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  • alterego
    01-03 12:28 AM
    Pending AOS or 485 is a type of legal status. It also allows you to apply for additional work and travel privileges as long as the underlying 485 remains pending. If you choose not to avail yourself of those benefits that that is up to you. You would end up in trouble only if you violate that by then working or travelling (absent the USCIS permission through EAD or AP). As long as you just sit there and especially if you are a derivative beneficiary, there is no problem.
    That said, many people choose to get EAD/AP in hand in case an employment opportunity or an emergency need for travel comes up. Remember an EAD/AP application may take up to 3mths to get approved.

    ipod touch 5g. ipod touch 5g release date.
  • ipod touch 5g release date.

  • sri1309
    02-12 08:52 PM
    Because you , me and many like us have bad luck!!!! EB categories are now unofficial lottery system. If you lucky you will not wait!

    I dont have any other explanation.

    The harder I worked, the luckier I got.. I am quoting somebody here.
    What did we really do in the last so many years to highlight our issues. Be frank. Did you just wait for things to happen or did you participate or do somethig atall. Your answer will help others realize if something is missing and hence can convert into positive action.

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  • copsmart
    10-09 10:26 AM
    I haven't tried visitor/business visa, but I got a transit visa for Germany once with an expired H1B stamping in passport. I got that visa from German Counsulate in Boston, MA.

    Hope this helps!

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  • JunRN
    08-21 11:30 AM
    Mine is two Receipting up-dates away.....but I am hoping to receive my RNs before that...:D

    Let's have some fun guys.! It's good to be worried and it's just normal. Some are just too stiff to others because the July 19th filer is asking for getting checks cashed and therefore some July 2 filers are pissed off because theirs are not yet cashed....Dude, let's face reality with USCIS...some people are really lucky to overtake others....


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  • jliechty
    May 18th, 2005, 07:00 AM
    I wouldn't know for sure, as I've never messed with bracketing automatically on my D1, but it seems that you could put the camera in aperture priority, set it for +/- 1 bracketing, and it should automatically take a series of exposures by varying the shutter speed and leaving the aperture constant.

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  • EndlessWait
    05-21 02:20 PM
    I don't want to discourage you, but IV has looked into all these options earlier and has realized that it would be fruitless to try and ask our lazy politicians to take up our case with the US govt. More over this is an internal matter of US govt and Indian government cannot influence their policies and laws. Why would you expect Indian govt. to fight for you, when you left the Indian shores and want to settle down in US for your comfort?
    Having said that, if you do have contacts and would like to take the lead in reaching out to the Indian govt, IV will support you. So please do the honors.

    Its not an internal matter anymore. We live in a global economy. If Mexican govt. can do it for there unskilled workforce. I guess we have a better case. Dont mind you sound to me like do it alone dude. Most of us have waited years of agony and waiting. Indian govt like any other govt will do it for there interests. Remember all the $$s that pour into our RBI reserve. If you thought that was because of Indians and had nothing to do with NRIs..think again!

    Its always about the same thing. US gets competitive having us on there side and India continues to enjoy the NRI effect. Its mutual.


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  • sureshd
    07-01 05:34 PM
    Hi All,
    Company A:
    I am on my 7th year of H-1B visa (6th year expired on Apr30th 2008).
    Labor approved Dec, 2006.
    I-140 applied in June 2007. (Got RFE regarding my Educational Transcripts
    which we responded in time and USCIS received on Dec 5, 2007)
    I-485 applied in Sep 2007
    Got EID and Advance parole approved.
    I-140 Denied on Apr 3 2008.
    Applied for MTR (I-120 B). Now it is at Texas Service center (since May1, 2008).

    Company B:
    Now this company applied for my Labor (Perm) on Apr 21, 2008.
    Got Approved on June 24, 2008.

    1. Do I Eligible for Premium Processing of I-140?
    2. If iam not eligible for Premium Processing, still do I eligible for 8th year extension based on my Labor applied on Apr21, 2008 (365 days before my 7th year H1B expiry)? Even when company A withdraws my MTR.

    Please advice.


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  • chintu25
    10-02 01:46 PM
    I will give 50 for each 1500...2000 and 2500 mark

    GO IV



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  • mhathi
    09-12 03:41 PM
    my case was sent to TX office on 6/29 for 7/2 delivery and i checked online the receipt date was 7/31. dont know why. should be 7/2
    but i got FP notice on 9/10 for appt dt = 9/25
    hope this helps.

    are you from MD? I received FP notice for 9/25 as well. just wondering.. maybe we will see each other if you are from Baltimore.

    ipod touch 5g. ipod touch 5g release date.
  • ipod touch 5g release date.

  • sridharnarasimha
    04-09 08:32 PM
    I went for H-1 renewal after 10-year completion. All set for 13 years on H1B. I also renewed my EAD but do not plan on using it. I did not renew my AP after the 1st year. My employer pays for H1 renewals but not EAD and AP renewals. So it was a no-brainer for me. Visa stamping is an hassle, but it is worth the trouble when considering the money saved in not applying for AP for 3 of us in my family for 3 years.


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  • immi_enthu
    08-07 10:30 AM
    Relax guys...sorry ..

    do you need to use these kind of words for posting a thread which I did by mistake?

    By Mistake ha ?

    The following is in today

    Posted by wikiuser (394) 9 hours 26 minutes ago
    Folks - August Visa Bulletin is out.

    EB1 - Current
    EB2 - Jun 1 2006 (Unchanged) for India/China
    EB3 - Unavailable.

    http://travel.state.gov/visa/frvi/bulletin/bulletin_4310.html (reply) (report this)

    Posted by wikiuser (394) 9 hours 23 minutes ago
    Haha - Was just trying to be funny :)

    ipod touch 5g. ipod touch 5g release date.
  • ipod touch 5g release date.

  • PD_Dec2002
    06-24 12:28 PM
    I agree with you.

    We are apply independently since both of us are in H1B status
    I presume that this marriage in foreign country may not be valid because the marriage was neither registered in India nor done according to Foreign Marriage Act, 1969, since both of us are citizen of India at this present time.
    However; we are working out with our parents to get married and register in India, but unsure when this will happen.
    You�re Thoughts please?

    I have no knowledge on this subject so I can't help you out here. As Ramba also said, seek legal help. Also, if getting married is important to you, your partner, and you are sure about your relationship, and if you guys are getting it done in India anyways, why not get a court marriage here ASAP before filing for your I-485.

    From a GC perspective, it "might" be better to have one I-485 application with spouse as the beneficiary rather than pursuing two I-485s independently.

    Good luck.



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  • sp0
    09-26 05:46 PM
    My friend will join the forum and write his questions in this context directly. I did pass him the link pathmaker gave.

    Thanks again for all the help.

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  • perm2gc
    11-05 02:31 AM

    Your help/guidance is needed on this strange situation.

    I am still in India and I have got my H1B1 approved thru one employer. I am waiting on few documents from my employer who is in US. I am still waiting for these documents so that I can go for Visa stamping.

    Apparantly, this employer is causing some issues in giving me all my supporting documents.

    My question: can I find some other employer and transfer my H1B1 and then go for stamping thru this new employer?

    You experience, knowledge will be appreciated.



    You cannot apply for transfer your present H1 to new employer...The kind of documentation required will not available with you at this time..so filing for a new H1 is very good option...

    Good Luck !!!


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  • ilikekilo
    04-28 02:46 PM
    I was hoping some one will be able to tell us something abt it but seems as no one has recd. a mail like that from USCIS.:confused:

    hey iam not sure what would be the RFE is about, i dont see a GC coming since ur PD is 05 and its not current. please wait until u get the RFE and post ur message again...cant fathom what the rfe is about as u arleady got one for TB test...it might be for somethinig else too..just wait ad see

    ipod touch 5g. ipod touch 5g release date
  • ipod touch 5g release date

  • CaliHoneB
    09-21 10:50 AM
    After 7 + years of wait time I am thinking just sticking to the rules(or not using creating solutions like buying labor, porting etc not that I am judging any one) may not help me get GC in near future. Previously I thought may be it will take some extra years but ultimately I will get my GC but with latest USCIS misallocation of numbers for last year it seems getting my GC is simply a moving target.

    I am proposing a solution which could be relatively easy but it does need help from USCIS and should not cause any major backlash (except from a few Eb2 folks). It is relatively easily implementable and I believe it is well inside current laws so nobody need not worry about breaking the law.
    The solution is simple
    Eb2 = B.S+ 5 years of experience or M.S degree
    So the current Eb3 folks who accumulated 5 years experience since filing the LC are asked to apply for consideration of Eb2 category and USCIS has discretion over whether it can be granted (or LC is recertified as Eb2)

    I am sure a lot of folks had thought about it and probably mentioned it but what I am proposing is to include USCIS in the discussion on how to achieve this. I am sure anybodywho has a concept of fairness understands Eb3 candidate waiting for 5 years deserves to be in Eb2 just by definition of Eb2 and he is not taking any new job which means he is not displacing any new american worker.
    I am sure USCIS also understands that the laws are archiac so may be it is willing to help administratively. I am drawing this conclusion based on how it acted during backlog elimination centers..a lot of people were cleared using RIR in the end days and I am sure USCIS overlooked a few things there because those people deserved those labors and it wasnt their mistake for the massive buildup.
    Similarly Eb3 folks are not responsible for all the Visa number wastage which would have alleviated this problem and the responsible party (USCIS) may do something in its power to correct this.
    The beauty of this the porting Eb3 applicant will always be behind Eb2 by 5 years and gains 5 years experience to be eligible for Eb2. If Eb3 has enough numbers this is non issue but in case (just like now) Eb3 is falling behind there is an option to port it to Eb2 after 5 years of waiting.
    I know it is a wishful thinking but I see this as a most practical solution on the table.


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  • rameshk75
    02-12 03:36 PM
    Any inputs for me??

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  • gcbikari
    08-14 04:58 PM
    Next time check out this forum (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=20900) advice before you send your fotoes. Just kidding.

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  • willigetagc
    08-13 01:57 AM
    another distraction for the officers? already they are eagerly waiting for the visa bulletin (just like all of us) to decide on future course of work... :D

    Now they might all just forget work, come out and dance to the marathi number... :eek:

    08-19 09:02 PM
    It takes only one person to start a movement and everyone follows it. When 4 people do it, it will be a seed for something big.

    I am sure now we will get people from across the country doing this in their towns, Malls, Grocery stores, temples, restaurants etc.

    This is how a grassroots movement catches momentum and is successful. The success of our rally depends on such people who will go out of the way and make the extra effort.

    Kudos to Sanjeev, Raj, Murali and Kumar. You are our heroes of the week.

    On behalf of core team, we thank you for this effort.

    02-24 12:53 PM
    Its probably a good thing that LCA laws are being enforced. If a person hasn't gone on the bench and has a valid LCA, I don't think that person would be affected by this.

    Consulting companies who adjust with the times and work to comply with the enforcement might come out of this stronger when the recession ends.