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  • LaazyEye
    Apr 5, 06:46 PM
    can you please explain to me (or provide a link where it's explained) the benefits of using a 30 pin connector in comparison to a usb port? is it maybe so that apple can sell more adaptors? (i'm not sarcastic on this one, i'd really like to know)

    It's so you can have analog and digital audio and video, remote control commands, and various types of protocols coming out of one port. All the user needs to do is buy the one they need.


    look at all the things one port can do.

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  • coder12
    Apr 19, 09:54 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Anything beats the embarrassment that Apple has in the current iOS.

    You've gotta get worse to get better ;) I really want iOS 5 to have this... especially on the iPad. But with mission control I wonder if this is really the direction things are going?

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  • tickmo
    Sep 1, 10:14 AM
    I hope the super secret features aren't already in the preview (or at least disabled). If they were active, I'm sure people would be saying "wow that's a cool new feature!" Since I haven't heard any of that, and the secret stuff is active, then I guess Apple's making a mountain out of a molehill.

    I think there are some clues in the Dev build that point the way to the kind of 'cool' you allude to. While the face of the OS is the same for now, Apple has put the parts in place to either A) pop a new level of GUI goodness into 10.5 or B) allow developers to do it themselves.
    The key to all this is Core Animation, which may end up being the biggest announcement at WWDC this year. Core Animation enhancements to the application Help menu, for example, indicate a totally new GUI direction. Floating 3D arrows point out features as you browse them with your mouse. The Time Machine interface similarly shows there are a lot of new and interesting GUI possibilities thanks to Core Animation.

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  • Burnsey
    May 2, 11:15 PM
    I don't follow canadian politics much, can someone tell me aboot the main ideological differences between liberals and conservatives in canada? eh?

    Let's put it this way, if the conservative leader Stephen Harper, who has won a majority government tonight, was the prime minister back in Canada too would have entered the pointless mess that is the Iraq war. We had a liberal party in power then, and they rightly decided otherwise.

    A conservative government is also more friendly to corporations (cutting corporate taxes), less concerned with the environment (supporting oil sands in Alberta), in favour of spending more on the military (buying new jets in the coming years) and more willing to spend huge amounts on security and the like (~$1 billion spent for security during the Toronto G20 summit).

    Having said that though thankfully in Canada the conservative party is nothing like the hawkish corporate shills that you guys have in the US, at least not in that extreme.


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  • freewebsites
    Nov 11, 02:30 PM
    Iphone is still the best!

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  • s.hasan546
    Apr 9, 03:51 PM
    Unfortunately, you're wrong on most if not all counts.

    First, it would be patented material, not copyrighted material. And patent infringement, especially design patents, is really quite easy to pursue.

    Second, the Chinese supplier is "Foxconn", not "Foxcomm".

    Third, and finally, in cases like these, as a general rule, even though Foxconn is the supplier, Apple is the owner of the parts. If Apple ordered that the parts in question be destroyed, putting them in a box and taking them home doesn't count, and certainly neither does selling them to a friend in the US. If they are the actual parts produced for Apple, then it is quite likely that they are, indeed stolen goods, and both this boy and the employee who got the parts for him are in trouble.

    However, if the people involved were a bit smarter, then these parts would be from a production run not ordered by Apple. Under those circumstances, depending on how the contract is worded, there may have been enough wiggle room for them to sell these parts, especially given the fact that the actual Apple parts never went into formal production.

    Finally, while it's arguably quite impressive that this kid was able to sell about 450 kits, to the tune of $130K, it's important to remember that this doesn't mean that he's made $130K. I would think it much more likely that he's getting maybe 10%-20% of that. Still, $13,000-$26,000 is not a bad haul for a couple months work...

    I own an import company. Mainly importing from china. I gaurantee his profit margins are higher than 10-20%. His profit margin is minimum 50-70%.

    Also if the kid was smart he should have incorporated or created an LLC and than imported and sold all the merchandise under that company. If he did that than his legal liability is pretty limited. They could sue his company for what it was worth. Probably not much. The could fine his company, which he could just shut down and pay none of the fines. He could get away with it with barely paying anything. How do you think all these companies that import Kirf products work?


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  • Sydde
    Mar 11, 05:51 PM
    Anyone think this is a good idea for a thread? If so...

    I'm putting down an engineered floor in my bedroom, was at the local Home Depot hardware store and found a 3 piece Dasco Pro Pry Bar Set (http://findnsave.miamiherald.com/Product/3050919). It's well made, very functional for working with trim and prying up carpet strips, reasonably priced, and marked as Made in the USA! :)

    I would have a difficult time spending money at Home Depot, the thought of founder Bernie Marcus just creeps me out.

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  • karmachrome
    Mar 26, 03:38 PM
    Hey dork! Where's the flood?!


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  • maflynn
    May 5, 01:37 PM
    The real question is why do people still buy Macs (in increasing numbers) in spite of this... hmmm... makes you wonder...

    Because more and more people are seeing that the hardware and software that apple produce is very good. Many people are willing to pay a premium for some items. there's also the coolness factor, apple used this quite adeptly with the iPods, iPhones and now Macs.

    Also as AppleScruff1 stated some people here cannot admit that for many people windows is a great solution for their needs.

    Not everyone needs a core i7 desktop to email their friends and family or check their facebook status. Simply put many people find windows to work out of the box without much fuss.

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  • mkrishnan
    Nov 11, 11:24 AM
    kawakatta tte nani? kawaikatta deshou ka? ;):D

    *****urei shimashita! :o


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  • Cerano
    Apr 17, 07:09 AM
    Hey guys any products we can use to keep our MBAs in pristine condition and remove scratches?

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  • Rt&Dzine
    Apr 9, 12:24 AM
    I am all for getting rid of those too. This topic was about PP, so I expressed my feelings for that colossal waste of money. I didn't want to stray too far off topic.

    The PP issue wasn't about cutting the budget for the right wingers, it was about pushing their agenda. Boehner got his pet project included for federal funding of private school vouchers in DC (read religious).


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  • Master-D
    Mar 14, 03:34 PM
    Nice one! :)

    Thanks. I found out my D700 & 70-200mm VR ii is indeed weather proof at this match. Not much fun getting such an expensive toy wet for the first time, but nice to know it works.

    This was a pretty unusual opportunity. I find you end up taking a lot of similar pictures at these games, so when you have an interesting setting with the mud, and the interesting contrast of the new player, it's a rare and nice opportunity. Happened fast though, his team mates had covered him with hand prints in seconds.

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  • gammamonk
    Nov 12, 08:48 AM
    Anyway, in the virus one, the second to last line should start:

    sore de



    trying Unicode this time.

    Thanks-- You're right. By the way, what computer are you posting with? Must not be a mac! (^__^)


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  • egretry
    Nov 14, 09:44 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    Apple has announced a partnership with a number of airlines (http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2006/nov/14ipod.html) to provide in-flight iPod integration during flights.

    According to the press release, these six airlines will begin offering their passengers iPod seat connections which power and charge their iPods during flight and allow the video content on their iPods to be viewed on the their seat back displays. The press release did not specify whether the iPod integration would be a first-class accommodation, as presumably that designation would be up to the individual airlines.

    BOEING 747-400 -- The ultimate ipod accessory.:D :D :D :D :D

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  • mrgreen4242
    Dec 9, 05:40 PM
    Well, I'd like to get my hands on a DS, but cash is a bit tight. I'm hoping someone would be interested a trade for (or buy outright) a nice, older, PC.

    - P3-1ghz,
    - 256mb RAM,
    - 10gb HDD (I can most likely dig up another 10-20gb HDD to add),
    - CD-ROM (I have a CD-RW drive of unknown speed/quality I can include as well),
    - NVidia TNT2 GPU,
    - network card, modem, keyboard, mouse.
    - I have a 19" CRT that I haven't used in awhile for someone local (in the Lansing, MI area).
    - Has Win98, Office 97, and some other software if you want it (Visual -Basic, some older PC games), with licenses of course.
    - Could also install pretty much any Linux variant for ya, if you wanted. I have Ubuntu on there right now.
    - I would be happy to include a joystick (uses the old fashioned "game port") and/or a USB gamepad.

    Figured it was worth a shot. :) Anyone who would be interested in CDs, VHS tapes, comic books (decent collection, including the full Superman Doomsday series), or some Star Wars "memorabilia" (toys still in packaging from the mid-90's re-release of the first 3 movies) in trade should PM for a list of those things as well!


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  • theranch
    Sep 21, 11:21 PM
    Correct me if I'm wrong...but, did any of you notice on that site that they gave an A+ rating to the Celeron machine and D & C's to the top 8 in the list? If you click on the colored bar for each system then scroll down the page there is a chart to explain the rating. It's a joke. I wouldn't depend on this site at all.

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  • jackirish
    Oct 6, 12:23 PM
    No way in hell. They've already asked their developers to change app resolutions once. 3 screen sizes will never fly with developers.

    99.999% likelihood of this being total nonsense.

    Okay... but look at the Android operating system... they ask developers to adjust their apps to every new Android phone that comes out, because the OS is slightly different depending on the phone. Asking them to change the resolution of their apps is not too big of a deal in comparison.

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  • clayj
    Sep 17, 11:11 PM
    I'm huge. :D No one really cares how big YOU are... how big's your iPod? :p

    Myself... I'm packin' Smacky. <10 points to whomever first identifies the reference>

    Jan 6, 01:02 PM
    Cool. Some people say it's fake but I know for a fact that it is legit unless someone photoshopped the Banner in... but it looks very Apple so all it is is another reason to get stoked :)

    Aug 19, 12:19 PM
    You need the app to use places....

    Well now I just feel stupid. . . .

    Apr 4, 03:59 PM
    In CT we are taxed I believe 50 cents on every gallon. The problem is that as gas prices rise people buy less of it and the taxes dry up.

    so they drive less as well if they don't buy gas..

    But these taxes are historically for funding the construction and upkeep of the highways, not to curb gas usage or to spur efficiency.

    A car that gets 60 mpg will do just as much 'damage' to a road surface as a car that get 8 mpg....but the 50mpg car will pay much, MUCH less for upkeep of that road than the other in a gas-tax based situation.

    No. A car that gets 50mpg is likely much lighter than a car that gets 8mpgs... and hence doesn't put near as much wear on the road

    Sep 22, 03:28 AM
    Does anyone know if this fixes the SATA speed issue running XP in Bootcamp?

    Mar 27, 10:04 AM
    How about a breathing tax, somebody's gotta pay for all that CO2, right?

    I planted a tree, so I'm good. :p