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  • MSchen01
    Aug 14, 10:00 AM
    Oh yea, that evidence is so convincing...sugar for flies, wow. It definitely still applies to humans and this situation as all metaphorical cliches are so undeniably true

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  • thejadedmonkey
    May 5, 12:26 PM
    Devil's Advocate:

    I bought a Netbook Holiday Special ($199 normally $399 with ATI chip and graphics and Win 7 Home Premium) from the MS Store last Dec.

    MS took off the manufacturer's build (with tons of bloat-ware) and put their own on. It included a lot MS of extras (photo, video editing, music editor - sounding familiar?) and their premium Anti-Virus with lifetime subscription.

    When it booted, it only asked for my username and the type of network to connect to (again - familiar? LOL)

    I haven't had any problems with it whatsoever... :eek:

    Just food for thought...

    A lot of people on this board forget that Windows is the OS leader for a reason...

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  • feszty
    Apr 17, 09:51 AM
    So he won the price and apple re-invited him. But what about the other hundreds of developers who are banned from the App store with no clear explanation why they were rejected? I like this 1984 reference in the previous comments, I couldn't agree more. Looks like it is time for change.
    As for the artist, he is not showing too much artistic integrity. He has been rejected on BS reasons, calling his art ridiculous, then he resubmits immediately. He should have stood up agains the AppNazi and tell them to shove their censorship up their butts.

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  • illitrate23
    Oct 6, 11:09 AM
    If Shaw Wu _ever_ gets a prediction about an Apple product right, the world will come to an end and the universe will implode.


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  • evilgEEk
    Oct 9, 03:19 PM
    I shop at Target all the time for DVDs, iTunes selling those movies is not going to change this.
    Maybe not for you, but it will for me, and probably a lot of other folks as well.

    Once I have a decent method of getting my movies from my computer to my TV (i.e. iTV), and iTunes has more selection, I plan on never buying another DVD again. I'm in the minority here I'm sure, but for how long? How long before digital distribution is the method of choice for your average Joe?

    My point is that their (Wal-Mart/Target) concerns are valid, but they're still just whining about it because they're scared of competition. Why isn't Wal-Mart whining and complaining about the Music Store? Oh... That's right, because they have one of their own. :rolleyes:

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  • RalfTheDog
    Apr 14, 09:56 PM
    Rats, sinking ships and all that. </troll>


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  • anonymous6237
    Mar 11, 09:04 AM
    We are 12th and 13th at Willow Bend. We are currently at the end of the line. There is a roped off area and they are saying LIMIT TWO PER PERSON.

    Thanks for the Willow Bend update. I'm planning on heading over around 1:30 and hope to not be too far back in line.

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  • atticus1178
    Sep 19, 04:27 PM
    I'm in the same boat. It beeps, I see the update bar but the DVD drive pops open and then shuts -- then normal boot. Ugh!

    that is what mine did and was fine, it popped up a windows saying the update was complete, check your firmware version in System Profiler


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  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 27, 10:04 AM
    How about a breathing tax, somebody's gotta pay for all that CO2, right?

    I planted a tree, so I'm good. :p

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  • iNeko
    Mar 25, 05:59 AM
    Waiting excitedly for mine to arrive :)

    Curse the parcel deliveries to come later than the regular post!


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  • Gus
    Jul 14, 02:02 AM
    See this post:


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  • Keleko
    Mar 3, 06:45 AM
    Ooo, I'm gonna be first. I took this during the Fernbank Museum (in Atlanta) visit that I'm posting my mythical creatures photos. I was rather self conscious taking this photo, and I wanted to make sure I was not seen doing it. When I saw this scene I was struck by more than one contrast going on. The one I didn't include was with the kids that were also with the couple, but I didn't feel comfortable getting a shot with the kids, too.

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5295/5484204892_9c3057b56a_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/22077805@N07/5484204892/in/set-72157626160204246/)


    nick zano hot. The Laguna Beach babe has been splashing around with super hot Nick Zano . We hear they stayed holed up in their suite (complete with a bathtub fit for two)
  • The Laguna Beach babe has been splashing around with super hot Nick Zano . We hear they stayed holed up in their suite (complete with a bathtub fit for two)

  • HiRez
    Apr 2, 05:59 PM
    I have to agree with most here that Pages didn't live up to my expectations. However, I can't agree with you that Word has been perfected. Word is complete nightmare in certain situations. Its non-intuitive and not very user friendly in many cases (especially the windows version!). I do prefer it to Pages, but its by no means the best that can be done..Word was nearly perfect up until about version 4.0 (on the Mac), it was all downhill from there as far as I'm concerned. As for Pages, it looked pretty goofy to me as well, but the first versions of FCP, Keynote, OS X, all the iLife apps, .Mac, and pretty much anything else they're ever done were quite flakey, slow, underfeatured, and rough around the edges too. Apple just takes a long bloody time to refine their apps until they're "ready for prime time". That's fine, because once they do get an app refined, they tend to be fantastic -- I just wish they'd stop gouging us for full price each time we upgrade from their "betas" to a release-quality app. I'll check out Pages again when it gets to version 3.0.1 or so.

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  • Blue Sun
    May 2, 08:31 PM
    IMO the older silver MBP's are nicer looking than the current unibody design.

    If the old design had the same thickness as the new ones and the same unibody structure, I'd be all over it!


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  • thebubbatex
    Apr 12, 04:43 PM
    Will all the resellers buying all the AT&T versions I call BS on those stats.

    Go to a store and I guarantee you can't buy an at&t model, but vzw are in stock everywhere.

    There is NO way Vzw is outselling AT&T version, NO way, it's impossible.

    My guess is maybe people in the mid-west would PREFER vzw, but they'll never buy one anyway...

    Does not say anything about what is SELLING right now - this is a survey about intentions to buy.

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  • Phat_Pat
    Apr 2, 02:00 PM
    I don't like it much either.


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  • drlunanerd
    Sep 27, 10:29 AM
    It will be released this week to tie in with the Aperture 1.5 update, which I believe requires 10.4.8 (if only for updated RAW support).

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  • HBOC
    Mar 19, 06:27 PM
    I agree with most of what you say, except.... I don't get the "Shoot only Full Manual" advice that is heard here and in other places.

    If I have spent some $$ on a camera with a computer and a light meter, I figure I'm going to make it do at some of the work. The way I see it, I have a management job, and that is to decide what DoF and/or apparent motion I want to capture (composition) - and to ensure good exposure (quality control). The camera gets to do the grunt work of doing the calculations. It's the back-office.

    Generally I use Aperture Priority, and let the camera worry itself over the shutter speed. Though, being the suspicious boss type, I'm always checking over the Camera's work and watching the settings. That way I can step in and make changes if necessary.

    I figure I'm thinking through the cycle anyway. I like DoF control, so I generally start with Av. I observe the shutter speed - make sure I'm fast enough if I'm handholding, or perhaps I want to freeze or blur something. (Or if I'm on a tripod can I get away with triggering with a light finger or do I need to go to a timer or cable release).

    Then I observe the overall exposure. Do I need to adjust the +/- thingy?

    I guess it's the difference between :
    Think -> Look -> Think -> Make a Setting -> Push Button (Manual)
    Think -> Look -> Adjust if necessary -> Push Button (Av or Tv).

    Seems faster my way, and just as accurate. And maybe more accurate if I'm tired. ... but maybe I'm missing something?

    I'm really enjoying this whole thread..... :)

    Well shooting manual works for what I do. I doubt any sports photographers use anything other than Aperture Priority mode I would think.

    nick zano hot. Nick Zano, Laura Jordan,
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  • gugy
    Sep 27, 01:01 PM
    On your Quad G5? It runs like butta on mine. Did you make sure to use the Combo updater and not the Software Update incremental 10.4.7 updater? I always use the Combo.

    I don't know what to tell you. Couple days after I installed 10.4.7 , major issues happened on my quad. I end up with my computer at Apple for repair and 3 weeks later they figure out a combination of 10.4.7 and my GT7800 card were the issue.
    Now, I have a new GT card and I use 10.4.6. The kernel comes once a week. So the problem in some way still persist. I hope the new 10.4.8 will address this issue. If not I'll go back to Apple and request a new computer in exchange for the one I have.
    I don't know, I love my quad but I have to say I was pretty upset with this whole fiasco. I wish Apple had a loaner program for professionals using powermac. That way we can still productive while the computer is being repaired. I would not mind to pay a little more on applecare to get such a service.

    Apr 12, 10:45 AM
    Is is just me, or is Pages one of the worst apps that Apple has put forth recently?

    Designing a newsletter has proven to be one of the worst computing catastophes that I have had in recent years. Pages erased my work multiple times, even after I had saved it. Also, the way the program formats is terrible; Apple has caught the Word syndrome of trying to help you so much with Word processing - guessing what you want to do and doing it for you - that it makes you want to pull your hair out. I also find the interface very counter-intuitive (highly surprising for an Apple app)

    Sorry for the rant, but I just lost a lot of money and time because of this half-baked program, and I have to let it out. I had high hopes for Pages and am sorely disappointed. And I thought that only Microsoft could push my buttons like this... :mad:

    I purchased iWork to produce newsletters and instruction sheets. I too found it to be an unwieldy program. A new user can make a decent project if they pick a template and not deviate from it. Changing fonts, layout, etc. is painful. I assume (hopefully) that Apple wiil continue to upgrade the program.
    I hate to say it, but I have an old copy of Microsoft Publisher for Windows (1 CD) that I have used for the last 6 years. It is much more intuitive than Pages. I got rid of most of my Windows software when I switched to MAC, but I kept Publisher and my old Celeron laptop for emergencies.

    Jun 25, 10:00 AM
    A mistake? Unless I'm mistaken, when the 40GB PS3 was released, it was $399, and the 80GB version was $499. At least, those were the normal prices when I bought my 40GB.

    Well...it's wasn't a mistake it was given to me for free....but it was during those times that the PS3 was the main deal and people rioted and fought and they were several people who were victims of theft when it came out.:D

    Mar 13, 09:56 AM
    Verizon iPhone - All is good.

    Jun 18, 01:57 PM
    Woah... I would partition a 2TB SHXC card and use 1TB for Time Machine and the other half for Final Cut Pro! On freaking 3 square centimeters!

    Jan 7, 06:42 AM
    I installed the new version last night, sync'd my contacts... What that did was put profile pictures and facebook page links to any friends I had in my addressbook.... The addresses migrated and sync'd no problem but the app itself is crashing so much that i had to delete it, reinstalled the old version from my computer and everything is back to normal on my phone within the facebook app... The page links still connect directly to friends facebook pages directly from my addressbook... I would wait to upgrade until they fix all the problems... Oh yeah the links do not work from addressbook on your mac, only within the iphone and from that addressbook