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  • Flying Llama
    Jun 2, 10:01 PM
    That was wierd. When i came to this forum just now. I thing stuck to my screen even when i scolled up and down, it said "macrumors - FoldingTracker (a widget just for you!)"

    anyone had this before. It does not do it again. I got a screen shot of it. I will post it later.

    (i did a fast crop of it)

    Yeah, I get that bug sometimes too, started in panther. I think it's triggered when you activate expos� and then remove in some funny way, like really fast and then only moving your cursor like one pixel. But it's pretty hard to do it purposely.

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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 19, 09:50 AM
    Looks absolutely f... f... f... NO. TRUE. :D

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  • sab165
    May 1, 04:10 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    It sounds like Aroura Feint to me, but those games are pretty old.

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  • Lesser Evets
    Apr 25, 02:01 PM
    Too early to quit dvd altogether:confused:

    If its up to me to should throw that medium into the wastebin asap.

    I agree, but the simple fact is that DVDs are still dirt cheap compared to USB drives. Give it a couple years. DVD is scheduled to be dust in 2015, anyway. Probably sooner if the price of 4 & 8 GB thumb drives become super-cheap.

    Fear not: the thumb-drive IS the next media step unless some huge player in the industry pushes for something else.

    BluRay will hang on until 2020, or whenever large GB thumb-drives are cheaper than such disks. The moment those chips are manufactured like Skittles, they'll cost nothing and be universal. Goodbye all mechanical garbage, please. (Aside from fans)


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  • Burnsey
    May 3, 12:31 PM
    Just also saw that the conservatives have tried just recently to get equal marriage rights outlawed and oppose abortion. Well, sorry- they aren't that different from our conservatives. They sound almost as bad on that front. They will try to outlaw equal marriage rights again, trust me.

    Hang onto your hats, Canada, you're in for a very bumpy ride.

    Yes they are anti-gay marriage, and anti-abortion. Here is our wonderful new Prime Minister in 2005 making his views on the subject heard:


    Also concerning is their stance on internet freedom, gun control, and Afghanistan. 4 years of majority government will be very interesting, I doubt we will see another conservative government for a while once it's over.

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  • MacRumors
    Mar 25, 08:24 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/03/25/kodak-still-pushing-for-1-billion-in-patent-royalties-from-apple-and-rim/)



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  • ChrisA
    Apr 25, 12:23 AM
    I just bought a Presonus FireBox, but I'm having some problems with it..

    Does the Firebox work on another computer?

    Do other Firewire devices work on your computer?

    Until you can say "Yes" to both, there is the chance that something is broken.

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  • rstansby
    Mar 19, 04:04 PM
    Only $20 savings for each iPad, when you buy 10. That is no better than the education discount on iMacs, when you buy them 1 at a time.


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  • Muscleflex
    Apr 15, 07:35 AM
    never mind all this. i want to know his salary!

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  • tvguru
    Sep 25, 10:40 AM
    Can't believe aperture doesn't support more RAW types yet.

    Until it supports more/all of the raw types, it will never be a real 'pro' application imho

    Aperture only uses the RAW formats that OS X uses. When 1.4.8 comes out it will support more.


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  • bboucher790
    Apr 5, 09:07 AM
    Consumer Reports gave the iPhone 4 the highest rating out of every smartphone last year. They said it was a good phone, but couldn't recommend it due to the antenna design.

    The same is done with cars. A few years ago, the Passat was the highest rated sedan. CR didn't recommend it due to previous reliability woes. Their system is fairly simple to understand, and quite useful.

    CR is, IMO, the best starting point to find out if a product is reliable or has a known defect. From there, I expand my research with more detailed reviews.

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  • BC2009
    Mar 25, 11:07 AM
    Exactly, for those folks who think Kodak was just a film company you're totally off base. They had the diversity but not the vision to adjust to the transition and ended up wholesale auctioning their future. Kinda what we're doing as a country right now.

    Kodak believed that their "customers" were the drug stores that did the film developing -- and those drug stores hated the idea of digital photography. So instead of focusing on the their real customers (i.e.: those who used their camera and film) they played to the whims of the drug stores and the entire digital revolution passed them by.

    Funny though, one of the best cameras we ever had for producing decent photos was the one that used their magnetic film and showed you what the picture you just took looked like on a little LCD screen. If you did not like the picture you could mark it for "do not develop" and then take another. You saved money on developing bad photos this way and you were still using film (albeit a new kind of film). I can still remember the commercial for that camera with the young couple visiting in Italy trying to get different locals to take photos of them in a specific spot so they could make it look just like an old photo they had of one of their parents in the same spot from decades earlier. Each photo that turned out wrong was marked to not be developed and then they would try again until they got the perfect shot. Funny how they did not see that digital photography accomplished the same thing but in a better way. They really missed the boat.


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  • Dreadnought
    Jun 13, 12:05 PM
    I routinely hack into your dual G5 and make sure that you get lots of Tinkers. This way I don't feel like I'm hindering the effort but I can still cripple you...:D

    Your IP address is correct?
    Isn't that the IP of Quadra840? I already crippled him by shutting down his power once in a while. He was getting to close. And about those Stinkers, My normal production output is at 300, but with all these Stinkers I'm lucky if my average is 200 a day. We should all complain by Stanford, maybe we can do something about it and get a bit more gromacs.

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  • whatever
    Oct 10, 01:37 PM
    why do we (or some of us) want a entire case redesign for MBP... i mean, i can understand the logic behind easily accessible harddrive.. and if i push it, maybe the magnetic latch, but the entire case redesign? what's wrong with the current case? i think most people think the case looks nice...

    only the macbook has been redesigned in the intel transition process.. but thats because ibook hasn't gotten a case redesign since ibook g3, no? and plus, it's not even THAT much of a redesign.. and aside from that, mini stayed the same, imac, mac pro all stayed the same (and imac already had a 2nd revision..) i don't see apple redesign it either

    I for one hope they redesign the entire case. I dropped my 17" Power Book while it was in my computer bag and caught it by the strap as it hit the floor. I'm not sure if you can picture this, the bag was on my shoulder and slid off and I caught it just as the corner hit. I thought, thank God it was in a computer bag. Well the corner of my computer that it the ground was folded like aluminum foil. I was really surprised that I was able to reshape it back into shape with my hands.

    Granted nothing was wrong with the computer, but....


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  • nbs2
    Oct 9, 06:47 PM
    I'm getting really sick of companies that complain whenever they're met with competition. They love capitalism until it's working against them. Target and Wal*Mart are acting like little children who don't get their way.

    Under the Sherman Act, what Target and Wal*Mart are doing falls under the category of antitrust. Attempting to manipulate the market through the use of contracts and threats aimed towards hurting competitors is defined as antitrust. If Target and Wal*Mart go along with this, a class-action lawsuit can be filed against them for forcing us to pay their prices for DVDs without a lower-priced alternative.
    Since people seem to have missed my earlier point when the claim was the failure of the free market:

    this is the market in play. This appears to be a business dispute, not governmental involvement. The free market requires communication between businesses to maximize profits.

    As for the Sherman, the Act was designed to protect consumers from the leveraging of monopoly power to conspire to control a market. Here, there is no conspiracy to control the market. Rather, there is a complaint by one business entity regarding the activities of another with which it does business. If Target and Wal-mart were conspiring to split the market (or if the industry conspired with T and WM), that would trigger the Sherman.

    Grow up local mom and pop store. This isn't a communist nation, we have a little something called Capitalism that's basically social darwinism: Compete or shut up.[emphasis added]

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  • sarge
    Mar 25, 10:37 AM
    A little background is necessary here:

    Kodak - where it all started
    In the early 1980s, Kodak invented the OLED technology. Kodak are still working on OLEDs, on both displays and lighting, and have licensed its OLED display technology to around 20 companies, including LG, CMEL and others. They are still perfecting their OLED lighting tech, and seeking partners to bring it to market. Back in we interviewed Mr. Corey Hewitt, Operations Manager & Vice President, Kodak OLED Systems

    UPDATE: In December Kodak announced that they have sold all of their OLED business to LG. LG paid $100 million for the OLED unit. They will still have access to the technology for their own products.


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  • Mr.Texor
    May 3, 02:35 AM
    If you don't want to connect your mac every time you want to watch the HD video or if you want to share your blockbuster movie with friends and family, then you can buy a bluray burner and an app to burn bluray disks.


    There might be a better way, I'm not sure... The bluray burners start at around $150.

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  • sososowhat
    Nov 21, 04:12 PM
    I want to charge my MacBook from a campfire! Seriously, this is a very cool idea (please forgive the pun).

    Brown also sees the chips ultimately replacing batteries altogether. He argues that by linking the modules to a microburner - a catalytic burner that produces between 275 and 600 degrees centigrade – you can heat the chips and generate enough power to run the device.

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  • WillEH
    Apr 27, 06:46 PM
    no, he doesn't. and thankfully it should mean that he'll have no chance of getting anywhere near being President.

    I didn't know who he was before I googled his name. Thought he was the model for Ken, from the Barbie range. (When he was younger) he looks like plastic.

    Apr 21, 01:51 PM
    Well, Looks like I know who to beat and rob.

    Watch out Carmack...;)

    Mar 28, 05:36 PM
    That seems like a copy of the Android interface...

    That's what I was thinking.

    Mar 12, 04:41 PM
    Good point. There is a little article in the April Car and Driver that lists all of the cars assembled in North America and their actual domestic parts content. Some of it is pretty shocking. Sorry, I don't think they have it online, but if somebody really wants it, I can scan it.

    As an example, the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are both 80% U.S./Canadian parts content. The Chevrolet Silverado pickup? ...61%. :eek:

    Wow, I came into this thread late. I wonder where the other 39% percent of the Silverado is from? I would guess more than one country. I know about the US Toyota plant, but Honda, too?

    Anyway, I kind of like the Honda Fit and if that's helping American workers, then all the more power to them.

    Dec 3, 10:02 AM
    If you want it, buy it. Stop complaining about other people's success. Lots of people sell 3rd party junk.

    Sorry but this is not legal success. That's the difference.

    King Cobra
    Sep 15, 01:07 PM
    >I'm sorry about that double post it won't let me delete them

    Heh. Someone else had that problem. You have to be one of us, muhahahahaha! :eek:

    >I personally feel that OS X and the whole Mac experience is worth the difference for a computer that will without a doubt whip the pants off that Dell and continue to do it after it the Dell is dead and gone.

    I think Gatelaid may suffer first: Sleep forever standing up, like a cow. :D

    OS X absolutely *kills* all the other OSs, as most of us know (especially with 10.2). You won't see that with a Windoze update. Upgrading to ME is sort of a 50:50 deal, whether you upgrade successfully, or upgrade in heck. And constant Windoze upgrades come in the fashion of "kill a bug/get one free". But as long as you don't have upgrader cards or such with your Mac, OS 10.2 really doesn't need so many updates, except for add-ons and stuff.