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  • MartiNZ
    Apr 17, 08:55 PM
    Pretty exciting - I just noticed Word 2011 now supports scrolling from the background! Awesome seeing as how they reckoned they had intentionally disabled that at release.

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  • bradl
    Apr 23, 12:55 AM
    Then how do you feel about our current president?

    Our current POTUS was given a bad hand from our previous POTUS, who pretty much trashed the place on his way out. the previous POTUS enacted TARP to bail out the banks with no oversight on the funding, left us with unpaid wars, a horrid economy, and a disaster of a budget for the 2009-2010 fiscal year. And people blame our current POTUS for that, when the bulk of that wasn't his doing. And when he tries to step out and do something better, you hear "No", "where's your birth certificate", "you're a Muslim", and catches more flak when those that do this complaining ask him where all of his promises are, and call for his impeachment.

    Our current POTUS needs to grow a pair and do a LOT more, no doubt; but he's done well so far, given the circumstances and obstacles dealt him.


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  • i.mac
    Apr 21, 02:18 PM
    4S. I like the name, and it makes sense to keep continuity with the previous naming scheme (3GS). I guess we'll see a true iPhone 5 next summer.

    Agree... The 's' is for any thing that you want...

    S= speedy, snazzy, stupendous, supper, sassy, spot-on, statiscally-supper-spot-on, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious...

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  • DeSnousa
    Apr 15, 06:37 PM
    I've noticed that team Macrumors.com is losing active users since I have restarted folding@home, plus their is hardly any one joining the team :(

    So this is a shut out, any one who is folding@home and any one who had once folded, post a message in this thread lets show the forums just how strong our team used to be.

    Any one who once folded, come back and help the cause and the team once again. We don't need to fold 24 7 we just need you in your computers idle time to fold.

    Any one who has not folded at all, folding@home is project of Stanford University to turn the worlds computers into a large super computer to fold proteins. Protein folding is linked to disease, such as Alzheimer's, ALS, Huntington's, Parkinson's disease, and many Cancers. This is an opportunity to do charity and have competive fun in the form of a points system.


    We need to get more involement! I was thinking a pass it on, where we send out a private message about team folding and then they need to forward it on to 3 other members on the forum.


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  • skellener
    Apr 5, 08:00 PM
    Frankly Apple should just commit to Thunderbolt and put those ports right on there. There is really no need for any other port.The main reason Apple sticks with the 30pin Dock Connector is size. Thin wise. Displayport is much too thick. One of the reasons they bailed on firewire on the First Gen iPod was the size. Micro USB is probably the thinnest connector out there I would imagine, but does that allow data syncing and at speeds faster than USB 2.0 ??? I don't know. The dock connector must allow for more flexibility on Apple's part I would imagine.

    happy birthday wishes for husband. irthday wishes quotes for
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  • torero
    Jun 18, 03:44 PM
    why not put the slot in the front then??? I use the cards all the time and have reader always plugged into my ACD... with an ugly, dangly cord.


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  • itcheroni
    Apr 10, 04:56 AM
    All right, let me rephrase that: government funds plenty of things, like libraries and parks, that aren't "necessary" but wanted. If you want to keep the argument on the federal level, substitute your own examples, including national parks. (Remember Bush trying to push them towards privatization?)

    If you have a balanced budget, and you suddenly unbalance it with tax cuts, the difference between revenue loss and spending is pretty much a matter of semantics. You had the money, and now you don't. At least when you spend it on a service, you expect to get something for it.

    Maybe one of the problems with House Republicans is that they don't think of tax cuts that they can't afford as spending.

    I was wondering when the rich were screaming about parks. Never mind, it's not important.

    I believe the crucial difference is that you believe when government taxes and spends the money on a service, it's better than not taxing at all. Do you believe in any exceptions to this rule?

    happy birthday wishes for husband. irthday wishes quotes for
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  • ChrisA
    Oct 26, 03:10 PM
    You're absolutely right but as a dev I'd say Adobe is throwing away a large chunk of the Mac market as many users will still have PowerPC machines even when this app comes out. Maybe, Adobe is not after the Mac market at all here. They're really interested in the Windows market but the port to x86 mac was pretty easy.

    If you make a Universal Binary the program not only has to run on the PPC but has to hve usable performance. So they would have to taylor the program's feature set so that the PPC was not over taxed.

    If you design a program with a target minimum system requirement of "at least a dual core Intel processor and 1GB RAM" you can add a lot of nice features that you could not have if the program had to run on a G4 or G5.

    One relivent bit of info is that user's tend to buy most of their software near the time when they buy a new computer. People with older machines simply don't buy much new software. So while there are thousands of PPC Macs in the world not many of those Mac owners will be potential costomers while almost everyone who buys a new computer is a software buyer.


    happy birthday wishes for husband. irthday wishes quotes for
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  • Macky-Mac
    Apr 14, 05:01 PM
    Fair enough...

    So how would me exercising my right to refuse to sell X to Y infringe upon Y's "rights"?

    Did I take something from them? Did I commit violence upon them? ....!

    Society has decided that racism is something that's not neutral in its effect. It does harm to the individual victims and ultimately all of the community as well. So, society doesn't let you operate a business in a way that's going to damage the community (LOL, in theory anyway)

    Are you infringing upon Y's rights? Sure. At the very least you've tried to take away Y's basic rights as a citizen to get on with life.

    Did you commit violence? I'm not sure that's exactly the right word but racism is harassment and physical intimidation.

    happy birthday wishes for husband. Birthday Wishes Quotes For
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  • bduvinmac
    Mar 11, 10:43 AM
    Just ventured into the store. Not very crowded at all. One other person in there is camped out for 5 pm. No line yet everyone is hanging in their car.


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  • PlipPlop
    Apr 21, 01:22 PM
    Are they adding some decent controls though?

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  • ddtlm
    Oct 2, 08:16 PM

    While both Solaris and OSX are Unix OS's, that does not mean that OSX can scale as well as Solaris any more than it means that Solaris can run the OSX interface (which it obviously cannot).

    The fact that OSX is some sort of Unix means a lot less than you seem to think. It is good because it means it adheres to certain standards, but it says little or nothing about the machinery that makes it go.


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  • jamespa66
    Jan 4, 04:33 PM
    I downloaded it and tested it out a bit this afternoon.
    First thoughts, Voice is real tinny sounding and not the easiest to understand.
    Downloading maps was not a problem in the city at city speeds, on the highway that's another story, with in a couple miles the map ran out and never really did catch up till I got off the highway about 10 miles later with a full signal 3G connection.
    The interface is nice and is very easy to use. Maps are good turn by turned was flawless. Checked out how current the maps where by going through a new subdivision only about 2 months old and it found all the street names no problem.

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  • nonameowns
    Apr 12, 12:43 PM
    don't care

    page and keynote still rock


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  • LastName
    Mar 26, 08:21 PM

    Jobs: [Waves hands] This isn't the market you're looking for.

    Schmidt: Dammit, Steve! You have a Reality Distortion Field, not the Force!

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  • peharri
    Sep 26, 03:10 PM
    I wish people would actually read the letter before jumping on Apple's back! It clearly states: "While Apple, of course, has no general objection to proper use of the descriptive term podcast as part of a trademark for goods and services in the podcast field...."

    That's how I read it too. The poll needs to be changed, right now it's like one of those Fox news polls:

    Q: Are you in favour of the War in Iraq?

    1. Yes, I support our troops and America! I think Bush should be President for years!
    2. No, I'm a coward and I also support Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.


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  • redeye be
    Jun 24, 02:08 AM
    It would be great if we could also have possibly have a team overtake, and who may overtake our team. In addition, something showing the day-to-day output of the team.
    Already on the to-do list (see the first post).
    I meant to do this at the same time as building in user targets but i'll keep it for the rewritten version. That way you'll have something to look out to. A bit like Christmas indeed. ;)

    About the day-to-day output, what do you mean? Info that is not provided in the team details? In reference to overtaking?

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  • henrikrox
    Mar 23, 02:00 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; nb-no) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    This will be a great feature for those countries who doesn't carry the apple tv.

    But there is so many narrow minded Americans in here.

    happy birthday wishes for husband. a GREAT BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Angelo95210
    Apr 24, 05:21 AM
    Intel i3 or i5 CPU.

    Apr 6, 06:45 AM
    Headset jack was removed, so had to buy a USB headset for example.

    He just needed to buy a 3.5mm combo-jack to dual-jack adaptor. Probably under a dollar.

    Sep 1, 05:00 PM
    I'm hoping one of the super secret features is a completely reworked Finder.

    I agree Finder is slower than a snail. Many Mac fans live in denial about the s-l--o--w f----i-----n-------d--------e----r but it is a joke compared to XP. I love OS X and it would be easy to impress others with it's elegance if it weren't for the S-L--O---W F----I-----N------D-------E--------R.

    Great! The pop-up menu on my documents folder in the dock just opened. Bye Bye.

    redeye be
    Feb 24, 02:03 PM
    Hosting is solved, should be back up again.

    May 24, 05:12 PM
    Um why wouldnt it?

    JUst wondering...so it doesoes it work max settings on everything?

    Apr 2, 05:59 PM
    I have to agree with most here that Pages didn't live up to my expectations. However, I can't agree with you that Word has been perfected. Word is complete nightmare in certain situations. Its non-intuitive and not very user friendly in many cases (especially the windows version!). I do prefer it to Pages, but its by no means the best that can be done..Word was nearly perfect up until about version 4.0 (on the Mac), it was all downhill from there as far as I'm concerned. As for Pages, it looked pretty goofy to me as well, but the first versions of FCP, Keynote, OS X, all the iLife apps, .Mac, and pretty much anything else they're ever done were quite flakey, slow, underfeatured, and rough around the edges too. Apple just takes a long bloody time to refine their apps until they're "ready for prime time". That's fine, because once they do get an app refined, they tend to be fantastic -- I just wish they'd stop gouging us for full price each time we upgrade from their "betas" to a release-quality app. I'll check out Pages again when it gets to version 3.0.1 or so.