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  • itcheroni
    Apr 13, 04:10 AM
    Look, this is the second time you've told me, incorrectly, what you think I believe.

    "Informed people" is self-explanatory. I don't intend to spoon-feed you a response just so you can intentionally misrepresent it a third time.

    What I'm trying to do is understand your logic. The reason I'm summarizing your position is because I want to avoid misrepresenting you before I go on to explain my own point of view. Please show me where I misrepresented you. This isn't a political debate. I am only asking questions because I actually want to know the answers, not because I'm trying to "win". If you look back on our posts, I don't think you'll find any point where I intentionally misrepresented your posts. The fact that you're reacting defensively is surprising to me.

    Let's just forget it. It's my fault for expecting a rational conversation on a message board.

    The American government taxes less and serves less than any other western industrialized country, while spending over a trillion dollars a year trying to control foreign affairs through military might.

    That my friend, is a recipe for financial disaster.

    Have you been studying Mises?

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  • toddybody
    May 2, 01:22 PM
    It's just that black is slimming. ;)

    ...too bad it doesnt work for Bob :(


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  • sananda
    Oct 26, 12:37 PM
    i'm here. where are you all? no t-shirt for sananda :(

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  • ZipZap
    Apr 21, 05:22 AM
    It worked itself out. I don't remember if I did anything, like updates for Windows 7, or if it was just related to the initial install & a one time occurence.

    Sometimes it will just sit there on some of my older workstations. Clearing cache or waiting on hardware or whatever the heck it does.

    Most times it's installing something. I wait it out and eventually windows will shutdown.


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  • JackAxe
    Mar 6, 01:25 AM
    Pilot Wings in the only game I want from launch.

    When I do get my 3DS though, I'll use it as an excuse to finally finish up Zelda Spirit Tracks.

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  • Zeos
    May 2, 03:10 PM
    Thicker or not, I think the white iPhone is rather odd looking. Looked great online, so we went into the Apple Store to pick one up for my wife. We were both disappointed with the phone in person, however. It just looks like plastic, and the white doesn't seem to work well with where it meets the aluminum.


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  • mdntcallr
    Sep 25, 10:51 AM
    I just saw that it is a free update to aperture owners.

    AWESOME!! thanks apple!

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  • Consultant
    May 5, 10:56 AM
    Oh and it falsely compares the fast MacBook Air to snail netbooks.

    Apple definitely has the coolness going and the "halo" affect from its iPhone and iPads but in this tough economic time. Its hard to 30% and more for a Mac and you're not getting any much different in terms of hardware (other then a glowing apple logo)

    WRONG. OS X is worth its value.

    Good luck getting magsafe and other Apple exclusive features on a PC.


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  • kuwisdelu
    Apr 12, 07:00 PM
    It seems that most people are not aware of the fact that 30 is large enough sample for almost any population, and that the main challenge is not in increasing the sample size, it's in making it truly random.

    This. You want a simple random sample, a sample size greater than 30, and a population size greater than ten times your sample size.

    As a statistician, it always simultaneously amuses and disappoints me when people say "xxx isn't a large enough sample size!"

    Usually the sample size is completely adequate, and it's only that the sampling technique was flawed. It's extremely difficult to get an unbiased sample when doing a survey.

    By the way, why is everyone saying people in the Midwest don't buy iPads? I live in the Midwest and will be getting an iPad 2 soon. Yes...probably Verizon.

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  • Slix
    Apr 19, 03:37 PM
    I wish Expos� would have been in iOS 4. I really don't like the current multitasking option.


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  • HyperZboy
    Mar 26, 09:08 AM
    really? which printer or camera uses it? It should be marked with the patent number if it does.

    Doubtful. A judge already said they don't infringe.

    First off Kodak doesn't even have to use its patents necessarily to sue, but clearly they have over the years since they've been making digital cameras and printers for quite some time. If you want to check each an every Kodak product for patent numbers, knock yourself out! :D

    As for your second point, see the Macrumors UPDATE.
    That initial ruling is being re-examined.

    I still think Apple should just buy Kodak and start collecting the royalties from the other companies that have already made deals with Kodak, but it looks Apple's legal strategy is to drag this out until Kodak goes under.

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 30, 08:36 PM
    Anyone who chooses the simplest operating system (like OS X and iOS, obviously) to accomplish the same tasks *is* savvy.[/QUOTE]

    Or not too bright.


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  • JDOG_
    Oct 26, 01:34 PM
    Hah, Adobe being committed to x86 Macs. If they meant it we would have had a universal binary update to Creative Suite 2 a lonnng time ago. :rolleyes:

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  • tech4all
    Nov 21, 05:07 PM
    as cool as it sounds, point being?

    I haven't read the whole article yet, but from the sounds of it, it seems as though a laptop can be charged without plugging in it. That is the processor that converts heart to electricity could either charge the battery or provide it's own power to the laptop. That would extend battery life, not sure by how much, but if it is a decent amount, this technology would be great for laptops.

    Then again there's the heat issue. While the heat will provide electricity, your going to have to have a decent cooling system, which hopefully wouldn't suck to much power. Or maybe the converted power can be used only for the cooling system leaving the rest for the battery, thus conserving power anyways....just thinking aloud here though. :)


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  • Horrortaxi
    Apr 2, 04:34 PM
    I like Word for one thing: typing. I'm a writer (not trying to sound egotistical) and I hate it when an application tries to tell me how do do something TOTALLY WRONG. (And yes, I know I can turn that off.)

    You don't like to be told how do do things the wrong way but you like Word?

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  • sarge
    Mar 25, 08:41 AM
    I once sat on a plane next to an intellectual property lawyer who was commuting to NYC for work from Rochester. As it turned out he had once worked for EK and was now working in the city.

    When I conveyed my surprised over how strange it was that Eastman Kodak was lagging behind in digital imaging and still focused on film considering they were responsible for much of the technology behind digital imaging, he basically inferred that EK's leadership mismanaged their patent goldmine.


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  • Cinch
    Apr 5, 07:03 PM
    Wireless syncing is a lot easier and a lot less hassle. Charging the battery with an electrical outlet is the only time you need to plug your iPhone in anything, IMHO. I find syncing my iPhone to my computer to be a chore and I rarely do so because of this.

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  • kiljoy616
    Apr 19, 05:01 PM
    I must admit I am a fan of the white iPad but seen the white iPhone I rather stay with a black one any day. Maybe when they finally come out it will be better looking that what we see here. Its to bad the button is still there would like to see Apple get rid of the click mouse we have now in both the iPhone and iPad. :apple:

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  • bornofmac
    Feb 19, 01:37 PM
    I guess we can already be tracked with the phones we already own?
    Rfid would give more info though.
    Our populace is largely ignorant of our own governments history and thus oblivious to the freedoms that would be given up freely by this being included in our phones.
    Our government is trying to get rfid included in our licenses and has been met with stiff resistance. Now the sheeple will fall for the "convenience" of rfid in the phone.

    You know how you can turn your iPhone onto airplane mode? Most likely, especially with such a hot topic as this, you will be able to turn your RFID on and off, because as you remember, you are in control here. Phones also tend to be customizable. Right now based on size only (hd). Once again, with a topic like this, you will most likely be able to request no RFID in the phone.

    Or, imagine this, if you don't like it, don't buy it. Simply go buy a different phone. The problem has been solved. Amazing.

    If you're worried about the government know that you're a gaining weight because the pants your buying are larger than the last ones, maybe you should look at your self esteem, or maybe you have a weight problem. Try spending less time complaining on the internet and more time on your feet.

    Either way, let them put RFID tags in. Lets advance to Japans level of technology. We here in America are so closed minded and paranoid. If you're so paraniod about the government knowing that you're buying things you shouldn't, don't bring your phone in the store, or don't do illegal activities.

    And lastly, some of you are worried that advertisers will target people. As human beings (real live) we have freedom of choice. We don't have to listen to ads, and we can buy what we want. Develop a little self control. I don't want to see tampon ads when I am watching the game with the guys, it would be great if we had audience only oriented ads.

    So, quit buying dirty magazines, bomb making materials, listening to every ad, and thinking that we have it all here in America, and then maybe embrace that Apple thinks like a human being a little more than the average corperation.

    Cheers Apple heads!

    May 3, 01:36 PM
    We're losing as long as we are spending ourselves into oblivion to fight this threat.

    I agree, but that's self inflicted and doesn't have to happen.

    Apr 12, 01:03 PM
    Pages and Number are TRASH compared to Word and Excel(especially excel)

    Keynote is actually pretty good!

    The MS products have more functionality for sure ... question is if really everyone needs everything from that functionality. For most home users and even some business users iWorks does everything they need and is therefore a cheaper option that does the trick. Many business customers (and few home users) need stuff that iWork does not offer, but MS Office does.

    Bottom line: depends on your use case -> bold statements like Product A is better then B are rarely true since it usually depends on many things.

    Sep 27, 07:25 PM
    If LEOPARD doesnt arrive until spring...

    May 2, 08:26 PM
    Well style I like the unibody, but I prefer the pre-unibdy keyboard.

    Nov 14, 08:35 AM
    On the seatback displays? ok, that's pretty cool, not gonna lie. C'mon Jet Blue, do it on yours too!