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  • RodThePlod
    Nov 14, 03:34 PM
    ..I'm guessing someone got fired at Apples today..

    Haha... I don't think so. On the face of it this seems like Apple's marketing team have jumped the gun on this announcement - however I'm guessing Steve Jobs sanctioned this as a swift poke in the eye to Microsoft on Zune launch day.

    It's showing the industry how creative Apple are being when it comes to their plans for iPod. They have a lot of cool stuff in store for us that Microsoft aint even thought of yet!!


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  • GoKyu
    Apr 14, 03:10 AM
    Don't wanna jinx anything, but living in New Orleans, we almost always seem to be under the national average when it comes to gas prices - paid $3.49/gal yesterday at Sam's Club. Shell tends to be more expensive, holding around $3.75/gal right now.

    I can't even *imagine* living in California with the prices creeping towards $5/gal... :eek:

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  • swiftaw
    Nov 14, 09:50 AM
    I fly between Manchester and New Jersey (Newark) a Lot, like 7 or 8 times a year for personal reasons :)

    Me Too!! :)

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  • baleensavage
    Oct 10, 01:17 PM
    "If you play with Billy down the street, we're not going to be your friends any more! Nah Nah."
    Target and Walmart sound like they are run by bratty jealous kids. Besides, I can't see how movie downloads are going to threaten DVD sales anyway. HBO didn't stop VHS sales. Netflix hasn't stopped DVD sales. Cable on Demand hasn't stopped DVD sales either. People want to buy things. They want to own them. They want something to hold in their hand with pictures and a booklet. Sure people will download TV shows or some movies to watch on their iPods on a commute, but it's not going to kill the DVD market. The only thing likely to kill the DVD market is this bogus format war going on between Sony and Toshiba. Now noone is going to want to buy any HD format because they dont want their purchase to be obsolete next year.

    On another note, how is this kind of corporate bullying legal? Doesn't the government actually try to enforce any antitrust laws any more? (rhetoric question)


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  • appleguy123
    Dec 27, 07:17 PM
    What type of fraudulent activity?

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  • G4er?
    Apr 5, 08:50 AM
    If needing to carry a computer all the time everywhere I go is normal I'm glad I'm not normal. I enjoy using a computer but I also enjoy being able to walk away from them and exist without one too.


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  • twoodcc
    Apr 21, 05:59 AM
    It is a desktop. i have also decided to throw my PS3 in the mix so it will be helping out at night.

    oh ok. well you could add a video card to your desktop and fold with it also if you wanted. right now nvidia cards are better. probably a GTX 260 is best bang for your buck

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  • Schizoid
    Apr 5, 09:57 AM

    Will it blend?

    That is the question!


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  • Tags: palm tree live wallpaper

  • bick
    Mar 26, 04:33 PM
    I believe this is a side street, not University. Looks like a cafe on Bryant.

    Also, Steve wears the same close because he has better things to think about in the morning than what to wear. That's my understanding. Hell, I wear the same thing for the same reason.

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  • paul4339
    Feb 24, 10:03 AM
    i thought you can just turn app purchases off in Parental controls (or does exclude in-app purchases?)



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  • OutThere
    Mar 11, 05:42 PM
    Most of my ever growing set of hand tools is American made...you really can't beat the quality and durability. I inherited an all-American car that I can't say really fits me, but I laugh in my German/Swedish car-owning friends faces come maintenance time.

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  • MacRumors
    Jun 18, 01:17 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2010/06/18/new-mac-mini-supports-sdxc-specification-for-memory-cards-up-to-2-tb/)



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  • NathanMuir
    Apr 8, 01:29 PM
    Fascists show no mercy to ANYONE.. Tea Party = the new modern NAZI PARTY.

    I'd laugh if I wasn't crying over that historical fallacy.

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  • MacRumors
    Sep 1, 01:10 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    According to reports, Apple has already provided an update to their Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Preview that was distributed to developers at WWDC 2006. The update provides few details on the improvements provided:

    This Software Update delivers improved reliability and compatibility for Mac OS X Leopard Developer Preview and is recommended for all users.

    The 46.4MB release is simply entitled "Leopard Developer Preview Update 1.0" and updates Build 9A241 to Build 9A241e.

    Apple demonstrated (http://www.apple.com/macosx/leopard/) Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard at WWDC, revealing some of the features that are expected. Mac OS X 10.5 is not expected to be released until Spring of 2007.


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  • alphaod
    Jul 4, 11:18 PM
    The 2100 MHz frequency is not compatible with the T-Mobile USA network. When will people ever learn?

    I have been saying for years this is going to happen and I can't be more excited!

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  • Icaras
    Apr 24, 06:19 PM
    I'm saying that's my personal opinion. I know it's capable of playing games, but many people are disappointed about something that no one knows except maybe Apple or Intel.

    Really? So if I buy a MBA, using your logic above, then one of the reasons I bought it was because it could play games. This is your opinion, your view of why some people buy a MBA. Just like what I said in my previous post was purely my personal opinion. Not dictation of anything. I'm sure many people agree with you and some that don't.

    That's you. I simply stated how I personally use my computer. It's different for everybody. Not everybody is like me or you. Not everyone is a musician or creative artist. Of course, the backlit keyboard is a welcome addition. I never said anything against that.

    That was the point of my post. I was trying to point out that different people will have different uses of a computer and have different skill levels. I was merely pointing out examples of the uses of a backlit kb (creative artists, users not as proficient in keyboarding) and the different audiences (gamers, portable users, media) that bought into an MBA.

    Yea, I didn't mean to imply that users bought it generally because of gaming, but that it was just one reason that many users (certainly not all) did happen to buy it for. I myself didn't buy the Air for gaming purposes, though I found myself pleasantly surprised when squeezing in a game or two of Left 4 Dead on it. :)

    And you explicitly said, and I quote you:

    if you want to play games, then don't bother with the Air.

    I don't know how else to interpret that. Unless of course you demand higher performance on newer games, then yea I would be inclined to agree with you. But I seem to read all the time on this forum that many users do in fact game on the Air and enjoy it. So why shouldn't they?


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  • JAT
    Apr 13, 11:43 AM
    I read somewhere that for most users their local ISP's DNS servers are faster than some of the other options out there like Google's.

    I did some tests and it was definately true for me. I'm sure it's not true for everyone, but it's worth testing instead of blindly just changing.

    But most have nothing set up. I'm not exactly sure what that does, I think adds an extra step in querying the ISP. That always slows me down.

    And, of course, the other half can be an issue, too. People never talk about that except when they want to download a brand new firmware or something. I see "waiting for xyz.com" plenty.

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  • Huntn
    Apr 27, 09:51 PM
    After listening to the sound bite of Trump asking for both Obama's birth certificate and college records, he strikes me as a political opportunist grasping for straws or he is a raciest.

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  • Krevnik
    Jan 15, 12:26 PM
    I would say the app has some potential but needs a lot of work. No need to name all the issues since they are obviously already mentioned in the thread.

    I encountered a lot of "WTF?"-style behavior quirks with Garmin myself. It does the job, but the deal-breaker for me is that the volume slider in settings sets both your device volume, and the speech volume. So you either deal with quiet music, or very loud instruction if you are using your phone to also play music.

    It handles drop-outs of network fine, but requires you to be on the network to get a route planned, and you can't pre-plan a route. So if you are say, planning a camping trip, you will only get GPS direction one way if the camp site is out of cell service (like mine usually are).

    Mar 23, 04:58 PM
    Apple ftw!

    Nov 17, 10:28 PM
    White iPhone is sexy. Not to mention that cases ...especially that stupid bumper attract dust that scratch the phone. My metal antenna band already has tons of scratches from it.

    Oct 26, 08:22 PM
    There was one security guy with a shaved head who was excellent although I think he spent most of his time down the other end of the queue. One of the security guys at the front was really nice too but was a bit overwhelmed due to the number of people. There was an Apple guy at the front who was a bit rubbish though and let people in. The queuing was *really* bad at the front. People were pushing in and got away with it at five to six. One guy even barged in at exactly six o'clock.
    Apple apparently couldn't get permission to use barriers from the council - probably because they left it so late to announce when Leopard would be in stores. We (everyone at the front) were *extremely* disappointed with the shocking organisation of the queues. The first 20m or so of the queue was about 4 people wide. The inner two had been there since about 4 while the outer two had queue jumped in at great annoyance to everyone else at about ten to six and the staff did nothing. This is the reason why some of you didn't get t-shirts. We tried complaining and arguing but to no avail. :(
    Shame people had to spoil it but xD It was fun while it lasted :P Did Gareth fully install Leopard on his MBP?

    Number 41
    Apr 21, 02:22 PM
    I justified in my post why LTE/4G is not good for the next revision. Make an argument against that statement.

    1. Apple is an American company. Their products get released in the US first. The US market is and should remain their primary concern. If the US is going to LTE, that's where Apple needs to go.

    2. Apple innovates. It's what they do. Innovate a way to offer LTE with acceptable battery life.

    3. Processor speed for phones is overrated, especially when apps are written to account for legacy hardware in the wild. No one is going to write an A-5 only App as long as the iPad 1, iPhone 4 & 3GS level tech remains so widely held.

    Mar 21, 09:45 AM
    Not a plug... but.... petrolprices.com tells me what the prices are around my post code.

    Friday's were: 128.9p for 95RON Unleaded and 131.9p for 98/99RON (Which I use).