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  • Mac-Addict
    Oct 24, 07:43 PM
    Im so getting there at 3 and queuing, I don't care that much for free stuff (pfft :P) I just dont want to be in the queue until 7-8pm until I actually get in the store.

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  • NoSmokingBandit
    Jun 14, 04:38 PM
    That design is just awful. Reminds me of a cheesy alienware case:


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  • j_maddison
    Mar 19, 04:53 PM
    what kind of school would need the ipad over a mac or pc?

    It's a companion device

    Personally I would have found it very handy during my studying years, purely due to the form factor and diary/ notepad functions.

    I was as disappointed as most people when it was released, I'm still disappointed in it as a home device, but for work I can see it being very handy. I don't need to multi task in work, but it would just sit there gathering dust in the house, for me at least anyway

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  • Ieo
    Apr 5, 04:57 PM
    While I don't see anything that specifically mentions thunderbolt other than Macrumors' own speculation, I would find it hard to believe this wouldn't include it if it were to see the light of day. the 30 pin dock is a BIG connector- plenty of real-estate for a next-gen version to incorporate all of these standards from the looks of it.

    My questions are:

    Will it be backwards-compatible

    Obviously you'll need to buy different cables according to what the other end is plugging into (Thunderbolt or USB 2/3)....but will apple include both or charge $25 for the other one?

    It's smart to include USB 3, especially on "iToys", as it will eventually become the standard. The only way to avoid it would be to stop putting USB ports on their computers all together, and that will alienate all of their non-mac "iToy" customers (probably the majority).


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  • benjs
    Apr 12, 01:23 PM
    I'm seeing far improved start-up times and responsiveness in both Word and Excel. That's all I need for a service pack to have been worthwhile!

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  • Infinity
    Sep 25, 10:52 AM
    From http://loop.worldofapple.com/

    "....Aperture 1.5 update available this week, free to existing customers
    That�s it folks."

    The event is over.
    No MBP to be seen :(


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  • MacBandit
    Sep 14, 01:57 AM
    Originally posted by scem0
    As soon as athere is a PC that is 3.5x more mehahertz then the most current powermac, then I am switching, even if it is in the 'wrong direction', yeah OS X is a great OS but if I cant afford the already slow-compared-to-PCs hardware to back it up, why get a mac at all. I can live with Windoze, and hope that it gets some major revisions, as long as my computer, that costs a lot less then a mac, runs faster then a mac. My rant is over. This basically sums up what I want to say:

    If apple doesnt release a hell of a good computer this Jan then I have got to say bye bye to my whole pro-mac life style, and go out and buy a faster, cheaper machine. A great OS and iApps wont make up for speed, no matter how cool they are.

    Not truly cheaper. Not truly faster.

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  • spicyapple
    Sep 27, 10:57 AM
    They Can Aways Resort To, Etc.
    Oh noes! The dreaded off-topic discussion on numbering schemes that pops up after each os update. ;)


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  • Goldinboy17
    Mar 24, 08:52 PM
    Just bought a 32GB model. Best part - it came with iOS 3.2.2. Time to jailbreak!

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  • iJon
    Sep 15, 08:56 PM
    As I understand it the drugs they use are poisons and the job of the anestisiologist (?) is to give you just enough to nearly kill you and keep that dose constant throughout the op, so your more dead than asleep.
    Probably best not to try and fight with the guy trying very hard to not-quite-kill-you!
    I guess I never really fight it. I'm out in a heartbeat. I just like to see who long it takes me, which is never long.



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  • CaoCao
    Apr 10, 12:17 AM
    First other organizations offer abortions as well. So I'm not sure what your logic is getting at.

    Second PP was not started by the KKK.

    Finally, I don't know if what Abby Johnson is saying is true but if abortions are truly going on at a magnitude that she suggests and PP is illegally funding them, I don't know why she's the only firsthand source.

    I dont know how many of you guys actually have firsthand experience with PP and how many are just doing the keyboard jockey thing but I've been in 3 Planned Parenthood waiting rooms. Those places are always packed with women. It'll be raining and the place won't open for another hour and there will still be a line outside. From looking around, I have never seen any woman there with a late term pregnancy. What I did see were a lot of women - usually from high school to mid-20's, lower income, probably no health insurance. Since my high school days, PP has always been the primary resource for testing and/or contraception. Through their counseling, which is actually pretty effective, it's also one of the best resources to learn how to be sexually responsible.
    Margaret Sanger had "interesting" views of minorities
    That's a little simplistic don't you think?

    One would assume that you'd also be pro gun control, pro universal healthcare and anti military if not "diminish[ing] that asset" was truly so important to you.

    Somehow, I doubt that you're consistent in your stance.
    Pro-gun control (okay on hunting rifles/shotguns, no on automatics and mandatory gun safety training for urban possession). Pro-universal healthcare. The military could be a lot less involved internationally and still maintain Pax Americana.
    I am that consistent.
    Who says people are the greatest asset? Do you know what happens when bacteria overwhelms its environment? Have you ever heard of too much of a good thing? ;)
    I also advocate for a simpler lifestyle
    Well, Cao Cao for one.

    So I'm eager to hear of all the political programs he suports that enhance the probability of health and livelihood for all people, lest one of those precious assets suffer an untimely demise.

    Cao Cao must be a big proponent of speed limits, helmet laws, OSHA, the FDA, the EPA, government regulations, etc.
    Well to Marxists people are the greatest asset and in a way in capitalism too.
    Yes, I support speed limits, helmet laws, OSHA, the FDA, the EPA.
    I call fake photo. Just look at the "photo credit: registeredmedia.com" slapped on bottom right corner.

    From wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Sanger) (because that's the fastest way for me to search this little piece of history)

    All she did was give a speech on birth control to women in that organization.

    Oh, and how are people (especially the very young) going to know about consequences if they are not properly informed of consequences and dangers? Are you (CaoCao) proposing that they know of these things after the fact. After teens have already gotten pregnant because they didn't understand and were told about birth control and what it does. Are they told only after contracting an STD from an infected partner who didn't know that he/she was infected.

    I know it is probably shopped, I was using that image to represent Margaret Sanger's views on eugenics and treatment of minorities.

    People need to be adequately informed of consequences and dangers, it is vital to discouraging them.

    eawmp1, have you done both? What is easier, a couple hours of pain or eighteen years of hard work?

    I love how in 2009 Planned Parenthood did 332,278 abortion and 977 adoption referrals, that's like 340 to 1


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  • countrydweller
    Dec 28, 09:24 AM
    Why all the complaining? If this is a move to increase the quality of service in NYC, isn't this a good move till they upgrade their towers? If it's truly because of fraud, that's understandable. AT&T should be truthful about reasons for their actions, maybe they have been.


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  • talmy
    Mar 14, 09:46 AM
    We may all be jumping the gun on this one. Apple says that Lion Server is included in the Lion preview. That doesn't mean it will be included in the final release!

    Obviously developers need a copy of Lion Server to test their applications. Just like Mac Developer members can get Snow Leopard and Snow Leopard Server downloads, this is just a convenient way to package up both Lion client and server into one download.

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  • whoodie
    Mar 10, 10:15 PM
    What are the odds one of you Friscoans will post an update around 3:30-4:00ish and let me know what the line (or lack thereof) at Stonebriar is looking like?? Now I'm debating between Willow Bend and Stonebriar...

    X2, that would be awesome!


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  • ciTiger
    Mar 24, 11:38 AM
    That would be nice...

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  • robbieduncan
    Mar 29, 03:06 AM
    I don't think that's true. I pretty much know it's not actually.

    Shooting a 50mm on a 5d will produce a focal length of 50mm and a Field of view of 50mm. (50x1+50)

    Shooting a 50mm on a 7d will produce a focal length of of 50mm and a field of view of 80mm. (50x1.6=80)

    I didn't say on different cameras. I said different lenses on the same, crop, camera.

    This is not correct.

    A EF-s 50 mm lens is 50 mm on a 1.6 camera. A 50mm EF lens on that same camera is similar in image to a 80mm EF-S lens. The reason for the difference comes into play by the amount of the lens the camera is using to record the image and the proximity of the rear element to the camera sensor.

    Look. I own a 7D. I own an EF-s 17-85mm IS USM. I own a EF 50mm prime. I know that if I set the zoom to 50mm and take the same shot as with the prime exact same field of view. EF-s lenses are not corrected for the crop in the way you are saying they are.


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  • generik
    Oct 10, 01:58 PM
    I for one hope they redesign the entire case. I dropped my 17" Power Book while it was in my computer bag and caught it by the strap as it hit the floor. I'm not sure if you can picture this, the bag was on my shoulder and slid off and I caught it just as the corner hit. I thought, thank God it was in a computer bag. Well the corner of my computer that it the ground was folded like aluminum foil. I was really surprised that I was able to reshape it back into shape with my hands.

    Granted nothing was wrong with the computer, but....

    It is soft like tofu aye?

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  • applefan88
    Mar 13, 12:32 PM
    I had this issue too, on my VZW iPhone. Had nothing to do with any alarms that were set. I left work at 11:30pm, my phone had the correct time. I got home at 12:14am, and I noticed that my phone was now reading 11:14pm. As I had been driving in between those two times, I didn't notice when it made the switch, but I assume it was at midnight.

    I went into settings and I noticed that my timezone said "Chicago", even though I live in NY. I deleted Chicago and set it to New York. The time switched to the correct time, and then a moment later fell back an hour again! Then I turned off "Set Time Automatically" and set it manually. That set the time to the correct time. I was curious to see if it would ever fix itself, so I set it back to Automatically, and then went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night and saw that it was still an hour behind, even though DST took effect at 2am. However, when I woke up this morning at around 11am, my phone was correct (as in, it matched my cable box which I assume updated automatically).

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  • UberMac
    Sep 19, 03:35 PM
    Hopefully this will address the issues some users have seen with the Mac Pro apparently not being able to boot beyond a black screen when using the XP disc to boot from. Although I would think that is more an issue of GFX than firmware on the Mac Pro...maybe they're the same thing!

    Also, why two different downloads? Surely they could be incorporated into the same file...


    Apr 19, 03:10 AM
    Your first points are up bennieboy, welcome to the team :D

    We have 75 active folders now :D

    Apr 23, 10:36 AM
    The 320M has OpenCL. CUDA is assembler-like, while OpenCL is C-like. They are general purpose compute engines. It's not just about games.

    Intel does not have real OpenCL yet.

    Not just about games, yes, but for most users, the only reason one would want to stick with the 320 is for gaming so OpenCL wouldn't make much of a difference [for FPS].

    Dunno about video rendering/processing or the like though.

    May 5, 11:01 AM
    Take a look at the light bleeding in the lower right. I'm thinking of returning it, and getting another unit. Thought I'd post first to see if this is normal with all units.

    yup, go to apple and ask for a replacement.

    Sep 18, 01:40 AM
    Efoto, if you see this girl again, strike up some chit-chat, then smile and ask her casually, "Hey, would you be interested in going out sometime?" Girls don't think it's a big deal; as long as someone isn't pushy or annoying, they don't mind if someone asks, and they find it flattering, even when they say they're not interested. Just do it casually and matter-of-factly, and if she says no, no big deal. At least you won't be wondering if she's interested anymore.

    'Tis the natural order of things. :) You ask, they say yes/no, you get together or shrug it off and move on.

    Mar 17, 09:16 PM
    I have read that you should find a type of photography that you're good at and stick with it rather than try to be a jack of all trades type. Trying to do sports, weddings and landscape all at once may not be the best idea, for example.
    Agreed. I couldn't see myself doing stuff like wedding photography or school photography; some things aren't for you and if you force yourself to do it you'll end up miserable. Rather, I think a more appropriate way is to think of it in terms of comfort zones. I'm mostly doing indoors portraits right now, I've got the gear down and I know roughly how to get what I want in terms of lighting. That's my comfort zone. I could continue doing just that and take good pictures, but I also want to challenge myself. How can I bring lighting outside? How should I deal with harsh sunlight? These are areas outside of my comfort zone, and only by exploring them can I grow.

    My own addition to the list: "don't think, just shoot".