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  • WildCowboy
    Sep 27, 03:09 PM
    A very fair point. But even within that (relatively) limited domain, I believe attempting to trademark a 'generic' word (i.e. not an artificial label/title), especially one which was already in common usage in many other companies products is farcical :- to me at least.

    To look at a parallel, I think Sony should have fought harder to protect their Walkman moniker, but shouldn't under any circumstances have been given the trademarks "Walk" or "Man". If companies want to protect their trademarks - fine, then they shouldn't choose generic, everyday words. IMO.

    So should Apple not have been granted any of their trademarks for use of the word "Apple?"

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  • rihanna short hairstyles 2010.

  • redeye be
    May 25, 12:20 PM
    Here (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=1480891#post1480891), now don't go around saying I never do anything for you :D.

    I was actually going to post that before I even read your request, but I figured for sure someone would beat me to it.
    Darned, shouldn't have asked.
    But thx, You rock dude! :D

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  • twalkabout
    Nov 11, 08:22 AM
    I hunger for a way to download these.

    I have studied japanese for a good while...and i want these ads forever. any suggestions?

    Easiest way is purchase a QuickTime Pro License, then all you have to do is control-click on the window, and it will give you a 'Save as QuickTime Movie'. Or, without QT Pro, you can still save it the movie using a more complicated method as outlined on macosxhints: http://tinyurl.com/dsmsl

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  • bizzle
    Apr 8, 09:06 PM
    So what about pap smears, cancer detection, HPV detection, STD testing and immunization, sex education, and all the other things that don't have to do with popping out units that the GOP will also be killing?

    Maybe we should also tell women that in the name of personal responsibility, they need to learn how to detect cervical cancer their own damn self. Maybe we should also tell a guy with Chlamydia that he should buy a chemistry set and invent his own damn cure.
    Sounds like a bunch of services your family doctor or gynecologist would be capable of performing.

    As for sex education, again, NOT THE JOB OF THE GOVERNMENT.

    I am sorry I don't agree with the government giving these services as free hand outs to people who don't have health insurance or can't foot the bill.

    Sorry I am not a fan of paying for other people's social services.

    Actually, I am not sorry.


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  • wrldwzrd89
    Mar 13, 10:44 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I live in Arizona and we don't follow daylight savings time, but my phone jumped an hour ahead. I'm on AT&T btw
    Set your phone & computer's time zone to Arizona time, and sync again. Does that help?

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  • spazzcat
    Jan 4, 12:37 PM
    Yeah, I need the maps to be available if I'm out of coverage so it's a no sale for me too. I was really happy to hear they finally released something and now this. :(

    I am sure this works like other download GPS apps. They download the maps based on the route. They download the hold trip as soon as you start out and cache the maps. So, unless you are starting out without coverage, i don't see how this would be an issue.


    rihanna short hairstyles with bangs. Rihanna at the 2010 Grammy
  • Rihanna at the 2010 Grammy

  • Osarkon
    Dec 19, 10:28 AM
    Well, music and Sony. ;)

    I'd love to see RATM win just for the fun of it, but I reckon the fact that Joe's single is going on sale in shops will win it. Killing in the Name was out in 1992? There won't be any physical copies to buy, and that'll make all the difference...

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  • HobeSoundDarryl
    Mar 23, 02:49 PM
    Apparently you don't understand just how many iOS devices apples has sold.

    Apparently you don't understand just how more TVs are sold to people without iDevices. Yes, the iDevice crowd is thick here, but here is not everywhere TVs are sold. Many of our iDevice owners around the world are still awaiting the ability to rent ANY video via iTunes, much less to be able to rent it and then sling it to an airplay-enabled TV.


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  • Dreadnought
    Oct 6, 12:09 PM
    And i still fold. The widget says i'm #58 @ 116 days from Dreadnought.
    Make that 133 days! :D Too bad Virtual PC quit on me (and deleted my whole 10 GB windoos partition), because I have 2 finished WU's from my pc @ work (firewall at work blocks the up and download of wu's from Stanford), about 500 points worth! So Red_eye, first try and come close then we see if you've got what it takes to overtake me! :D

    Too bad the store is in Belgium, I thought you lived in the Netherlands, Amsterdam or something, then I would have come by some day!!

    Good luck and I'll be watching you (over my shoulder!!).

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  • rovex
    Apr 5, 11:21 AM
    Regarding touch buttons, my post above. Regarding pressing the wrong side in the dark, although I have done that a couple of times in the past, I think they make the button concave so you can feel where it is without looking. I (personally) think that a glow in the dark button would look tacky, especially because they glow in that eery green colour. :(

    When you are watching a YouTube video, I tend to forget where the home button is. Or when surfing the web for some time while in the dark.

    And I don't literally mean glow in the dark like those cheap Halloween things, I'm talking about an actual light behind the capacitive square symbol which has a sensor which turns on when there is a certain level of darkness.

    I can easily envisage this happening . It would look fantastic.


    rihanna short hairstyles with bangs. rihanna short hairstyles 2010.
  • rihanna short hairstyles 2010.

  • iPhelim
    Oct 25, 10:47 AM
    im definitely gonna be there tomorrow and was thinking of broadcasting it on JTV (i live only 35 minutes from waterloo, so then its just a quick tube ride:cool:). i thought i'd turn up at like 5.30 but from reading all the above im thinking i should get there earlier....
    if i do get there really early and theres no queue i think i'll just spend a few hours in the caffe nero thats practically next door, they should so do a Caffe:apple: even if its just for one day:D

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  • dustinsc
    Mar 28, 09:45 AM
    I don't know... perhaps the "Join us for a preview of the future of iOS and Mac OSX" Seems like we will be seeing the new iOS features for the first time.

    Well, it says a preview of iOS and Mac OS X. We've already seen a preview of OS X, so it's not unreasonable to think we will also see a preview of iOS before this.


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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 21, 12:55 PM
    I suspect the next iPhone, released in June, July, or September will be largely unchanged from the 4. An A5, sure. Maybe higher storage capacities. A "world" model, from what the Verizon exec said. Black or white. That's about it.

    So what do you think it should have?

    Will only a redesign make it a real new phone? I think its great that Apple has had three good designs now. Some build up is necessary, otherwise the public will only look for redesigns and nothing else.

    It will be a new phone with updated specs and maybe the casing. That's all it needs.

    rihanna short hairstyles with bangs. rihanna short hairstyles 2010.
  • rihanna short hairstyles 2010.

  • risc
    Sep 17, 03:41 AM
    Is this a joke or what? Are people that work in retail different to the rest of us? Am I missing something here?


    rihanna short hairstyles with bangs. Rihanna Short Hairstyles
  • Rihanna Short Hairstyles

  • LagunaSol
    Apr 12, 04:15 PM
    Pfft, this whole "iPad fad" is going to fade away now any day now. Right guys? ;)

    rihanna short hairstyles with bangs. rihanna short hairstyles with
  • rihanna short hairstyles with

  • SevenInchScrew
    Jun 17, 08:08 PM
    The older models aren't being produced anymore.
    Understood, but there is no "Pro" version of this new one, so I'm not sure where you were going with that.


    rihanna short hairstyles with bangs. Rihanna Short Hairstyles
  • Rihanna Short Hairstyles

  • gloryunited
    Apr 28, 11:26 AM
    I am very happy with my 13.3" MBA with 2 USB ports. But I have to admit, I am envious of the potential experience with the lightning fast Thunderbolt I/O in the latest MBP.

    I started without Backlit Keyboard, and I am cool with that (although not as much elegant-looking, it saves unnecessary battery power).

    And yes, I'd like to see a microfibre cloth included in the box! It's just too cheap yet important for any MBA users!

    rihanna short hairstyles with bangs. rihanna short hairstyle
  • rihanna short hairstyle

  • Transporteur
    Apr 18, 12:29 PM
    I disagree. Europe has public transportation that is centuries ahead of the USA. Gas is $3.79 here in mid Missouri.

    "Ahead" in what terms? Sure, public transport is used considerably more in Europe than in the US. Reason? Gas prices (oh yes, and the fact that you can't get a parking space in the big cities just makes it more convenient).
    But is the actual infrastructure worse? From a european point of view, that is hard to believe.

    Check out this link for a comparison of transportation prices EU vs. US: http://ecohearth.com/eco-blogs/eco-international/1148-public-transportation-thrives-in-europe-and-asiawhy-not-in-the-usa.html

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  • Rihanna#39;s short hairstyle with

  • Angelo95210
    Apr 24, 05:21 AM
    Intel i3 or i5 CPU.

    Apr 15, 05:00 PM
    I've just installed Lion on a blank drive on a new Air and this is in Software Update. I'm definitely running DP2 as it says in the dialog. Is this telling me to update to something I already have or is there a DP3 I haven't heard about?
    It's just a minor (supposedly, not enough people have looked into the deeper changes) upgrade, nothing much new - though you do have to use Xcode 4.1 DP 3 to make applications after updating. Guess that counts... sorta. :P

    Feb 23, 12:57 PM
    For a small sum of a $1Billion USD, I volunteer to watch over the innocent children and their purchases. I will smack their little fingers with a a bamboo cane. Suddenly this reminds me of that South Park episode where they started smacking "ADD" kids. "Sit down and study." I think parents need to get caned then schooled into using parental controls

    May 3, 07:09 PM
    In history, war is the driver of innovation...from the measly dart, to the nuclear warhead.

    Yeah Somalia has been at war for years and their technology has utterly skyrocketed.

    Fun fact: LED TV's were invented during wartime because our soldiers in Afghanistan were tired of hauling their 50 inch tube tv's through the desert.

    Advanced in bomb detection leads to better sensors for medical diagnosis.
    Advances in robots leads to better prosthetics and automating.
    Advances in field portable displays leads to large LED screens for remote surgery.
    Advances in nanotech will potentially change everything we know of as "technology" today.

    Those are all blanket statements that could be wrong depending on what example you use. IE the best Medical sensor out there is the MRI and it wasn't invented to detect bombs. Actually if you try to use an MRI to detect a bomb, there's a good chance you'll blow yourself up.

    Many of the above will assist the "cure for cancer", or whatever it is that scares you to death. If you think that during "peacetime", everyone and their mom will devote their lives to "finding the cure", you are sadly mistaken. Humans are lazy...until their life is immediately threatened. War is why we evolved so far past the next "animal".

    Doesn't cancer immediately threaten lives?

    May 2, 01:49 PM
    i bet SJ was hyperventilating and staying up sleepless nights because they white iphone was thicker. finally after months he relented and allowed a thicker phone to go on sale

    Jun 18, 04:15 PM
    That is hiding specs from people that would really like to know. That is the people who read the spec sheets and have good reason to do so. Little things add up be it the RAM in an iPhone/iPad, what the SD slot is capable of or any of a number of other devices that are poorly speced on the machine. Is it that difficult to just be honest with your users? Further where is the advantage of not coming clean?

    The info gleaned above would seem to indicate that the port can do 250 MB/s less overhead. That would mean that the SD card could become one excellent boot device if cards with that speed actually become available. That would mean one could raid the two drives in the server and keep the OS on the SD card. That ought too make for a nice file server.

    The other thing would be the possibility of booting alternative OS'es in a reasonable fashion. Seems like a great way to run Linux.

    Ugly is the reality that the tech has to now catch up with the standard. This could take awhile and I'm not sure we will ever see two terabyte SD cards.