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quotes about relationships falling apart

quotes about relationships falling apart. fall apart when I#39;m awake.
  • fall apart when I#39;m awake.

  • Mac-Addict
    Oct 26, 06:28 AM
    My heart goes out to anyone lost enough to get on a line for 3 hours for a t-shirt. Only in England, the land where we love to queue.

    Lol thats directed at meh xD Im going to get there at 3 and if no ones there or if its like 10 people Then Ill come back later after 3 :P

    quotes about relationships falling apart. But now I#39;m only falling apart
  • But now I#39;m only falling apart

  • atticus1178
    Sep 19, 04:44 PM
    I unplugged everything and that made it work.

    Network Cable
    USB devices (3)
    Firewire400 (1)
    Firewire800 (1)

    I didn't think to unplug them one at a time to control for where the problem was. Oh well. If your drives comes out and snaps back in right away without updating the firmware. Remove all devices before rebooting.

    My drive came out, and stayed out the entire time the bar was progressing, then it went back in and the maching restarted.

    EDIT: I have Keyboard and Mouse ONLY hooked up to the computer.

    quotes about relationships falling apart. our favorite quotes
  • our favorite quotes

  • MBP13
    May 5, 11:07 PM
    Even after that comparison of Apple's products to Windows', I'd still buy Apple.

    Don't tell me that I'm wasting my money just because I can easily afford to purchase a Mac. Most of the people that talk crap about Macs are the ones that can't afford them, so of course they're going to talk bad about them.

    I like cheap car vs. luxury car analogy. A Kia has four wheels, a windshield, a hood, and a trunk just as Rolls Royce does, but should Kia start a campaign that calls Rolls Royce over priced and a waste of your money? I certainly hope not.

    Don't be hatin' on Apple because you're broke and can't afford one. :)

    I should mention until this year, I was 100% for Microsoft and thought you had to be an idiot to purchase a Mac, and like the trolls on this forum, attacked Apple users for owning a Mac..Well, I see it the other way around now.

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  • good things fall apart so

  • thepogues
    Apr 28, 04:24 PM
    I will be buying an 11 this summer. I am assuming the SB i5 ULV is a given and the 3000 graphics will be more than enough for me so...

    1) 128gb ssd standard (unlikely because ssd prices probably haven't fallen enough...yet)
    2) 4gb ram standard
    3) more battery life (maybe just to 6 hours, but hey its an improvement)
    4) Backlit keyboard (for aesthetics more than functionality)
    5) Thunderbolt (last because I don't really do much file transfer in the first place)

    oh and include the 11 in the back to school free ipod touch deal.


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  • are actual quotes from

  • mmulin
    Jul 7, 02:16 AM
    Is Apple thinking that SD cards are going to become the new "floppies"?

    Many people who exchange files by 'sneaker net' use CDs, but don't need the capacity of a CD. Plus while rewriteable CDs exist, they are pricey and most people don't use them. Most files are exchanged a barely used CD that then gets shelved and collects dust.

    Imagine if people started exchanging SD cards. Initially lower capacities only will be available, but soon CD equivalent SD cards will be available, and soon after that the 1 and 2 TB cards.

    If Apple can create enough demand for cards, then economies of scale will bring prices down as they become a standard commodity.

    As others have mentioned the bigger capacity ones would have all sorts of uses besides the exchange of files. Wow.


    Are you living in 2005 or so? Recent SD cards already max out at 64GB. That is already ~100 CDs worth of data.

    quotes about relationships falling apart. I#39;m just falling apart.
  • I#39;m just falling apart.

  • cantthinkofone
    Mar 21, 09:24 PM
    There's a chain email going around here in NZ saying not to buy from BP or Mobil for the rest of the year. I'm not expecting it to do much good though...

    I hate those. Or when I hear people talking about it. How do they expect that to do anything?


    quotes about relationships falling apart. a friend is falling apart
  • a friend is falling apart

  • dethmaShine
    Apr 21, 12:55 PM
    I suspect the next iPhone, released in June, July, or September will be largely unchanged from the 4. An A5, sure. Maybe higher storage capacities. A "world" model, from what the Verizon exec said. Black or white. That's about it.

    So what do you think it should have?

    Will only a redesign make it a real new phone? I think its great that Apple has had three good designs now. Some build up is necessary, otherwise the public will only look for redesigns and nothing else.

    It will be a new phone with updated specs and maybe the casing. That's all it needs.

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  • old tribe falling apart

  • sebastianlewis
    May 15, 02:30 PM
    I do still prefer my titles as they are more user-friendly and product centric rather than type centric. For example with your way is that iPod Touch software would be in a different place from iPod Touch hardware. But your layout does have the advantage of less options to click on and it is still a lot better than the existing layout.

    The point was to be type-centric rather than product centric because it can be used as a net for all future products as well, while with your proposal, we might need to be adding or removing categories depending on how Apple changes their product lineup, and this way, we can cover the individual pieces of each product, so for example, the iPod touch software is essentially the same as the iPhone software minus the drivers for a few other pieces of hardware and minus a couple of phone specific applications. So if Apple were to create ANOTHER product that used the same software, we can just add the differences between the software to the "iPhone OS" page. The iPod touch as a subset of the iPhone shouldn't even have it's own page, but instead should be mentioned in the main iPhone article in it's own section and we can set the iPod touch page to automatically redirect to that section.

    I don't believe that either nail it on the head. While they're both a vast improvement, the proposals still need a little work in my view.

    While I don't have anything to lay on the table right now, I'll come back and post when I've had thinkies.

    Hmm, well I think mine was simple and to the point, but I look forward to your proposal as well, but if you're looking for ideas here's a brief outline of why I proposed a type specific approach:

    1. Minimize Confusion by minimizing categories and subcategories.
    2. Minimize clicks by minimizing categories and subcategories
    3. Maximize the usefulness of the Macrumors Guides to everybody, not just the average user, and not just Macrumors users (it would still drive traffic to Macrumors though).
    4. It would cover a network of related technologies and not just Apple's products and services helping new users get the most out of their new hardware purchase (as I understand it, many new Mac users and maybe iPhone users now also end up on Macrumors looking for help, advice, and to join the Mac User community).
    5. Also serve as a reference for older and experienced users.



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  • logo falling apart and a

  • Liquorpuki
    Apr 8, 07:19 PM
    The argument is using Tax Dollars to pay for the abortions as it is forbidden by Federal Law for Planned Parenthood to use the funding in that way...of course they have found ways around it, which is the cause for concern..Me personally, I am on the fence on the entire issue as I am not a woman. That stated, I don't believe abortions should be used as a birth control device either....

    Using that logic, military funding is supposed to pay for troops and operations but I'm sure they've found ways around it. Business subsidies are supposed to catalyze business but I'm sure it's being abused as well. So just like Rep Jim Jordan, I'm not going bother providing any evidence of corruption - I'll just throw out a platitude like "money is fungible," argue we should cut off funding, and act like people who don't agree with me are idiots.

    Meanwhile, there's no actual proof that Planned Parenthood is funding abortions with taxdollars. But I guess that's not important.

    And in the bigger picture, all this abortion debate being pushed by the Republicans ignores the fact that the topic of abortion is a totally marginal to what Planned Parenthood does. I'm a guy and I used Planned Parenthood in my early 20's for STD testing. My girlfriend used Planned Parenthood for pap smears and once, after she went in with a UTI, they were able to diagnose she had HPV and give her a treatment plan.

    I really can't understand why most of the GOP doesn't see value in a social service that provides education, counseling, diagnosis and treatment when this is all blatantly obvious to anyone who's ever walked into a Planned Parenthood waiting room. Maybe they don't get laid enough to care.

    On that note, I respect Scott Brown a lot more now.

    quotes about relationships falling apart. and falling apart Smart
  • and falling apart Smart

  • peharri
    Aug 14, 02:54 PM
    I disagree totally. People buy superiority. Thats what a good portion of the population wants. Thats why peop;le buy designer clothes. Thats why people buy fancy cars. Thats why people buy expensive jewelery. Thats why people stay at 5 star hotels. People want to feel like they are better than everyone else or they've made better choices.

    Not everyone of course. But there are alot.

    How is the above disagreeing with me? You're saying people like to feel like they've bought superiority. And yet here's Apple coming along telling everyone that they haven't. Not only that they haven't, but that their choice was bad for a lot of reasons that, quite honestly, are untrue and that the buyers know are untrue.

    Now, of course, you could be saying that Apple should sell itself as the superior platform. But that doesn't require being insulting to do that. You can easily say "These are the benefits of Macintosh" without saying "...and anyone who doesn't buy one is a gray, boring, clone." Just as my game example: you want the "Blues" to feel that it's worth going to the Red stadium because they will have a good time. Because they will see a quality game. You'll not get them there if you insult their team. If you ridicule their choices. If you ridicule them.

    I've met too many people who find Apple's ads insulting and contrary to their own experience to believe that these ads are helping them in any way. Right now, Apple can sell itself as a great platform. Instead, it chooses to alienate its target audience. That's bad.


    quotes about relationships falling apart. were falling apart.
  • were falling apart.

  • BornAgainMac
    Apr 25, 05:08 PM
    I hope Apple does the "...go where the puck is going." and provide Lion on a flash drive. I would use it even if I was using a Mac with a DVD drive built-in.

    quotes about relationships falling apart. falling apart, and needing
  • falling apart, and needing

  • randyharris
    Oct 27, 02:26 AM
    I sure hope that Apple does a bang up job of updating Mail.App for Leopard. I like the GUI to Mail but have to admit that it causes me a lot of grief that I've never experienced before with other mail clients...

    My fingers are crossed.


    quotes about relationships falling apart. my world is falling apart.
  • my world is falling apart.

  • MacPhilosopher
    Apr 16, 04:40 PM
    Haha, exactly what I was thinking.

    Sometimes, the app store restrictions are a bit ridiculous, and when Apple realizes that they're dealing with people who know what they're doing, they remove those restrictions quickly.

    What they really need, though, is the ability to recognize items of merit before turning them down. It reminds me of how ridiculous zero tolerance rules are on school campuses. Expelling students for "weapons" that are not really weapons i.e. finger nail clippers, etc. Rules and filters are fine when not implemented in a manner that lacks common sense. However, it comes with the territory now that Apple is in the media distribution game. To enter such and arena, one accepts the inherent danger of becoming a censor. To be completely open to all content would be an irresponsible business decision in terms of PR. Tighten up your filter a little to much and you land on the other end of negative PR. Apple will be adjusting its policies towards content for years and never find a perfectly safe position.

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  • falling apart because your

  • Lord Appleseed
    Apr 25, 03:18 AM
    Retina Display
    backlit keyboard Option (so everyone who wants to have it can have it)
    bigger SSD drives
    faster/newer processor
    upgradable Ram


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  • Cause I#39;m falling apart

  • hipsigti
    Jan 28, 06:02 AM
    I read somewhere awhile back that this same technology was in passports and and licenses and was very easy to read the information and hack in to the chip with some sort of device you can purchase or make from your local radio shack like a frequency scan tool like back in the old days with car alarms with code hopping technology! interesting video check out the whole vid the rfid part starts at 6:20sec. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuBo4E77ZXo

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  • bands keep falling apart.

  • westonharvey
    Sep 25, 10:40 AM
    My friend keeps taunting me with his Core 2 Duo based HP notbook. Even "Xtreme Notebooks" has a Core 2 Duo model.

    This sucks.


    quotes about relationships falling apart. world is falling apart.
  • world is falling apart.

  • iBlue
    Sep 13, 12:36 PM
    forgive me, i am too lazy to read all the replies.

    general anesthesia is pretty damn cool. it can make people sick but not always. it's never made me even so much as nauseous.. but even if it did, that can be prevented. (more on that later).
    every time i've had it they just gave me an IV and told me to "count back from 10" ... the first time, thinking they would say something closer to 100, i said "TEN?!?!" and i was out like a light, that fast! i woke up and felt like no time had passed at all. fascinating. i was completely tossed and had no concept of reality, but basically ok.

    second time about the same, i made it to number 8 (i love IV drugs :D)

    there is no chance in hell you are going to be able to care for yourself afterwards, so please plan on a ride (don't take a taxi no matter how tempted you are) and for someone to be there for you for at least a few hours.

    addtional tip:
    ASK FOR ZOFRAN - this is the anti-nausea med of champions, (basically side-effect free) they will put it in your IV and it's a totally reasonable request. i swear by this medication, i have an orally disintegrating form that i use when i am sick with migraines. (long story why i have to treat myself so strangely)
    but do ask for it, Zofran is a very superior antiemetic to some of the crap out there and won't make you feel strange.

    have your painkillers in order (or some on hand) so that you are not dealing with pharmacies after surgery.
    rest rest rest.

    my $.02

    - i am sure wishing you good luck iGary {{{hugs}}}

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  • Falling Apart” from Tin

  • Peace
    Mar 26, 03:09 PM
    ""They're going to see it all eventually so who cares how they get it." Which seemed to be about web content, said the tipster."

    How can that be interpreted about web content ? :confused:

    quotes about relationships falling apart. That we#39;re falling apart.
  • That we#39;re falling apart.

  • dvdhsu
    Apr 16, 02:23 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_1_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile/7E18 Safari/528.16)

    Let's hope he didn't use a cross compiler when making the app....

    Haha, exactly what I was thinking.

    Sometimes, the app store restrictions are a bit ridiculous, and when Apple realizes that they're dealing with people who know what they're doing, they remove those restrictions quickly.

    Oct 17, 04:40 PM
    Apple has filed for trademarks in: the US, the UK, the EU, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and others.

    Ocean was already noted here (http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=2952028&postcount=49) and here (http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=2952239&postcount=61) :)

    Madrid Protocol designations also attached to the US application on file with WIPO (http://www.wipo.int/cgi-mad/guest/ifetch5?ENG+MADRID-ALL.vdb+11+1162071-KEY+256+1+10642+F-ENG+1+1+1+25+SEP-0/HITNUM,PN,MAR,IMAGE+iphone): Antigua & Barbuda, Albania, Armenia , Netherlands Antilles, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Bhutan, Belarus, Cuba, Cyprus, Georgia, Croatia, Iran, Iceland, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Liechtenstein, Lesotho, Morocco, Monaco, Moldova, FYROM, Mongolia, Mozambique, Namibia, Romania, Sierra Leone, Syria, Swaziland, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Vietnam, [YU country code; probably Serbia], Zambia.

    Sep 27, 11:51 AM
    I currently have the 20" C2D iMac and the Mac OSX Build I have is:

    Jan 12, 03:42 PM
    We are working on a Facebook status update. Our app so far updates users via Twitter on daily things that get tracked. Glad to see Facebook become more iPhone friendly. If you have anything to track / improve in your life, have a look at Track & Share. Try the lite version for free. All the best to all Facebook fans,

    Apr 27, 12:11 PM
    Hi, I'd like a program for my mac that I can use to do simple enough graphs, such as those for market structures in economics.

    Failing that, is there an MSpaint like program for mac?

    Apr 5, 10:39 AM
    Here's the gist of the problem: too generous state worker union pensions. I wouldn't be surprised that these pensions are extensively re-done to drastically cut its cost in order to reduce state budget deficits.

    So, the bad guys are the teachers, firefighters, police, tax collectors, engineers, paper pushers, etc... who are employed by the government? So, it's their fault that corporations and individuals aren't paying (or avoiding paying) sufficient taxes to pay for the spending that was enacted by elected officials?

    Good to know who you blame for not being able to afford things like more oil subsidies, tax breaks for companies like GE, and lowering estate taxes on high value estates.

    Not that surprising considering the efforts to now radically cut programs for the poor, sick and elderly.

    (edit) How many BILLIONS of dollars in bribe money have been "lost" or "misplaced" or "stolen" in Iraq and Afghanistan? Billions with a B. Enough to fund the 14-16 billion dollar cost of extending unemployment 14 more weeks? In the past three years, over $3 billion in CASH was flown out of Kabul reports the Wall Street Journal. Officials don’t know exactly who got what, but have a general idea: “U.S. investigators believe top Afghan officials and their associates are sending billions of diverted U.S. aid and logistics dollars and drug money to financial safe havens abroad.” That’s still $9 billion less than what was lost in Iraq. Not quite enough, but close.