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  • rdehar
    07-17 08:09 PM
    Not to mention the tons and tons of unnecesary pages and administrative effort involved in maintaing the data.....Everything boils down to price...If we ask relevant question we save space...space saved is money saved..The same money we saved ..can be used for lobbying....Think about it
    hey smartboy75, the rules can change every day and what if someone is asking a question that was posted a month before. where do you draw a line? I don't understand what's wrong with it.

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  • boom
    06-13 09:06 AM

    I had the same situation for my daughter who turned 14.They requested for biometric fee $80.00.It should be simple and OK.just pay the the amount and you should be fine.After that you may get a FP notice.

    Once we sent the bimetric fee,proceesing resumed and everything was fine.

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  • beautifulMind
    07-16 02:48 PM
    I posted it there as well

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  • anurakt
    01-14 07:55 PM
    You need visa to enter or exit. When you exit you need to turn in I94 on the pp with the stamp of your entrance as well as your new extension. On entrance they will check the old visa and write down the visa number on the new I94 that they officer will provide. The I94 usually has the visa duration as the end date. Next you apply for an amended h4 to reflect the new I94 number which was provided at the POE. Asfar as I know the I94 date is always linked to a visa and not the Notice of Action.

    what's the process for amending H4 and how much time does it take ?


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  • wandmaker
    02-12 06:44 PM
    Hi , is the limit for 240 days only or TILL we get the approval ?. What do we need to after 240 days ?. Thanks.

    You can work upto 240 days after your H1 expiry date while your H1B is pending. To continue working from 241st day, you would need EAD otherwise stop working until the decision is made on H1B.

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  • Desertfox
    08-01 12:14 PM
    You will be considered as an eligible non-citized once you have used your Advance Parole (obtained by filing I-131) to return to US after foreign travel. Your I-94 will have a parolee stamp, and you will need to submit that to the financial aid department of your school in proof of your "Eligible Non-citizen" status.

    Once you have the parolee stamp on your I-94, file FAFSA online and your school will be notified as soon as they process your application. You will then contact the financial aid department at your school and submit a copy of your parolee stamped I-94. The process was very easy and quick at Arizona State University for my spouse.

    Hope this helps.:)


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  • cal97
    12-11 05:44 PM

    I have a question about interfiling. My signature explains my green card situation. My EB3 I-140 with a PD of 9/2001 is still not approved.

    Is it true that USCIS never responds to interfiling requests ? As per my attorney, they accept the interfiling letter and process it or they don't. My attorney is pretty darn good and honestly have no complaints till now but this particular information is kind of bothering me and just want to be sure.

    Would appreciate if anyone could help me clear this up.


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  • Krish09
    06-27 03:41 PM
    Hi Everyone, I need suggestion regarding my present situation. I got H1B approved for the year 2009. But my H1B was approved as to be get stamped in INDIA. I am is currently in USA since August 2008 on B1 Visa (10 years multiple) and the B1 I 94 getting expired on August 3rd 2009.

    Company A filed my H-1B on April 1st, 2008 and my case got selected in the lottery. I have waited until August, 2008 for my H-1B approval, It didn't happened any status update. I came to USA with B1 on a business visit to Company A. I have waited another 2 months but nothing happened to my H-1B and was upgraded to Premium processing on November 13th, 2008. There was a query on the H1B and Company A was not able to clear that to USCIS. That H1B case was withdrawn by Company A. So I applied new H1B thru Company C on April 1st 2009 and the H1B was approved on 3rd week of June 2009

    Now my B1 I-94 is getting expired sometime in early August 2009, can I apply current B1 status change to H1B using the current H1B approval (Current B1 I-94 to H1 I-94)? so what are the options now.

    Please advice me what can be done to get my transfer to H1B done without leaving the country.


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  • sprobir
    09-23 12:19 AM
    I would be willing to join your chapter too - good we are doing something in Oklahoma. I will email you at raydhan@hotmail.com

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  • amitga
    04-12 07:27 PM
    I am even willing to pay $10K per family member to get a GC. Only condition is that they should process it in the same way as other Premium processing. It should not take years in Name check or any other processing after paying this kind of money.

    Australia has similar plan for parent Visa. Any Permanent Resident can pay Approx 20K Aus$ and get a permanent Resident Visa for parents.


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  • kumar4875
    03-01 03:00 PM
    Always try to go for group policy with your employer, even if you are paying 100% of the premium and your company is not contributing a dime. That way your premiums are lower than what you get from the open market...may be you do not have that option but good to know... I can vouch for Kaiser, they are very good.

    I was using my employers policy where I had $1000 deductible and paying $1100 per month (2adults+2kids).I switched to BCBS for personal insuracne with $5000 out of pocket limits with $435 premium/month. my calcualtion was I pay $5000 as monthly premiusms + $5000 max deductible -$1000per month just like I was with my employer. At least we can see some saving until we have to spend some amount on healthcare as deductible+outofpocket expenses.So far luck is with me and hoping it will continue.

    But Again --these plans keep on increasing their price yearly --So I am also looking for good plan in Maryland.When I compared from ehealthinsuranne.com BCBS had better plans than Kaiser.but Kaiser seems to be public choice here.

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  • dpp
    08-18 12:09 PM
    that was expected. 300K * 1.7(average family size according to USCIS) = Approx. 500K

    They clearly said estimated 300K received. This 300K estimate includes all I-485 petitions, do not confuse and speculate incorrect info.


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  • nosightofgc
    04-05 09:59 AM
    I am scheduled to close my refinancing (changing from conventional to FHA). Quicken Loan processed my loan - of course their charges are a lot more than others. The point is, I did not face any objections so far due to EAD status. Of course they asked my EAD copy a few times. Hope this helps!

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  • desi3933
    04-06 12:43 PM
    By theoritical no problem, if you have credits equal to US bachelors and masters degrees.....

    Could you please share source/link for your assertion?



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  • atlgc
    06-01 09:03 AM

    MY new 140 approved with PERM. Yet to see the approval but I hope they classified me in Eb2 and placed my old PD.please see my signature for the details

    I have the following questions

    1. What are the different things one can do to speed up the interfile process

    2. Do we need to go through medicals again, last done in 2007?

    3. Do we need to go through FBI clearance, last done in late 2007?

    Asking Question #2 and #3 because it costs money and I have to spend from own pocket, employer not covering from 140 onwards

    Any experience, thoughts, inputs are appreciated

    Thank you

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  • GCBy3000
    07-21 03:56 PM

    Thanks for contributing to our common cause if you have already done. If not, I would like your to contribute to IV. Every member in this forum has different issues and IV is working towards most of the issues.

    I got stuck in FBI name check for over 2+ years (24+ months)... run out of
    patience or anything :mad: . I now decide to sue them by filing writ of mandamus in court. I'd like to have an experienced attorney do it for me. I'm looking for an attorney who is responsible and responsive, has been successful in filing writ of mandamus for clients to get the name check moving. If you know/use any attorney like this, would you please let me know by emailing me or sending email to prof_risk at hotmail dot com, thanks a lot!

    I live in Maryland, I'd like the attorney to be located in great DC area.
    I really appreciate your help


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  • niraja74
    07-23 12:44 AM

    I am going to file for I-485 as the PD is current for all till 17-Aug-2007. I got my LC was approved in Oct-2006 and I-140 in Feb-2007. I am working on H1B visa and my current H1B visa is expiring on 03-Jan-2008 (about 5 months left from now).

    So can I apply for I-485 with less than 6 months left in my H1B? Although I still have 2 years left in my 6 year's counter.

    Also if I apply for I-485 now without filing for H1B exension can I file for H1B extension later on say (in Sep. 2007)?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • singhsa3
    08-22 10:08 PM
    They are still good but they are direct to IO desks at NSC. I did not want to start barrage of calls to them. What I can do is I can PM you the numbers. You had been a contributing member and I would happy to tell you what I know. But please exercise your judgement....

    You had some numbers there, are they not good anymore?

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  • Bimmer740i
    07-21 09:54 PM
    Yes you can.

    My previous H-1B expired on 06/17 and I applied my AOS on July 2nd. After I sent the AOS, I got my H-1B approved for 3 years. My lawyer told me that they will have to send it in the future if there is an RFE.

    09-24 11:37 PM
    I am a July 2nd filler and I didn't get any updates yet.

    My I-140 got approved from Texas center and my LUD is 08/05.

    What are we trying to analyze here?

    11-20 06:27 PM
    I think you mean I need to see which dates are processing @ NSC; if my I-140 reciept date exceed more than 60 days then I can request my Attorney to got for SR(Service Request)?

    Please confirm guys..by the way what are the documents we need to provide to go for SR or Attorney will handle it?

    Your response much Appreciated.

    Thank you

    Sunny is right.

    The approval came after 27 days of opening the SR.