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  • dcv
    Oct 17, 05:14 PM
    pub is good, match bar for cocktails :p

    Have you met dcv or me before? :confused: :D

    Whoa, spooky, that's exactly where I was going to suggest! :eek: :D

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  • bildio
    Apr 21, 07:11 AM
    Sometimes it will just sit there on some of my older workstations. Clearing cache or waiting on hardware or whatever the heck it does.

    Most times it's installing something. I wait it out and eventually windows will shutdown.

    If it's installing something, there's usually something like a "cursor" flashing, but in this case the "cursor" was frozen in place.

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  • entatlrg
    Apr 24, 02:12 PM

    happy birthday wishes for sister. Happy Sisters Day !
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  • Lopes
    Mar 27, 10:56 AM
    This news item reminds me of another famous coffee scene a lot...hopefully it had a similar tone and tenor.





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  • Nomadski
    Jan 6, 04:51 PM
    Apart from the streaming fail, Garmin are way too late to the party. Even when everyone was criticising TomTom, I went and bought it and it (for me) is the ultimate GPS navigator. Free map and service updates, no streaming involved, full multitasking support, been flawless in its navigation, accurate in its info (time of arrival is almost always spot on) and there's traffic when I want it for longer journeys, albeit not free.

    The mapping display also doesn't look like a Scooby Doo 'toon unlike the Garmin app, judging from these screenshots...

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  • kavika411
    Apr 4, 10:51 AM
    The GOP claimed that the the Democrats were overspending, but they failed to address how much worse things would be had they not done all the things to fix the mess left over from their president and party leadership. (A president who started the bailouts and is responsible for the highest budget ever). The GOP did not address this... I wonder why.

    By the way, we could cut the deficit in half with one simple act, all while preserving necessary services and relief for the hardest hit. End the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.


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  • Waybo
    Mar 4, 10:29 PM

    I know I must be overtired ... I actually reached out and touched my screen to see if this was really 3-dimensional!

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  • roadbloc
    May 6, 06:56 PM
    JOEG4?The guy is not a moron,he know what he wrote.Let us respect ourselves here.To call someone a moron is not good,I think you should apologize to the guy in question

    I think someone needs a new spacebar.


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  • mrblah
    Aug 14, 08:43 PM
    The only people who like these ads are mac users. They make the zealots feel special and supperior which might have been the whole point. As said before, you never get customers by making fun of them. These ads only alienate POTENTIAL customers, thats not a success and its not brilliant. So far apple users are the only ones defending these ads as representing products rather than the people who use the products. If everyone else doesnt see it the same way then the ad is a failure no matter how much people argue, once the target audience misses the point then youve lost. Youll get absolutely nowhere asking "are these ads elistist?" on a mac forum, go ask it on a forum with a high number of PC users and Im sure the responses will be 100% different. Computers arent cheap, if you make fun of someone who spent a lot of money on something, something they probably like a lot, youll just make them defend themselves if you act like they made a stupid decision. I mean jeez, how is that not common sense?

    While Im sure they made a few sales with the ads (or pushed a lot of people on the edge of getting a mac back over to the PC side), they could have made MUCH better ones that didnt make fun of potential customers. HP's commercials are good examples of how to sell a computer, they show celebrities and all the things they do on their laptop. Someone new to computers is going to see that ad much more favorably over the apple ad since it actually shows why they should get a computer rather than how stupid everyone else is for not having a mac.

    The ads were well executed like usual, but the stupid idea strengthens the stereotype of apple user elitism. I think apple should try to fix that stereotype rather than keep reinforcing it. Instead of saying "hey dumbass, stop playing with calculator and get a mac" in a passive aggressive way, they could have said "pc's are cool but you might find that macs are better at a lot of things, check it out."

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  • thatisme
    Mar 29, 06:38 AM
    There is no such thing as a "crop camera"

    FOVCF is the technical term for a crop sensor or crop camera. It stands for FIELD OF VIEW CROP FACTOR, whereby the sensor doesn't see the full image projected from a standard 35 mm format lens (EF lens in this case)

    Nikon also created a FULL FRame camera a while back that also had the ability to create a "cropped" image to increase it's rate of capture to achieve results in FPS that were similar to canon's 1D series bodies. Effectively if it captured less pixels per image, it could do so faster.


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  • Machead III
    Jan 6, 09:50 AM

    I wasn 't buying any of the in depth analysis people were making over the New Year splash, but now...

    We can be pretty sure the two images represent colours and styles involved in a new theme - whether that theme is simply a logo for iTV (most likely), Leopard (still pretty likely) or an iPhone/new iPod (unlikely, just because... it doesn't look very relevant) is unknown.

    I hope it's Leopard tbh. I couldn't give a sh�t about iTV.

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  • 3lionsbecks
    Aug 19, 03:15 PM
    If you don't like it then just make sure you customize the privacy features in your account info.

    I suggest this because your friends can 'tag' you in at a location even if you aren't there.

    ie - pretend that you are at a stripclub and send it out to everyone......believe me, some people's friends will do stuff like this as a joke....and some will do it out of spite.

    Could make for some funny encounters.....HS kids are going to get a huge kick out of this...


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  • cheesemonster24
    Mar 25, 02:45 PM
    A co-worker and I called around and found three 16gb at a store. Went to get one apiece and luckily got the last two. They were reluctant to sell them to us for some reason though. :D

    happy birthday wishes for sister. Birthday Wishes
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  • lcs101
    May 2, 02:59 PM
    My apologies.

    Ill explain what the link implied. The sarcastic joke that you posted is simply trite beyond belief, and as such I thought Id use similar methods of sarcasm to convey my thoughts on the matter. Now, the crux of my joke relies on the play of opposites (as your comment was anything but original) and meant to be informative. Im really sorry you didn't get my initial brevity, and Ill make sure to explain myself in full next time. Thanks so much, stay well:)

    It is refreshing to see some intelligent wit on these boards every now and then. For that, I thank you sir.


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  • spda242
    Apr 12, 02:51 PM
    This update also makes you quit Safari too. I would like to know what the reasoning is there. hmmm

    It probably wants to upgrade the Silverlight plugin? Can't think of another plugin.

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  • rasmasyean
    May 2, 07:46 PM
    Gives us a nice goal to get out of Afghanistan have finished. We got him and destroyed his network ability to launch large attacks. And hopefully but Afghanistan into a position where the moderates will be in control.

    Were we ever going to stop terrorism with guns? No, but thats a long term battle we need to be fighting. And its one that starts with leaving Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I don't think so. If we wanted to "get out of Afghanistan" we coulda done it a long time ago. Iraqi's killed more coalition, killed more assets, and at a much faster rate than the rag tag Taliban...because Iraqis were smart at least. Although we have Iraq practically in a position like Saudi Arabia as a "future oil reserve", we still need to take care of Iran. Don't be surprise if "nuke factories" and "Iranian weapons in Taliban caches" come up once again. ;)

    If I recall, you said the timing of the burial was very fast.

    I should ask, how long does DNA testing take? I was told in February that it takes between 2-5 days.

    Yeah, the burial was fast and irreversible because they don't want to give someone a frozen body they had for years. :p I'm not convinced they "just killed him". I think at this point OBL's "martyrdom" is long past significance and they are just setting up to put "Al Queda" on a lower hit list and target other "terrorist" like those in Iran. Of course we need to prevent other "Bin Laden"s for the future! What a better organization to rely on than those who killed #1 terrorist! ...in a mansion in the open after 10 years. :p


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  • jbl
    Mar 29, 10:45 AM
    Looks like Jobs has flooding problems in his basement.........

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 15, 12:26 PM
    zimbra, pop/imap

    what a joke. firewall guys, we want email on our phones. we need to open the firewall on a few more ports

    exchange is database based which makes it easier and cheaper to manage it

    Wait, how does Exchange being database driven have anything to do with Firewall ports of POP/IMAP protocols exactly ? Exchange does the same POP/IMAP protocols and if you want your phones to access the system using those protocols on an Exchange server, you'll have to open the same firewall ports... Are your 2 statements even related ? Do you even realise Zimbra's backend is also database driven, except they use a much more standard RDBMS (MySQL) rather than Exchange's proprietary EDB format (which is loosely based on MDB, since both use the JET database engine, a far inferior database format that's more akin to SQLite than to a real RDBMS).

    But of course, you know all of this right ?

    And are you suggesting that push based e-mail requires a "database driven" backend in any sort of way ? Because that would be quite ludicrous a claim a to make. And of course, are you suggesting only Exchange does push based e-mail ? Because that would be ignoring Zimbra's Z-Push functionality...

    The fact is, AD, Exchange, they are so widespread exactly because of what I said earlier : Microsoft got their monopoly from IBM in the 80s and then proceeded to leverage at every chance to make solutions that do not inter-operate well. AD is integrated into Windows client tightly, it's a pain to make it work for anything else as far as SSOs go. Exchange is a success thanks to Outlook's widespread use, which is thanks to Office's dominance, which achieved it through Windows widespread use on the desktop.

    This is typical Microsoft modus operandi and why I have ethical and moral reasons to not work with their products as much as I can personally help it.

    Your SQL server example is also short-sighted. A 1/4 the cost of Oracle ? No duh, you're getting 10% of the product. Typical though that people look for Oracle when their needs don't even require it. It's just the best there is right now, and of course, you have to pay for that. However, you don't always need the best, in fact, Oracle is overkill for about 90% of RDBMS use out there.

    This is all moot, the subject of this thread is Apple hiring a Data center manager, not a product manager, that used to work at Microsoft. I see no problem in this, the guy is probably very qualified.

    happy birthday wishes for sister. irthday greetings for sister.
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  • Frosties
    Nov 6, 05:13 AM
    Say no to rfid! We already use phones to pay for tickets on parking spaces, trains, buses and so on. There is no need to add more identity to these transactions. It is already in use and works just fine without rfid.

    Sep 25, 10:40 AM
    Can't believe aperture doesn't support more RAW types yet.

    Until it supports more/all of the raw types, it will never be a real 'pro' application imho

    Aperture only uses the RAW formats that OS X uses. When 1.4.8 comes out it will support more.

    Sep 20, 07:48 PM
    Updated the EFI and the beast is moving faster (I did'nt hear any loud fans), SMC was already updated so I didnt need to download it.
    But I dont see the other Hard drives; can u point me to a link that has the information?

    Oct 27, 03:04 AM
    It's still a ripoff.


    So don't get it. Obviously many agree with you, and many don't, myself included.

    Apr 20, 02:09 PM
    Why do you guys assume Nvidia cannot make graphic cards for Sandy Bridge? Have you seen Dell's Alienware laptop line? They have the new processors and also are using Nvidia graphics card.

    but those are dedicated GPUs not integrated

    Dr Kevorkian94
    Nov 27, 12:59 PM
    good for him, i love that in this day in age u can and will get sued over anything.