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layers of skin. The skin has two layers.
  • The skin has two layers.

  • tvguru
    Sep 25, 10:14 AM
    Did they really need a media event for such a small update?

    I didn't think it was over yet and even if it is why wouldn't they want to show off what they've done?

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  • Rendergroup
    Apr 14, 11:54 AM
    No plugin for Hotmail in Outlook available... common MS guys...

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  • jwa276
    Sep 25, 10:57 AM
    Yes, where's the MacBook Pro with integrated toaster?

    Quite why people keep expecting announcements of upgraded laptops at a photography conference is beyond me.

    Why apple hasn't released a C2D macbook pro in time for the "back to school" buying season is beyond me. Every single one of these events is a possibility for an upgrade. Furthermore, those of us that want the latest and greatest for a $2,000+ investment are getting a little tired of being let down over and over again.

    Get with the program Apple!! GOSH

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  • mytakeontech
    Mar 25, 06:53 PM
    mind letting me know which store? I've been trying to get one shipped to me all day!

    This in Sherman Oaks, CA on Ventura blvd!


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  • netdog
    Oct 26, 12:53 PM
    The T-Shirts are black with

    Add a new Mac to your Mac
    Introducing Mac OS X Leopard

    ...on the back and the crappy big X with the new space theme that Ive and their ad agency are apparently hot on for some reason that escapes me.

    I arrived at 5 and the line already went around the corner and 2/3 down the block. By 6 it went around more than half the park behind.

    FWIW, I thought the security was quite good, relaxed but effective.

    I am going to guess well over 1200 people there by 6.

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  • into deep layers of skin.

  • jwascher
    Feb 23, 10:52 PM
    Looks to me like they all have white wine in their glasses, but Steve's is still full while everyone has been drinking form theirs'.


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  • all three layers of skin

  • gopher
    Sep 13, 09:06 AM
    The Mhz myth is true. When Genentech is able to use a dual 1 Ghz Mac to go 5 times faster than their PC counterparts, and Photoshop up to 90 % faster than a Pentium IV 2.53 Ghz on a dual 1.25 Ghz Mac, the myth is true. Even the Athlon 2.6 Ghz is faster than the 2.8 Ghz Pentium IV. In some instances even the 1.6 Ghz Pentium III is faster than the Pentium IV. Mhz has nothing to do with speed. When your stage is 3 times longer, you have to go three times as fast to catch up.

    If your Mac is slower than a PC for any reason on the same application it is because the software hasn't been optimized for the Mac. Write the software developer before you complain about the Mac speed. Get them to develop for Altivec. It makes a world of difference.

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  • Layers of Skin Lesson

  • MacRumors
    Mar 25, 08:24 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/03/25/kodak-still-pushing-for-1-billion-in-patent-royalties-from-apple-and-rim/)



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  • myteeth
    Apr 23, 02:40 PM
    see this youtube video and you will be able to determine whether CPU affects the overall speed more than GPU. This guy compared 11" MBA(with 320M graphics) and 13" sandy bridge MBP with SSD(with Intel 3000HD graphics )


    Of course sandy bridge MBA won't use full power sandy bridge. But you will know that MBA's performance is just overpraised by SSD, not by GPU. Once other notebooks get SSD, MBA's benefit is only limited to small form factor and weight.(maybe + high resolution)

    I just don't understand people overpraising 320M on MBA, this made me to join here.

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  • layers of skin above it.

  • Melrose
    May 5, 05:39 PM
    The "Apple Tax" is largely just in the mind. PC Magazine, and several tech blogs, have had comparisons and found that a Mac is cheaper than machines from some Windows machines (I think Sony and Dell were more expensive but I could be wrong). Out of five tested, the Mac was in the middle.

    I did the math, and gave it up after I had consistently lousy experiences with every version of Windows I used, with hardware from a variety of well known manufacturers.

    I will happily spend the imaginary premium if it provides with a stable operating system.


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  • Skin has 10 layers: The outer

  • Vandam500
    Jan 12, 03:59 PM
    We are working on a Facebook status update. Our app so far updates users via Twitter on daily things that get tracked. Glad to see Facebook become more iPhone friendly. If you have anything to track / improve in your life, have a look at Track & Share. Try the lite version for free. All the best to all Facebook fans,

    I'll try it.

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  • marksman
    Apr 1, 12:04 PM
    wonder if this is why direcTV never came out with this functionality. Generally they are ahead of the curve (TWC) with comes to actually providing value for the customers, to some degree.

    Until not that long ago Fox controlled DirecTV, so that is likely why.

    They have a program you can use on your computer to watch your dvr from your computer, but it has issues.. One is it does not work on a computer with dual monitors, which is just dumb.


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  • greengiant912
    Apr 1, 01:30 PM
    My question though is how is this any different then having multiple TVs on your cable account? You can only watch TV on your account when your in your own home and on your own WiFi. Time warner took some pretty big steps to make sure you can't "steal" cable... It is a pretty secure app.

    I am just wondering why Viacom and others are bitching? Its just like going in the other room and watching it on the other TV... Doesn't allow you to watch TV away from home..

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  • Icaras
    Mar 17, 03:38 PM
    I'm a huge Nintendo fan but I'll be skipping out on the launch of the 3DS.

    As mentioned on this thread, I do agree the launch titles suck.

    Next gen pricing also sucks. I'm not going to dish out $250 for a handheld system, sorry. Same thing with software pricing.

    I'm sure the 3D effect is awesome, but for some games, like SFIV and Rayman, I'd rather have these on my iPhone for the price of 0.99 to 4.99, despite weaker graphics and lack of 3D. An increase of 800 to 4000% pricing is just ridiculous to me. Plus, i'd rather have games digitally than worry about carrying, storing, (and possibly losing) game cards.


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  • MikhailT
    Mar 28, 11:34 PM
    Ok so maybe off track but how much longer can the Darwin/Mach underpinings of both OS X and iOS last?

    How long till we get to a much better way of doing the lowest level of stuff that Apple starts transitioning the OS to a new kernal. Reading the wiki page for the Mach kernal it would seem many of Mach functions are either duplicated or at least extracted in to newer OS features like grand central. Plus they've put alot of investment in to the LLVM compiler chain.

    I guess I'm wondering if "the Future of iOS and OS X" doesn't involve Mach? Lion/5 being the last in that line. With Apple taking the WWDC to discuss what's coming after these two as much as what's in these two. You'd imagine that transition would be a two year public plan to make sure developers are getting themselves ready and it seems like Lion/5 will be in reasonable shape for those that need to delay a the transition for their own work reasons.

    Makes it sound like Apple will keep the two brandings to distinguish the two user experiences.

    Apple already overhauled the kernel in Snow Leopard, it's designed to last another decade or two. The kernel is fine and doesn't need to be replaced. It's the file system that needs to be changed out on the Macs.

    Also both cores of iOS/Mac OS X are based on the same OS X core. It's the middle/front ends that are optimized for the medium, iOS for touchscreen mobile devices and Mac OS X for computers with keyboard/mouse/multi-touch.

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  • Daveway
    Apr 2, 12:23 PM
    I'm sorry you had problems but Pages is a 1.0 release and you're an early adopter. That can be a hard road if you choose to take it.
    *caugh, caugh* It's 1.0.1. Also, It's not so much that it has bugs are anything, I think it UI is horrible.


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  • Layers of skin

  • robanga
    Mar 25, 09:24 AM
    If there are any questions from children on what careers they should gravitate toward,

    Intellectual property attorney should be high on the list. Its replaced sales as a way for company's to gain revenue. Just take the results of other company's sales. No matter that they out executed you on whatever idea you claim.

    They all do it now.

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  • jongriff
    Oct 6, 11:43 AM
    A 4" iPhone would probably replace the 3.5" model so all the current apps would run on it no problem. It might require some tweaking for some apps but the upside is you get to update your app and sell it again.

    If they build an iPhone with the same size screen as the iPod Nano then they could invite developers to develop mini-apps for that size screen to be used on the iPod Nano and iPhone Nano, creating a new AppStore category. Would be a huge market and very attractive to developers of news/info related apps.

    In my eyes a phone that has a screen as small as the nano would not be a great idea or success. Even making the screen slightly smaller introduces a real difficulty in regards to the keyboard. Even if the screen is the same resolution as the original iPhone, a smaller physical size would make typing extremely difficult. I would love to see some sort of physical keyboard implementation, say a slide form factor like the palm pre, but this is very non-apple and I would be astonished if they went down that route.
    A smaller phone is however a very interesting proposition for me, I personally would like to go smaller not bigger as i have my iPad for anything that would be a pain on a small screen. Having had features like sat nav, music, Internet, email etc I couldn't forgoe these in the search for a smaller form factor though so a compromise between the two would be nice. Just my thoughts and probably as likely to come true as this Wu chap's predictions, ie guessing.

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  • flosseR
    Mar 29, 11:52 AM
    So: The lenses are not any different really.

    Thank you...

    Sep 24, 06:30 PM
    I got the STM Rebound sleeve, and it seems like a very protective sleeve.

    Mar 13, 03:10 PM
    My iphone 4 with 4.3 got it right this morning. My aunts 3g with 4.2 didn't and my brother's 3gs with something between 4.0.1 & 4.2 didn't get it right either. I think 4.3 has something to do with it changing automatically.

    Full of Win
    Apr 1, 09:36 AM
    I remember Spock from Star Trek basically made a comment about TV like that. I believe the episode was called "Bread and Circuses". Spock didn't say Scary but since he is half human he probably thought that.

    When I read the comment, I too had a trek association. I thought of the ST:TNG season one ender "The Neutral Zone" in which Data remarked that television went out of style in 2030. In 1988, when the show aired, that was unthinkable to most people. In it's not so outlandish of an idea.

    May 1, 07:13 AM
    Yeah, I know about dragging it onto the mail icon, but that is a flick of the wrist, which is inherently more of a strain than two clicks with a finger! :D

    I never really knew about automator. I looked at it after you mentioned it, but can't figure out how to go about the task. If you have any pointers that'd be great.

    Apr 15, 04:27 AM
    How much does a job like this pay? Looks like Microsoft has a Data Center Manager position open. Maybe I'll apply. How hard can it be?

    Just the fact that you asked the question means you're not qualified. Does that clear it up for you?