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  • racer1441
    Apr 24, 08:23 PM
    15 inch version.

    Price is no problem.

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  • addicted44
    Apr 21, 06:31 PM
    When I said "that's about it," it wasn't a negative thing. When it comes to an iPhone, if they made those enhancements, that's plenty to guarantee another year of success. Especially alongside iOS 5.

    If there is any redesign needed, its on the OS side.

    iOS needs:
    1) Better notifications.
    2) Better communication with computers/tablets (the HP idea of syncing the Pre tablet and smartphone by just tapping each other is great. You can already do this on iOS with some 3rd party apps, but Apple implementing it at the OS level would be awesome).
    3) Greater app<->app integration. This really needs to improve, IMO.
    4) Better file management. (Not a Finder, but getting files onto iOS from a computer, etc., should be easier.)
    5) A snazzy new look would also be nice, but not necessary.
    6) RFID. I think this is really low in importance, because it will take a while to rollout (well, at least RFID payments...I love the idea of RFID to wake/sync between devices). At least as far as payments go, it will be better if Apple takes their time and does it right, involving all stakeholders to deliver a complete successful product.

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  • Fotek2001
    Sep 1, 01:16 AM
    So when will us ADC select developers get our hands on a copy, that's what I'd like to know..?

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  • whooleytoo
    Sep 26, 10:57 AM
    It seems to me that Apple are the good guys here for once, slapping down a company that is trying to trademark terms that are already in use albeit in a niche market!

    Personally, I can't see how Apple could be seen to be the good guys in this case, given they're sending cease-and-desist letters to people using 'pod' (not "iPod") in their product names.


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  • Maccus Aurelius
    Nov 14, 11:15 AM
    I guess this means no TRUE VIDEO iPOD before Christmas. That is a let down.

    Well my birthday's in january, hopefully it comes out by then :p

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  • Gold89
    Jun 18, 05:34 PM
    And this is just the front�



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  • MacRumors
    Mar 23, 01:05 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/03/23/apple-seeking-to-license-airplay-for-video-streaming/)


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  • Dont Hurt Me
    Oct 15, 01:55 PM
    Boy I hope not. Unless they can get some cooler silicon off-board, giving up battery life for 12 FPS in Quake just isn't a good bargain for 97% of the market.
    That is idiotic, there are plenty of low power graphics solutions that blow the doors off Integrated garbage, Almost like saying I hope they use the least expensive cheapist solution they can find that uses no power. A computer is a tool and for you to say 97 % dont need a GPU is a lie. In that case they could be using G3s with rage 128's. More spin from the fan club of crapo graphics. What they should do is offer a option for those people who expect a modern computer to be just that.


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  • MacRumors
    Aug 19, 09:44 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/iphone/2010/08/19/facebook-launches-places-location-check-ins/)


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  • platypus63
    Oct 26, 12:54 PM
    Wow, I expected PPC support to drop in a few years, not a few months. Sucks for anyone with the Quad G5s. Sucks for me with my dual G5. :(

    I hope this won't be a common trend.


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  • underkuerbis
    Apr 5, 10:13 AM
    I doubt the back side actually states 128 GB

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  • bella92108
    Apr 1, 01:09 PM
    After cutting my cable TV 3 months ago I've been using Netflix and haven't looked back! I considered getting Hulu Plus, but didn't see the value in it. I barely even watch Hulu free anymore (all my free episodes are expiring to Plus now). Occasionally I can't find anything "good" to watch, but it's great for watching older TV shows in HD. Been burning through Arrested Development :D

    Yuck. I used to have Netflix as I have 4 devices that stream Netflix (WDTV Live, LG Stereo, Samsung TV, TiVo - a little overmarketing, TiVo?)... and I noticed over the last year a huge drop in the decent stuff available to stream, namely anything good from TV... can't even watch seasons of CSI... Fu#$% that.

    I cancelled for total lack of anything good streamable.


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  • wacky4alanis
    Jan 4, 10:21 AM
    I wonder why the 2 plans have to be mutually exclusive. Why not download the whole database when you get it, for when you might not get coverage. And then automatically update when you do have coverage. When going somewhere, give priority updating to the current route and then download everything else. Maybe allow current route to be updated with EDGE/3G while whole database updates require Wi-Fi. Just my 2�

    Tom Tom is moving towards this... the latest version allows users to submit map update info, and then allows other users to download that info. I'm not sure what it includes because I haven't played with it, but I have noticed it downloading the updates for me every couple of weeks (over 3G, not wifi). It asks when you start up if you want to download the updates.

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  • duke49er
    Mar 28, 11:16 PM
    i love Steve but he looks just awful.

    And there's something about Steve jobs drinking Starbucks coffee that doesn't sit right with me. I don't really know why.


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  • GimmeSlack12
    Feb 22, 03:04 PM
    I've been trying to get one as well, who'd you send your e-mails to?

    I did nothing. Called no one. Complained no where. Dumb luck that I got the notice in the mail.

    If the Microcell drew enough power for me to be concerned about it I'd bitch about the power consumption. But with a power bill that's about $30/mo. I don't care.

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  • mac-er
    Feb 19, 06:56 AM
    What, do you think Microsoft has been snubbed?

    The meeting was between the President and the heads of Silicon Valley tech companies.

    All of the companies represented at the meeting are based in California.

    Microsoft is based in Redmond, Washington.

    So Microsoft weren't invited (http://thenextweb.com/microsoft/2011/02/18/why-ballmer-wasnt-at-the-obama-tech-dinner/). ;)

    I prefer to think that it is just another example of how Microsoft is becoming more and more irrelevant in the consumer market. They will be the IBM of the '10s.


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  • fyrefly
    Apr 22, 08:36 PM
    If you are correct the i5 processors are obviously going to be more expensive meaning they will have te same situation with the backlit keyboard

    The i5 processors are the same price (or less) as the LV C2D they're using now. The SL9400 costs $284. The i5-2537 that's in the Samsung Series 9 costs $250.

    The SL9600 costs $316. The comparable i7 LV SB processor costs $316.

    Plus there's no 320m cost, so that component costs conceivably go down with a SB MBA making room to re-add the BL keyboard.

    Speaking of:

    It is the same with the backlit keyboard on the MBA, which was for years a standard feature. To take it away now in order to 'differentiate' it from the pro models, is total bull....!!

    Although of course no-one but Apple knows the real reason - I maintain that the BL keyboard wasn't removed due to "luxury" or size, or battery life. I'm 99.99% sure it was to keep the cost down, to hit that $999 price-point and keep 30% margins.

    Therefore, if a SB (or IB if Apple decides to leave it's new marquee portable completely stagnant for almost 2 years...) MBA saves on component costs via not being able to use the 320m - it could conceivably put the BL keyboard back in.


    Wanting a backlit keyboard isn't as unreasonable as you think it is... esp since the previous gen Air had it.

    This. :)

    Why does everybody repeat the mantra 'Ivy Bridge'? Will it make the Intel's HD 3000 perform better in some kind of mysterious magical way? Or do you expect that by the time IB is released Intel will have developed a new, presumably better, IGP? Shall we expect the same comments "Intel IGP sucks I'm gonna skip IB and wait for whatever-bridge" again next year?

    Exactly. If I had loads of time on my hands, I know I could find loads of comments (probably from the same posters) last year saying "Ugh, Arrandale IGP sucks, I hope Apple waits till Sandy Bridge!"

    There'll be just as many Intel IGP haters when Ivy Bridge is released, and only "matches" the 320m.

    Get with it people - at some point we're gonna lose the 320m. If it's not with SB, then it'll be with IB and the graphics will still not get "better" than the 320m. It sucks - I agree - but it's inevitable.

    Almost all people in this thread sound like they want to buy a Mac mini (MBA), but want at the same time the features of a Mac Pro (MBP). Silly.

    Yeah, this is the MBA-forum, but it does not make this discussion thread better.


    What are you talking about? We're all here 'cause we love the MBA. Would we all like a more powerful MBA? Of course - why not? Right now the MBP's rival the some late-model Mac Pro's. Why not desire more power in a portable (CPU, Graphics, or otherwise?).

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  • PBF
    Mar 28, 09:52 AM
    Well, it says a preview of iOS and Mac OS X. We've already seen a preview of OS X, so it's not unreasonable to think we will also see a preview of iOS before this.

    Gotta love your logic.

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  • yg17
    Mar 27, 09:35 AM
    Do you not have Road Tax on your cars?

    To use a car in the UK, (unless it's a classic car made before 1972 I think), you have to keep it taxed. It's �105/6 months for my car, which has a 2litre engine.

    Depends on the state. I pay $25 a year to renew my license plates, and then around $400 a year in personal property tax (that number depends on the value of the car, my car is 2 years old so it's pretty high). Some states have a higher license plate fee and no personal property tax.

    Apr 2, 06:19 PM
    You don't like to be told how do do things the wrong way but you like Word?

    I like it for TYPING. :rolleyes:

    The Mad Kiwi
    Mar 18, 12:25 AM
    This can be expanded to include buying gear in general, like strobes and backdrops, etc...

    You don't need much gear at all to get started doing great photography - you just need to be good with people and have reasonable photo skills. If you are have that, then all you need is a reasonably sharp and long-ish lense and a window. See Lloyd Erlick (http://www.heylloyd.com/) for example. I don't think he is still active, but he was shooting 4x5 BW portraits by window light. I think some of his portraits are the best I have seen. I've learned from him to try and keep my portraits simple. I tell my students that doing portraiture is both the easiest and the most difficult kind of photography there is. Easy because you can make great portraits with window light, and one good lense on a camera. If you want to get fancy you can add a reflector :) . Difficult, because you need to work with people.

    One of the things I love about photography is that there's as many approaches to photography as there are photographers. I could never shoot portraits like that.

    I love punchy dymanic light with heavy stylisation and lots of retouching, think multiple grided strobes, silver gridded beauty dishes etc, really hard light.

    I suppose it depends on if you view photography as documentation like Lloyd Erlick or as way to create an image of somebody that's impossible in real life. I never let portrait clients see the images straight out of the camera, the lighting I use is way to harsh and makes people look awful because it highlights wrinkles, underlying tonal differences and facial hair, but it provides a great base shot for super softening and styling later in photoshop.

    Apr 3, 07:57 PM
    I wasn't very fond of the utility panels on Mac OS X until I discovered that most of them were the same across a number of applications. After that I kind of love them for their consistency.

    And for the record, I hate the cluttered toolbars in Word.

    Mar 7, 08:46 PM

    Why wait outdoors (Knox) when you can wait indoors (Northpark)?

    It is supposed to be a high of 70 and sunny all day friday, why wouldn't someone want to spend some time outside with that nice of weather.

    Sep 25, 10:50 PM
    The phrase Podcast didn't exist until the development of Apple's iPod....

    So? Some words like "Podcast" are adopted from popular culture. I still talk about Walkmans, not "Portable Audio Cassette Decks". Imagine how annoying that would be to say every time?

    I can understand why they want to protect the iPod name. That is their name, and that is their product. However, they really should leave "Podcast" alone. Having a "Podcast" is like the ultimate insult to everyone like Creative, Microsoft, etc. The name "Podcast" exists not because people want to leech off of the iPod's popularity, but because of the iPods popularity, and how endeared it is by our culture. These "Podcasts" were created to be downloaded onto iPods so that people can listen. In our society, iPod comes to mind first. Nobody was thinking of creating these audiocasts with the Creative Zen or MS Zune in mind. If they end up on a Zune, that's fine, but the thought was to get their content on iPods, which is really quite a compliment to Apple when you think about it.

    Apple should really reconsider their actions.