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  • str1f3
    Dec 28, 01:49 PM
    AT&T now selling iPhones to New Yorkers again (http://www.9to5mac.com/)


    But...But what about the frauds and ID thefts? :rolleyes:


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  • halledise
    Apr 20, 03:05 PM
    i agree on the sandy bridge sd, i too believe they will wait until ivy bridge, it simply makes no sense to screw up a perfectly spectacular machine, as well as sales and profits, just to move on from the c2d. Cool:


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  • PeterKG
    Mar 26, 05:43 PM
    Steve's wardrobe:


    He needs to buy a longer inseam pair of Levi's. Maybe a 34", at least a 32".


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  • lostngone
    May 2, 01:47 PM
    The White iPhones are new and the black iPhones they are comparing them to are older devices.

    The iPhone 4 is just so awesome that it shrinks over time. It is the new planned obsolescence/green solution. In 100 years they with shrink down to nothing.

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  • acearchie
    Apr 23, 08:06 AM
    The current FCS can edit 3D with the Dashwood stereo 3d toolkit plugin!


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  • The Beatles
    Apr 14, 03:00 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Based on some of the posts in this one forum, it seems that most are coming from loud mouth teens who know nothing, or just want to say something for the hell of it. Geez!

    its a thursday afternoon. Shouldnt the intelligent people be... working?

    im a bored college student, not immature kid. A little smartass humor does not hurt in my opinion. Unnecessary one word posts are annoying though.


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  • daneoni
    Jan 6, 05:00 PM
    Yay another push app to drain that 1200mAh


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  • calsci
    May 2, 09:28 PM
    This is so cool

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  • Michaelgtrusa
    Mar 13, 01:08 PM
    You bet! Lets put back what greed and globalist conspiracies have recked. Here is a nice article. http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2011/03/in-early-2010-somewhere-high.ars We as americans need to replace co like Apple,dell and boeing that sell their souls to the devil for subsidised money. The money needed to run the country isn't abundant and china IS the real enemy that we are foolishly helping. We don't need china, they need us and if I start a co soon, china isn't even on my profit radar, just my military one.


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  • Balli
    Nov 12, 05:33 AM
    Oh, I know it's sort of off-topic, but check this out:

    How to Fold a Shirt (http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/fold.php).

    That was amazing! :)

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  • Don Kosak
    Oct 6, 10:01 PM
    Um, and how would apps written to fit the current screen size work on smaller and larger screens?

    If the resolution stays the same, and it probably will, then no big deal. Even if it changes, most apps dynamically lay out their user interface and will just work. Apps already need to deal with 2 resolutions (3 if you count iPad).

    The user interface guidelines for web apps recommends using the system screen size variables instead of hard coding numbers, so most web apps should just work.

    A lot depends on the app, but really it shouldn't be a big deal for most apps. It would be trickier if they were pushing a micro screen format like the new Nano.


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  • Huntn
    Apr 27, 09:51 PM
    After listening to the sound bite of Trump asking for both Obama's birth certificate and college records, he strikes me as a political opportunist grasping for straws or he is a raciest.

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  • Haberdasher
    Sep 13, 06:29 AM
    If Intel comes out with a sub 3000 dollar machine with 4.7 Ghz, I'm sorry Apple, but you had better get something better than what you have.

    I'm not going to be a customer of a company that charges just as much for 1/4 of their competitors product.

    Go ahead and flame me...I know that the Mhz of the G4 and P4 don't match up in performance, but there's too big of a speed gap for there to be any doubt in my mind of which is faster.


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  • rtharper
    Sep 25, 11:47 AM
    Why are there so many Negative votes? An update to Aperture is a very good thing for photographers.

    I would guess none of the negative voters were photographers =p

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  • bimmerkid
    Oct 27, 05:59 PM
    It works well in IE7 even though I don't know why you would want to lay a finger on a PC :P ... KIDDING! I know that we mac users live in a world where PCs out number macs.

    Would be interested to see how well this works in IE7. Works nicely in Safari - woot for ajax.

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  • NebulaClash
    Apr 5, 08:20 AM
    It is what I've been saying here for the last year. MR readers are not the target audience for the iPad, and that is why they have been so consistently wrong on the iPad's prospects until market data proves them wrong. We are NOT normal -- we like to hang out on a tech rumor site :)

    The rest of the world gets the iPad and loves it.

    Dec 27, 08:44 PM
    I think somebody stole our Kool-Aid.

    Feb 18, 06:05 PM
    Steve does look skinny, yes, but more skinny when compared to his most recent keynotes? Probably not, but quite hard to tell really.

    I was watching the 2006 WWDC keynote the other day and thats scary - steve looks completely different and a lot younger. He has lost a lot of weight over the last few years.

    Sep 26, 10:57 AM
    It seems to me that Apple are the good guys here for once, slapping down a company that is trying to trademark terms that are already in use albeit in a niche market!

    Personally, I can't see how Apple could be seen to be the good guys in this case, given they're sending cease-and-desist letters to people using 'pod' (not "iPod") in their product names.

    Mar 11, 09:58 PM
    Word at best buy Stonebriar was sellout. BUT, they were letting people that would sign up for a credit card skip ahead in the line. This from a guy that was line with me at stonebriar mall while his wife ran over there after apple ran out of 3G models.

    Apr 24, 01:58 PM
    * i5 with switchable graphics (Intel raaaaaage)
    * More storage space for lower range model (64GBs...what was I thinking???)
    * Cheaper RAM option (2GB is fine, but pushing the limits of OK)

    I really can't think of anything else though. These are near perfect computers.