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  • KnightWRX
    May 6, 08:59 PM
    Except of course, the Unix backend that powers OS X also powers ATM machines, practically every cellphone, a lot of cars, and many other servers/embedded devices as well.

    No, it doesn't. The Unix backend that powers OS X is pretty much Apple built by now (Darwin/XNU don't at all ressemble their ancestors) and I don't think Apple is a SysV licensee, so they don't share any code from most commercial Unix systems.

    The only thing they share with those other Unix systems is having passed the certification suite from The Open Group.

    However I do agree with you that the other guy doesn't really have a clue. Windows is about as flexible as a concrete slab and as versatile as a blade of grass in the networking arena. The only reason it's so widespread in the server arena is because you need to multiply the number of installations just to get a working LDAP directory that resists logon requests from 5 client boxes. Meanwhile, any commercial Unix worth its salt can serve up many times more requests from a single box, while consolidating other services as well.

    ATMs might run Windows, but the backend they connect to is a Unix system (and actually, my bank here still uses some version of OS/2 Warp for their ATMs, something I found out after finding a DoS bug in the card reader that crashed their software and forced a reboot).

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  • Neuro
    Apr 3, 01:53 PM
    Go to system preferences. Open International. Drag British English to be first in the list of languages. If it's not in the list, click the Edit button to add it.

    Good stuff. :)

    I never thought it would be a system-level setting...

    kournikova and enrique. Anna Kournikova and Enrique
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  • citizenzen
    Apr 9, 07:54 PM
    There a consequences to actions, people should learn this

    Who doesn't know this Cao Cao?

    kournikova and enrique. anna kournikova and enrique
  • anna kournikova and enrique

  • cvaldes
    Mar 24, 08:03 PM
    Is everyone keeping these, selling them, a spare one for their mother-in-law?
    My guess is that different people will have different responses and that you will not receive a statistically significant sample size in responses to extract anything resembling meaningful insight. As a matter of fact, I am the first person to reply to you and I'm guessing you will have fewer than five people directly answer your query.

    That said, I will point out that the demographic of early iPad buyers would not lead anyone into the conclusion that this buying audience would need to resell used devices to fund purchases of new ones. The median income of the early iPad adopters was something like over $100,000. I consider the readership demographic of this blog to be materially different than the average Apple customer.

    Plus, the number of used iPads for sale is a miniscule fraction of the total number sold.

    Personally, I will gift my original iPad to relatives whom I expect will use it for many, many years. Much like my 12" PowerBook G4 is still being used by a family member, something like seven years after I bought it. There's your sample size of one.


    kournikova and enrique. Kournikova and Enrique
  • Kournikova and Enrique

  • djellison
    Mar 22, 06:08 PM
    1. the netbook user experience is terrible. (come one, be honest... it is)

    I find my Samsung NC10 really very usefull indeed - I love using it. It's done all sorts of things no other machine could really do (like be powered off a car battery in the middle of a field with a USB capture card being fed by an IR camera that was pointing at a dog trap to try and find a lost dog, uploading images via 3G to the web and automatically emailing me when things changed in the F.O.V )

    2. proper keyboard? really? honestly, dude, we can debate this, but I guess it's a matter of opinion. Netbooks keyboards are too cramped up for me.

    It's a LOT better than any touchpad typing. a LOT LOT better. It's not as good as a full sized keyboard, but it's good enough for most of the things most people do most of the time.

    3. larger screen? maybe by an inch or so. past that, it's no longer a netbook, it's a laptop.

    It IS larger - and it includes a webcam as well. And a microphone. and isn't glossy.

    4. by the time you add a larger HDD, the price balloons to over $600/$700, no? at least that's what I've seen. at that point, you're out of the netbook price range and into laptops again.

    No - not really. 160Gb netbooks - <�300 - that's an order of magnitude more storage than the basic iPad - for less money. You could whack a 500gb drive in for �60/$100 and still be WELL under the price of the 32 Gig iPad (without 3G)

    5. they all use Windows i.e. What good is a Ferrari body with all the bells and whistles if the engine is from a Hyundai

    Oh god - car analogies. the OS on a netbook isn't as pretty as an iPad - but it can do a lot LOT more.

    Again, I guess it's a matter of opinion. I do acknowledge that you bring valid points, but it just seems like, at that point, you're talking about a laptop, not a netbook.

    I'm talking about my Samsung NC10 - a 10" netbook. Cheaper than a base spec iPad.

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  • r0k
    Apr 27, 01:09 PM
    Hi, I'd like a program for my mac that I can use to do simple enough graphs, such as those for market structures in economics.

    Failing that, is there an MSpaint like program for mac?



    I haven't used either of these but I find appshopper to be a good source of free apps. This doesn't depend on having the latest snow leopard with the app store as most apps have ways to download them from the develper's web site if you don't use the app store to obtain them. Appshopper's search feature doesn't work that well as it brings up thousands of iOS apps for every OS X app but if you spend a little time you should be able to find several free or low cost apps to meet your needs.

    BTW you do realize there are graphing capabilities in the freeware OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice, right? I often find myself opening a spreadsheet for quick calculations anyway. If you don't mind a somewhat complicated user interface, gimp is the best freeware graphics program on OS X and compares with with Photoshop CS5.


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  • Koodauw
    Jan 19, 09:59 PM
    Does this help?


    kournikova and enrique. kournikova and enrique.
  • kournikova and enrique.

  • kentrox99
    Oct 9, 03:45 PM
    Am I the only one that feels like we've heard this song and dance before??
    Isn't it the same stuff we heard from the record companies and music stores when people started downloading music? You can't stop a technological shift just because you want to keep the same profits. Let Wally-World and Target threaten all they want. It's not going to stop anything.


    kournikova and enrique. anna kournikova and enrique
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  • PsyD4Me
    May 2, 12:50 PM
    From the store.:p

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  • JRoDDz
    Apr 29, 09:31 AM
    Oh .. I have a better idea. Let's have an air tax. Yes the air you breath. Don't want to pay the air tax? Then hold your breath.

    /sarcasm off


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  • miles01110
    Mar 23, 04:44 PM
    What about all the unclassified computers and devices?

    They're going to realize that the existing machines they have- or Windows machines that can be had for much cheaper- are quite capable of handling any non-classified activity without switching to new hardware.

    kournikova and enrique. Anna Kournikova and Enrique
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  • saving107
    May 2, 01:05 PM
    Cool. Now where are the spy shots of the new iMacs?

    Shh, don't tell anyone I showed you this
    http://files.macbidouille.com/mbv2/news/photonews19/pastedGraphic8.jpg http://files.macbidouille.com/mbv2/news/photonews19/pastedGraphic9.jpg
    2004 reference


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  • PBF
    Apr 12, 05:11 PM
    Personally, I chose Verizon over AT&T simply because my new iPad 2 drops no calls. Love the reliability.

    kournikova and enrique. kournikova and enrique
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  • Kilamite
    Oct 6, 11:17 AM
    I'm not saying its a necessity I'm just saying Apple's curve of sales is going up while Nokia and other manufactures are losing sales with the model suggested in the article.

    I'm not saying Apple couldn't pull it of, maybe they can I'm just saying I'm skeptical of this report. That's all :)

    You are pulling figures out of thin-air. Where is your proof that the reason Nokia and other manufactures aren't doing well is because they have more than one type of phone?


    kournikova and enrique. Anna Kournikova and Enrique
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  • Melrose
    May 5, 05:39 PM
    The "Apple Tax" is largely just in the mind. PC Magazine, and several tech blogs, have had comparisons and found that a Mac is cheaper than machines from some Windows machines (I think Sony and Dell were more expensive but I could be wrong). Out of five tested, the Mac was in the middle.

    I did the math, and gave it up after I had consistently lousy experiences with every version of Windows I used, with hardware from a variety of well known manufacturers.

    I will happily spend the imaginary premium if it provides with a stable operating system.

    kournikova and enrique. anna kournikova and enrique
  • anna kournikova and enrique

  • twoodcc
    Oct 10, 09:04 AM
    ehh.. you know wikipedia isn't always right, right?

    no one is


    kournikova and enrique. anna kournikova and enrique.
  • anna kournikova and enrique.

  • macduke
    Nov 5, 11:13 PM
    LOL @ Chuck Norris kicking an oncoming car in the face. Classic.

    Like I mentioned in the first post on this possibility earlier today, I hope they implement this in a way that I can find things. Like tagging my keys or books. I'm always losing crap.

    kournikova and enrique. anna kournikova and enrique
  • anna kournikova and enrique

  • Popeye206
    Apr 12, 07:28 PM
    This survey is seriously flawed. I've been unable to secure an AT&T iPad within the 3 stores near me.

    Verizon iPad? They have them, at all combinations. Wi-Fi? Hit and Miss, but AT&T iPads are gone.

    Maybe they made way more Verizon iPads? Seems like they would not??? Also, could be that so many iPhone customers in the US are AT&T, they are just naturally migrating to what they know.

    I know... many here don't like AT&T, but does the average non-techie care?

    kournikova and enrique. Enrique Iglesias and his
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  • CaoCao
    Apr 6, 01:25 AM
    w00t, blazing fast backup times anyone? (20s/16GB w/TB)

    Oct 16, 04:59 PM
    waiting for the G5 powerbook tuesday comment in,




    Sep 19, 06:15 PM
    Can anyone actually find details about the benchmarks on that site?

    All the links I find take me to old articles about DP 800 machines or earlier...

    Mar 29, 08:03 PM
    This morning it was $3.36 a gallon. This evening, same station, $3.55.


    Oct 26, 03:10 PM
    You're absolutely right but as a dev I'd say Adobe is throwing away a large chunk of the Mac market as many users will still have PowerPC machines even when this app comes out. Maybe, Adobe is not after the Mac market at all here. They're really interested in the Windows market but the port to x86 mac was pretty easy.

    If you make a Universal Binary the program not only has to run on the PPC but has to hve usable performance. So they would have to taylor the program's feature set so that the PPC was not over taxed.

    If you design a program with a target minimum system requirement of "at least a dual core Intel processor and 1GB RAM" you can add a lot of nice features that you could not have if the program had to run on a G4 or G5.

    One relivent bit of info is that user's tend to buy most of their software near the time when they buy a new computer. People with older machines simply don't buy much new software. So while there are thousands of PPC Macs in the world not many of those Mac owners will be potential costomers while almost everyone who buys a new computer is a software buyer.

    Apr 27, 11:16 AM
    I predict we'll only see upgrades to four things, two of which could swing either way:

    Most likely:
    1) Sandy Bridge processors
    2) Thunderbolt I/O

    3) Bump up in standard SSD space. Maybe from 128 GB to 256 GB standard for the 13" and from 64 GB to 128 GB standard for the 11". Hopefully there will also be more BTO options (upgradable to 512 GB, for example)
    4) 4 GB RAM standard across all models (at the very least standard for the 13"). And again, hopefully with more BTO options.

    Lastly, I'll predict that battery life will either stay the same, or improve slightly.

    Anything else, I just don't see Apple upgrading, e.g., higher screen resolution, back-lit keys, dedicated ethernet port, etc. I predict Apple will continue using the same aluminum casing for a couple of reasons. Namely, it was just redesigned Oct and Apple tends to stick to a certain design for a few years, give or take. And the fact that the Airs have been selling well also indicates Apple has no real need to change it too dramatically.

    Of course, this is assuming there is even a refresh this Summer. I hope so.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, and there will probably be an upgrade in the graphics card.

    EDIT 2: Judging from the history of Airs, I wouldn't be surprised if the RAM remained 2 GB standard.