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  • CaoCao
    Apr 6, 01:06 PM
    Oh, dream time?

    I support a return to paying a $1 per annum honorarium to political office holders. :rolleyes:

    It would encourage efficiency massively

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  • poems for facebook status.

  • trainguy77
    Jun 12, 08:47 AM
    Hi Redeye,

    I have come accross another bug, or it's my dual G5... or Atszyman is spoking me out! :mad: Like he's ever gonna catch up with me!
    This is the case: I have three folding widgets running for over a week now, no problem in that week. I have three because I want to monitor someone behind me (Atszyman) and my next overtake in front of me. But when I just looked all three widgets where on Atszyman.

    I had this problem too. It must be how it stores the data.

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  • WestonHarvey1
    Apr 12, 02:19 PM
    Lucky for you, you got to help finance the mess that is the University system :)

    By the end of this year I will have paid the final payment on my loans... I can't believe it's been 15 years! Worst investment I ever made.

    Seriously, one of the most eye-opening things when I entered college was learning that I did *not* possess a liberal, open-minded view of race relations. I grew up in a white neighborhood, with nice liberal white teachers, always telling us how we are all equal. I always admired Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speeches when I heard them.

    I thought that was the prevailing view until I got to college. I was so naive I wanted to run up to the first black guy I saw, give him a hug, and tell him I understand. Ha, not really, but you know what I mean. Guilty white liberal kid. I was stunned by the violent reaction I got before I'd ever opened my mouth.

    Wow. The whole thing was just turned on its head. Nobody talked about true equality as a goal - it was all about power, grievance, reparations... and everything I learned just sounded shockingly racist. I was told that was just how whites see things. Rookie mistake!

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  • JoeG4
    Apr 24, 04:26 AM
    I think Windows 7 is pretty damn good, both from a user standpoint and a developer standpoint. As an end user OS, it's pretty nice - TONS of media options besides the Apple Ecosystem (TM), and Aero is quite nice.

    As a developer OS, Visual Studio has one of the strongest debugging tools around - provided you learn how to effectively use them.

    As an enterprise OS, there are immense amounts of control and management - albeit very, very expensive ones xD

    I wouldn't trade some aspects of OS X, like the Unix-ish core - but if Windows took up a Unix-ish backend I'd probably dump OS X in a heartbeat and probably never look back.

    Don't get me wrong, OS X is a fantastic OS and I've enjoyed using it for the past 10 years, and I'll probably continue to buy many more Macs. Sometimes, I get tired of Steve Jobs' pigheaded nature and the last 2 releases of OS X haven't really had any new uniquely Apple things. Lion doesn't exactly look promising on that front. :\

    It's still really good though, but it hurts to see the amount of crap I see on this board as far as childish behavior regarding what OS someone decides to use. I've carried around my Vaio before and had some Mac friends trash talk my Vaio, and carried my PowerBook around and had my PC friends trash talk my Mac lol :D


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  • CaryMacGuy
    Aug 19, 11:32 AM
    Serious -- I mean Walt Mossberg and Rob Pegoraro (Washington Post) both reviewed the feature based out of DC and now that it's live it's not available here yet?

    Isn't Walt out of New York?

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  • themacthinker
    Oct 26, 11:36 PM
    Apple is coming up with an update of their production suite this January.
    Adobe can keep trying, I don't think that they are getting even close...


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  • MacFever
    Mar 28, 12:04 PM
    maybe also some Sandy Bridge Macbook Air's ?? :D:apple:

    I'd prefer to see them released before that like in April....

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  • ZilogZ80
    Apr 13, 03:16 AM
    Have they fixed the asterisk bug in Word? Or is that still an issue?


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  • ready2switch
    Aug 14, 04:03 PM
    I know some Mac haters and I know some PC haters, and I don't believe the ads are focused on either. I think the ads are focused on people like myself, PC users who know the ins and outs and pitfalls of a life with Windows and understand just how frustrating and "un-fun" they can be. While they may seem condescending from some standpoints, I see it as being closer to self-depricating humor. Everyone knows that Windows has its quirks (or bugs or flaws, depending on which camp you are in), and that's what the ads play off of. What the ads do for me is make me want to research the OS alternative to Windows, and really find out if Mac is all it's cracked up to be.

    The fact that Justin Long is getting caught up in the buzz and mistakenly thought of as a Mac Nerd just shows how idiotic the tv-watching public can be. If they don't understand that these are actors, how are they ever going to understand the commercial's premise: that Macs may be just what you, the frustrated Windows user, have been looking for.

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  • RebeccaL
    Apr 4, 10:46 PM
    I don't have experience with FM radio docks. But I have read very good reviews about iHome docks that include FM radios.


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  • Eriden
    Apr 5, 09:46 AM
    You're supposed to use smilies when you're being sarcastic on the Internet.

    Nonsense. A <sarcasm> tag is perfectly acceptable around here as well.

    Of course, the need for such devices usually says more about the reader's comprehension abilities than it does about the writer's callousness or alleged cultural insensitivity/anglocentrism.

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  • ideal.dreams
    Apr 21, 09:50 PM
    Lowest in my area: $3.74

    Highest in my area: $3.89


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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 4, 01:40 PM
    mcrain should post his stuff on how raising taxes increase economy.

    I would post it myself but I deleted the PM a last week by mistake when I was cleaning out my inbox.
    I will say it was a great read and I agree with it.

    We do need to raises taxes as right now they are at record lows and clearly THEY ARE NOT WORKING. Instead due to the record lows things are getting worse and more things are having to be cut. On top of that most of these stats were warned years prior that if they cut those taxes that in a few years it will come back to hurt them big time. This was made worse by economic downturn and so budget shortfalls were even worse than what was projected.

    All service cut do is hurt 90% of the people for the top 5% of the income earns that they help.

    If you look at most of the tax cuts they are only for the top earners. Main street gets nothing but services cut. Tax cuts never effect them. GOP screams Tax cuts tax cuts but then you look at it the cuts do not help most of us. Instead they only hurt us.

    Also a kicker. the more you make the less each dollar saved helps. Tax cut at the top means money lost in revenue for the goverement but you MIGHT see 5-10% of that saved money go back into the economy. Most of it goes no were.
    Compared to tax cuts or service increase on the middle class and down you will see most of that money go back into the economy.

    Tell me if you want to boost the economy were do you put the injection. At the top were you might get 10% of it back or at the bottom were you will see nearly 100% of it back.
    GOP wants you to believe that it is at the top. Reality is that it should go at the bottom.

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  • wnowickiz1
    Apr 30, 06:48 AM
    Bought a Macbook Pro this past February, love it.

    I am becoming a heavy user of iMovie11 and have produced some cool movies. I have a Panasonic TM 700 HD video camera.

    I hosted a premier last night of a movie and was slightly frustrated with the video quality of the DVD. It is not HD, but looks OK. The sound is very good.

    I then hooked up my Macbook to the TV (HDMI) and viewed the movie (which was shared to media browser) through iMovie. I setup in preferences to ensure the output was 1080i. Video looked a lot better, but the sound of the background music overshadowed the voice on the people on the movie. Not sure why this changed.

    What should I do to maximize the video quality and have the audio match the version I edited?



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  • XNine
    Sep 25, 11:48 PM
    You know what? There was an ex-MTV VJ that made his own show using a Powerbook and two mics and he called it "Podcasting." There was an issue of Wired Magazine with him on the cover damn near two years ago. People were using the term "podcast" before Apple did. Apple has no right to do thsi to teh people who've made their player the most successful MP3/Portable Media device EVER.

    *kicks steve jobs in the nuts for allowing this*

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  • iMeowbot
    Oct 27, 03:51 PM
    Damn Early for x86 only mac software!
    This is to be expected. Apple sold 680x0 Macs right into mid-1996, but support for the chip was even disappearing from mainstream stuff like Netscape by 1998.


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  • kirk26
    Apr 19, 10:35 AM
    Haters gotta hate!

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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 8, 08:14 PM
    It's not the job of the government (or government funded agencies) to teach people how to not get knocked up and give out birth control. I don't have any objections to this. I don't pay taxes so Sally doesn't pop out another unit.

    But another unit is just what the 'system' requires of Sally, poor girl.

    You could do with a crash course in Economics, not that I agree with what they are trying to achieve.

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  • phillipjfry
    Dec 12, 01:44 PM
    No. Steve Jobs has consistantly talked about the Mac Culture having class. The Windows culture doesn't. The ad about the Mac home video illustrates this point, with Gisele. That Dell has some random pothead trying to sound hip and the Get a Mac ads have Justin Long, a successful actor and purported teenage-heart-throb, further illustrates this point. This is the same reason Apple spend $4M on the 1984 ad and had Jeff Goldblum and Richard Dryfus narrate their TV ads while PC ads usually have spinning text and always end with the Intel doorbell.

    I miss the blue man group intel ads :(

    May 2, 02:31 PM
    What is your point? If you have something to say, then say it, don't post useless links.

    It's called sarcasm - some get it and some don't.

    Mar 26, 03:34 PM
    While it doesn't seem surprising that Jobs did all the talking, I would hope that he could also listen a bit and maybe glean some insight on what's going on in Schmidt's head.

    As the saying goes... we have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

    Apr 5, 08:14 PM
    I was praying that the headline was "Apple to Introduce new dock connector."

    The current dock connector SUCKS. It's way too hard to plug into, especially on the iPad 2, with it's tapered edge. It feels flimsy and I dread plugging anything into it for fear of breakage/bending of the pins.

    I was really hoping that Apple would redesign it using MagSafe as their inspiration.

    Agreed flimsy AND the cable connection always breaks at the plug parts where the cable meets the plastic.

    I wish they had options to connect the cable on the sides as well as bottom.

    also teh screened on "front" printing disappears after a while.

    So, I scratch a box around the sign. That way I can "feel" the right side in the dark.

    Apple should mold that into the plug..

    Nov 14, 09:40 AM
    so then... maybe...


    ... just a thought.

    I like that! :cool:

    Aug 14, 10:36 AM
    Worst Apple ads ever. You attract more flies with sugar than vinegar, and Apple's all about the vinegar.

    And even more flies with ****. But who wants flies?