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  • irthday quotes wishes.

  • tarproductions
    Apr 21, 01:16 PM
    Could be the Devs Apple will invite on stage at WWDC in June? Apple giving the Devs time to prep?

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  • ejfontenot
    Mar 7, 03:42 PM
    I will head over to Stonebriar about 415. Meeting until 4, then head over after. If they don't have what I want, then Best Buy. Of course still debating on which model to buy, but that's for another thread!

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  • erck24
    Apr 25, 10:43 PM
    It worked :) thanks a bunch for putting an end to my mac-less world

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  • happy irthday quotes and

  • alent1234
    Mar 25, 08:32 AM
    so silly, everyone knows apple invented everything ever made


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  • Popeye206
    Apr 19, 10:47 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Anything beats the embarrassment that Apple has in the current iOS.

    LOL! Do you realize how silly you sound with these comments?

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  • Happy Birthday

  • cheesemonster24
    Mar 25, 02:45 PM
    A co-worker and I called around and found three 16gb at a store. Went to get one apiece and luckily got the last two. They were reluctant to sell them to us for some reason though. :D


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  • bella92108
    Apr 1, 12:22 PM
    If we're having this drama with Time Warner, imagine the chances of (NBC Owned)-Comcast ever getting Fox channels, ahahahahhahahaha

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  • DPinTX
    Mar 11, 08:56 AM
    Must be nice to be able to spend all day standing in line. I have to earn my iPad 2 today by going to work. I plan on getting there at 4:00pm sharp, save me a white 32gb with an orange cover please :-)

    My job is standing in line

    Mall security is getting anal about sitting in front of stores. They came by and measured out from the store opening and if you are in the way they make you move.

    On a good note the Nestle toll house cookie store is starting to open.



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  • justflie
    Mar 23, 04:30 PM
    Macs in my office would make life so much better!

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  • mothers day quotes.

  • IngerMan
    Apr 17, 09:14 AM
    My first week of owning my MBA 13, I was going to move my Superdrive while still plugged in. The extremely short cord got me and it fell on my palmrest area leaving a ugly scratch. I had some Novus #2 fine scratch remover for glass and plastic. I used it and it did a good job. It was very obvious before and after 5 minutes of buffing, I really have to search for the spot.


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  • TheNewDude
    May 10, 10:18 PM
    Getting the application doesn't let you play. The game is online, and you have to log into SC II with a battle.net account that has a StarCraft 2 Beta Key registered with it.

    Yeah that's what i figured. So i went to Best Buy because I had placed my pre-order there a while back but never got a code. The girl at customer service had no clue what I was talking about. They said they will have the guy from Video Games call me tomorrow....

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  • DoFoT9
    Feb 28, 08:26 PM
    With the Xserve getting canned, it's likely that Apple will shift Lion server hard towards SOHO needs and further away from the needs of larger enterprise environments.

    yes i agree there. osx server shall thusly be known as "Mac OSX Home Server".



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  • johnnyturbouk
    Apr 7, 10:44 PM
    i really thinking of selling my ipad.. i mean for 90% of the time my 17" MBP gets the job done.. and for quick e-mail checks or when im out the house, my iphone is invaluable, the ipad is a nice idea but i would not use it in the house, and pointless carrying that and my ip4 around

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  • jackirish
    Oct 6, 12:31 PM
    let's be honest, taking the 3GS out of the equation finally and replacing it with a lower-end or even just a smaller iPhone 4 with a larger size model would be nice change. a smaller model would appeal to many customers who are constantly outdoors, athletic, or would simply welcome the smaller size to fit in skinny jeans. plus a lower price point would make it accessible to many more customers who find the $199 and $299 just out of their reach. a larger iPhone 4 with a potential OLED screen, larger storage capacity, even better camera system (front, back, or both), higher quality and louder speakers, and maybe even a scaled down version of the iWork apps, would appeal to gamers, hardcore Apple fans, businessmen and women, families, and entrepreneurs. don't doubt the appeal of a little change in size...


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  • atticus1178
    Sep 19, 09:39 PM
    What do you use to monitor the temps? I haven't found anything that works yet.

    What problems *do* these EFI and SMC updates fix, exactly? BTW, according to the SMC update description, it will update it to 1.7f8, while according to System Profiler I already have that version. Must apply to to the first batch of models only? :confused:

    Edit: firmware update successfully applied, no SMC update in SWU for me.

    i use Temperature Monitor.

    it monitors each core temp, and the hard drive temps only (same for my macbook pro)

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  • Andras5soul
    Apr 25, 08:36 AM
    Very simple.

    Longer Battery Life.

    No Graphics Performance Drop

    15 Inch Screen (I'm a dreamer...)


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  • codo
    Oct 26, 03:37 PM
    I couldn't agree more. I use Audition/Cool Edit Pro at work (radio production) and have yet to find a suitable replacement for it on the Mac. Soundbooth has very limited usability without being able to bounce tracks into an integrated multitrack.

    What's sad is that when I saw all the audio apps available for the Mac I thought Audition level functionality would be easy to find. I couldn't have been more wrong. I have tried Soundtrack and Peak, and each are good in their own way, but neither fill the needs of a typical radio station production load. It is very frustrating to me. Ironically, I sent an e-mail to Adobe just the other day requesting that they port Audition...when I saw the headline about Soundbooth, I got really excited until I realized it was a port of Cool Edit 2000. Still, I downloaded it and will test it on my iMac.

    Please Adobe...give us Audition!

    I use Audition for the same purpose. I preferred the application when it was Cool Edit, I feel Adobe have bloated it out ever so slightly. But beggars can't be choosers - It's an important tool for me.

    I've had a go with "SoundBooth", its literally the most basic editing pulled from the original Cool Edit code with a few effects pallets. Defiantly not enough for me. It runs well though, nice-ish interface, not sluggish. I personally wouldn't pay more than �30 - �40 for it, its just too basic.

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  • zapp
    Mar 13, 10:14 AM

    My Verizon iPhone had the incorrect time, when I turn off the "set time automatically" it does correct itself. Kind of frustrated, I do use the iPhone for my alarm clock, and have for the last 4 or so years, it would be nice to be able to trust it to ring when it is expected to.

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  • iNeko
    Mar 25, 09:32 AM
    :D got mine! It's MUCH better than I was expecting, but the auto-stereoscopy does my head in after only a few minutes :( It's really, really impressive though, you have to see it in person!

    Here's a quick pic ;) fingerprints already!

    Edit! Found the Mii creator QR Code generator, so anyone can add my Mii :D

    Dec 12, 05:51 AM
    What about downloading a heart shape image (found via Image Search, large or bigger) and use that as mask via the WAND tool?

    Sample: http://www.mediafire.com/?ibqtaapgzam3z53

    Genius. .

    Apr 30, 07:44 PM
    No...it's NOT u/linix sorry...because "web page servers" are not the only computers in data centers!

    Hum, you do understand all those big financial institutions and banks don't actually use Windows server for their big enterprise level CRMs and other important packages right ?

    Unix and Linux are used for way more than just "web server". Maybe you should try working 1 day in IT before you talk about IT. ;)

    Of course, you probably don't want to hear the truth and wouldn't accept it anyhow, keep believing in Windows' importance because that's what you see on the desktop, I'll keep working on real OSes in my cushy IT job far away from anything made by Redmond.

    Aug 19, 03:51 PM
    Places is working here, Idaho.

    Aug 20, 05:36 AM
    Maybe this thread can help a little... :)

    Edit: Easily found using the good ol' search function... ;)

    Mar 27, 10:42 AM
    it was something like this....

    ES: I am telling you Steve, if you use Bing as the default search engine it will be a HUGE mistake. Google is now, hip, and happening and we both know about the quality (both laugh) of MS products. C'mon we both know what the right choice is.

    SJ: Eric, this is business. As you guys expand to other areas you are stepping on our toes. And now you ask me for a "favor"? How about a good ol fashioned "horse-trade"? We use your search engine and you drop out of the portable electronics game? Your stuff can't compete with ours anyway and it is only a matter of time. (ES looks hurt). Eric, you know me, I call it the way I see it and the situation is what it is.

    ES: I'll think about it. I have to talk to our biz guys coz they are the ones who keep wanting us to expand into other areas. They are young and cocky and one guy even proposed a Google brand refrigerator coz it would be "cool". (both laugh)

    SJ: What do you think of Flash???
    ES: You mean here? Right now??!!
    SJ: Yea

    They both stand up, shed their clothes and run off wearing only their Nikes.

    Being a billionaire means total freedom.......