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  • rtheb
    Apr 26, 04:32 PM
    Try and Repair Permissions in Disk Utility and see if that helps.

    Then try to diable Bluetooth and then enable it again.

    Then try pairing again.

    Also change the batteries for giggles as well! :confused:

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  • netdog
    Oct 27, 10:05 AM
    You can still access the old webmail, look in the help section.

    Old .Mac Email Browser Login Link (http://www.mac.com/WebObjects/Webmail1.woa/wa/EntryAction)

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  • MacRumorUser
    Jan 20, 11:40 AM
    I want pilotwings. I have loved that series and was seriously upset that I went two whole home console generations without seeing a sequel to Pilotwings / Pilotwings 64.

    So looks like I will be buying a 3DS.

    Is Pilotwings a launch title ?

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  • RalfTheDog
    Apr 5, 12:11 PM
    I am not saying CR has no understanding of technology, however, Their fourth choice was Centrum.



  • Bunzi2k4
    Sep 22, 11:30 AM
    well after I ran the software update and installed the SMC firmwire update for my macbook, starting up has gotten a lot slower. When I turn on my computer, the corner light thing goes on. but the computer doesn't actally start up ten seconds after I press the power button...

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  • anubis72
    Nov 23, 05:46 PM
    Wow, that's a lot of cash for a back plate. I got one on ebay that looks pretty authentic for $25. Suckers.

    As for his virginity, just get a job working with the TSA and you can get your hands on all the ladies' junk.


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  • nosen
    Sep 25, 10:48 AM
    Update price: For existing customers the update is free.

    NICE :D :cool:
    Sweet. When is it available? Did I miss that? :confused:

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  • Gasu E.
    Nov 14, 08:43 AM
    "Mummy, why is that man watching those naked people doing things to each other." :p


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  • arkitect
    Nov 6, 09:50 AM
    Everytime I see this thread I read Apple's working on an RDF iPhone� and I think to myself� and that's new? ;)

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  • Ugg
    Mar 26, 08:26 PM
    For a short while, maybe a year or so, and the effect was pronounced, for those of us who use London buses. The mayor rolled it back from the central/western areas recently and long-term impact studies seem a little scarce in terms of car driver numbers. The carrot was also introducing cheaper bus and tube fares by means of the Oyster Card, a card with an RFID chip in it to speed passenger boarding with pre-paid tickets.

    Using a bus in the UK, or London at least, doesn't quite have the same stigma it seems to have with some people in the US... although the distances involved are probably shorter than perhaps the average US commute.

    NYC and San Francisco have toyed with the ideas but so far nothing has come of it. It takes a strong political will to make it happen I'm sure. In the end though, I can hardly see any other viable options for large cities.

    This question is always asked on Canadian vehicle insurance applications, but everyone lies.

    Same thing with the "do you use your vehicle to drive to and from work"?

    Lies, all lies. ;)

    But, I do favour users fees.

    If gas taxes don't cover that in the age of the electric car, then we have GPS in cars to record, and report when prompted, mileage driven.

    Of course, the same happens here and there's no way of verifying the facts. However, I'm sure there are statistics out there that tell us if people who drive lots, whether for commuting or for work, are more liable to have insurance claims.

    Some companies have introduced "black boxes" for cars in return for lower rates. ZipCar has them on their rental cars and they know exactly when and where anyone is and how much they've driven them and how fast, etc. Such a device is the only realistic way of measuring usage but it will inevitably lead to loss of privacy.


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  • Laird Knox
    Mar 4, 09:52 AM
    I agree with the crop. I'm not sure why I didn't think of it or do it before. I remember feeling the same way but then ignoring myself. :)

    This is a "quick and dirty" crop using the crop tools in flickr. I would like more room on the right for the table. This is cropped to the edge of the empty chair, so to do a bit more room I'll have to erase the part of the chair that shows. I may try that when I have more time.

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5219/5497165546_28b1c933ff_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/22077805@N07/5497165546/)

    That's better but give it a try even tighter. Bring the right edge up past the tray. That might make the toys jump out a little more. Same thing if you bring the bottom edge up closer to his elbow. You may have some room to bring the top and right in a little tighter to match the bottom and left crop.

    I'm not sure if this will make a better photo but from what I see I think it is worth a try. (Gotta love the digital age!)

    I found the original crop interesting at first glance but the more I looked at it the more I lost interest. It may have been the clutter of the bars and expanse of the table and chair to the right - the main focus seemed to get lost. I dunno. ;)

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  • Rendergroup
    Apr 14, 11:54 AM
    No plugin for Hotmail in Outlook available... common MS guys...


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  • MacFreak2011
    Apr 5, 11:42 AM
    I hope the next gen iPod touch has a smart cover like the iPad. Thatd be adorable :P

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  • mpw
    Sep 13, 12:13 PM
    ...actually by far the worst thing about the whole op was having to wear big granny-style paper knickers!!!...
    You got to wear knickers?!
    I knew the nurses prepping me for my op's fancied me!


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  • scem0
    May 6, 08:09 PM
    PCs are great. Macs, IMO, are better, but that is just opinion.
    I am definitely not a mac bigot. I am a person who has used
    both platforms extensively, have weighed their pro's and con's,
    and like a mac more. I am currently running on a PC because
    I couldn't afford a mac, which btw is the biggest downside to
    macs - affordability. Does SJ really think that a 16 year old who
    has to pay for his own computer will be able to afford a mac?
    Yes, PCs are cheap (my computer is a testament to that), but
    they are anything but perfect. The same goes for mac (well,
    the anything but perfect part ;)).

    Arguing which is better is stupid, pointless, and impossible. For
    reasons like:
    * There is no right or wrong opinion
    * It depends what you grew up using
    * Both have advantages to different people with different occupations
    * Both have pro's and con's.

    And mac users who say ignorant things because of their zealotry
    annoy me just as much, if not more, than they do you, and vice
    versa. As long as you acknowledge that both options have their
    advantages, and both are better for different people, then I have
    no problem. :)

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  • arn
    May 2, 01:27 PM
    Did they confirm that the table on which they put the two iPhones was totally even?

    Did they confirm they did not photoshop? I doubt they would. But these days, they would do anything for a headline.

    tipb also used calipers and found a difference. http://www.tipb.com/2011/04/28/white-iphone-4-roughly-02mm-thicker-black-iphone/

    Otterbox, a maker of iPhone 4 cases, also confirms http://www.otterbox.com/iPhone-4-Reflex-Series-Case/APL7-I4XXX,default,pd.html?dwvar_APL7-I4XXX_color=20&start=2&cgid=apple-iphone-4-cases:
    Not compatible with WHITE iPhone 4. Due to slight changes in the form factor for the white Apple iPhone 4 released this week, the OtterBox Defender Series, Commuter Series and Impact Series cases will not work with this new device.

    as well as several other people.

    You are quickly encroaching into wild conspiracy theory territory if you think all these people/sites are making this up.



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  • andythursby
    Mar 28, 01:40 PM
    From the graphic announment it is pretty clear what OS is now the focus of ACE (Apple Consumer Eletronics).

    ACE should drop all pretense and rename WWiOSDC:mad:

    lol so you're totally ignoring that it also says Mac OS and that the Mac App Store also has icons like the iOS app store just so you can bitch about iOS again? didn't know it was time for your conspiracy theories again, we only had one just before the weekend...

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  • Blakjack
    Apr 21, 02:01 PM
    That would be the iPad 2, which can already do 1080p gaming.

    Yea, I agree with this. Looks like Apple is going to use the iPhone and iPod as their DS and the iPad as their SuperDS and Game Console.

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  • mac*jedi*g
    Mar 23, 07:42 PM
    The title of this article should be:

    Mac goes to WAR:mad:

    Nov 14, 12:04 PM
    Are you interested in taking over the project? There is a position available! :D

    Chef Medeski
    Nov 22, 07:15 AM
    If the Intel chips burn 100W, then 9% conversion efficiency would generate 9W of electricity. In absolute terms, that's not too bad. You can do a lot with 9W. If you have a 5 hour battery life now, and can use these on all the major power sinks, you'd get 5.5 hours of battery life.
    Hold up! 9% is and Ideal Carnot Engine efficiency. Real World efficiecny would be about 1/5. So, at most you are going to get 1.8W and thats if the fans dissipate 100W of heat which is ridiculously high number. I would see it around 20W, meaning your recycled energy would be .37W. What can you do with that? Oh right power partially a fan.

    Apr 24, 04:43 AM
    now i cant seem to find myself on the MR team lol

    if you've only just started, you wont, let the program crunch a few WU's it'll take a while depending on your system and WU settings, but you'll be up there soon enough ;)

    Sep 28, 01:18 PM
    So as a new MB user, in which everything works fine so far, this update means nothing to me?

    first off, WELCOME...second off, just an FYI, all Mac users are required by law to be excited about every update the comes along, and should rush out on a drop of a dime to install it. It's just something you have to do, or your membership to the Mac community gets revoked. 8-)

    All joking aside.....I really wish support for Blackberry 7130e as a USB modem would be built in. I have the Verizon software for Windows....and the Mac version (made for Verizon by Smith Micro) does not support the Blackberry yet 8(

    I gotta boot into Windows or use Parrallels...yech...

    Feb 18, 03:33 PM
    Steve does not look too good. He looks rather skinny.

    Thats what I thought.