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  • go_guy123
    05-30 11:56 AM
    While doing some ad-hoc research after watching Valkyrie, I discovered this interesting bit of U.S. immigration history and couldn't help but be amazed how nobody seems to know or talk about United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_v._Bhagat_Singh_Thind).

    The Luce-Celler Act of 1946 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luce-Celler_Act_of_1946) was proposed by Republican Clare Booth Luce and Democrat Emanuel Celler in 1943 and signed into being by President Harry Truman on July 2, 1946, granting naturalization rights to Indian Americans (and Filipino Americans) and re-established immigration from India (and the Philippines).

    Food for thought...



    Eventually this bill introduced that 7% per country cap

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  • Ramba
    12-11 03:08 PM
    "class of admission" -when you enter USA last time what class POE officer admitted you. This can be different from your "current status-H1B". Therefore you should write F1.

    There is no fee difference for single entry & multiple entry.

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  • pkak
    07-23 07:53 AM
    Rs 1500 Laptop to be launched soon | Bharat Chronicle (http://www.bharatchronicle.com/rs-1500-laptop-to-be-launched-soon-7672)

    The cost of the material, which worked out to $47, was brought down after a massive exercise, including a 50% government subsidy.

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  • gc_on_demand
    08-06 02:37 PM
    Hello All

    Friend of mine is applying for I 485 . And confused about One perticular question in form. Question is

    Have you received public assistance in the United States from any source, including the U.S.Government or any State,county, city, or municipality (other than emergency medical treatment), or are you likely to receive public assistance in the future? YES / NO .

    His wife had used Medicaid and WIC for prenetal care when she was on F2 Visa. My Friend was in F1 visa by that time. He took opinion from two different law firm and got totally different response. One firm says Medicaid and WIC are not part of public charge so donot put YES there. Another firm is asking to put YES and explain in seprate sheet. Does any one has same or simillar situation and already filled I 485 or got gc.

    These are docs I found on USCIS for public charge




    Please help in this matter. Any suggestion welcome.


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  • webm
    09-17 03:31 PM
    Keep it up Chandu...Thanks

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  • quizzer
    11-14 01:41 PM

    Can you tell me your I140 receipt date, category and service center?



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  • forever
    07-27 03:33 PM
    First Step: Filter out applications based on priority date eligible as per the visa bulletin date.
    Second Step: Process based on receipt date within the applications filtered out in the first step.

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  • gconmymind
    08-19 03:11 PM
    I will be in similar position if I get RFE for this. I guess all you can do is provide what you have and an explanation. Hopefully it should not be that big of an issue.


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  • illinois_alum
    08-11 01:13 PM
    I am trying to fill the canadian visa application and would like to know what should I check on Question #8
    a) citizen( obviously not)
    b) Permanent residet
    c) Temporary resident
    e) Student(obviously not)

    It also asks valid until date(What should I put).I am no longer working on H1B as I am using EAD

    Need to travel to canada on Friday(08/13/2010)

    Any help is appreciated.

    Check Temporary Resident
    Provide Date of I-94 validity as valid until date
    You can attach a cover letter and mention that you have an application for permanent residency pending (provide copies of I-485 filing receipts, also copies of AP for proof that you can return back to the US)

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  • anjans
    07-09 09:46 PM


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  • Karthikthiru
    08-09 08:58 AM
    There is new posting about this bill on Matthew Oh site. It gives more detail about this proposed bill. It says "Specter's Discussion Draft for New CIR" and he has given more deatils of it


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  • missourian
    11-05 08:08 PM
    Texas IV group Goooooo!!!


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  • jgh_res
    06-22 11:27 AM
    Download trial version of Adobe Acrobat professional, type in the form and save the form. Reopen it and verify whether ur data is there or not.

    Before u do that on actual form, save a copy of it and do it.

    All the best!!!!

    I guess original poster is asking about saving forms after filling it up. You can save the form but the data that you filled up will not be saved. If someone is actually able to save the form along with the data, I'll be interested too to know how.

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  • chansek
    07-21 11:33 PM
    Is Personnel check allowed for I-485, EAD and Advance Parole filing fees.

    Thank you.


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  • ysnraju
    12-05 11:01 PM
    In my case I have only one LUD after fingerprinting and then on 30 Nov 2007
    again LUD I485 Card production ordered.
    same with my spouse also.

    LUDs on Current Status of I485:
    30 Nov 2007 : Card production ordered .
    02 Dec.2007 : Card production ordered .
    04 Dec 2007 : Approval notice sent.

    For Both Self and Spouse.

    Labor Filing Date: 27 Feb 2004
    Service Center: Nebraska
    Category: EB2
    Application Mailed: 04 Jun 2007
    USCIS Received Date: 05 Jun 2007
    USCIS Notice Date: 14 Jun 2007
    Filing Type: non-concurrent
    I-140 Processing: regular
    I-140 Approval Date: March 02, 2007
    Fingerprinting Date : 15 Aug 2007
    RFE: no
    EAD Approval Date: 08 Sep 2007
    AP Approval Date: 13 Sep 2007
    Nationality: India

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  • gcfriend65
    12-06 10:44 AM
    Can you imagine this. USCIS had been given strict guidelines from DHS to complete every case in 6 monts depending on the form type.

    How about filing our taxes on April 16, but not on April 15?


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  • lost_in_gc_land
    01-31 01:26 PM
    Hi statuslaw,
    Can you share all your experience and discussions with the DOS and their contact information for my case? Thank you and once again congratulations from the bottom of my heart. This can be pretty hard on someone...I have been waiting for over 75 days.

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  • a_yaja
    09-09 12:30 PM
    Hello All,

    I was in H4 status but currently in AOS Pending Status. Is it possible to request for filing F1 thru my current school while the candidate is in AOS Pending / I-485 Pending Status. I would like to obtain the F1 thru school even though my I-485 is in pending status. Firstly, Is it possible to change the status from AOS Pending to F1. Secondly, what would be the process to obtiant the same.

    I would really appreciate your feedback / inputs on this regard.

    Thank you,

    As gc_check mentioned, check with your school coordinators or an immigration attorney. Changing to F1 might endanger you AOS and your GC. F1 is a non-immigrant visa and does not allow for immigration intent like H1B. Hence moving to F1 from AOS could be construed as abandoning you intent to immigrate, therefore USCIS can deny your I-485. This is just my opinion - so consult a good lawyer.
    Secondly, why do you want to convert to F1 when you are on AOS? You should be able to get all the benefits of F1 like TA/ RA, on-campus employment (and off-campus too) if you have an EAD. That would be a safer route for you - if you do not already have an EAD, apply for one and after getting your EAD, apply for SSN. That is the way I would go.

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  • vikramy
    10-07 02:42 PM
    You are in AOS status now. need to file New I9 as all said.

    You can always file new H1 (Not in quota but not extension) using your approved 140. So that can be done.

    Talk to your lawyer

    My H1B expire on 9/30 as well as my I-94 also expires 9/30. Some how I miss my H1B extenction. I have EAD that is valid until next year mid. I am working right now what is my current status? Is they any way still i can extend my H1B.

    My employer is saying there is no way to extend H1B after crossing the last date. You have to work on EAD.

    But my question my I94 is expired on 9/30 then what is my current staus.

    thanks in advance.

    07-17 10:45 AM
    Most users ever online was 5,233, Yesterday at 04:20 PM
    Threads: 5,709, Posts: 114,871, Members: 20,081, Active Members: 13,220

    From immigration.com

    Most users ever online was 2,117, 16th September 2005 at 02:58 PM.
    Threads: 239,836, Posts: 1,626,529, Members: 162,149

    Most users ever online is increasing every day and IV is becoming a better source of information. Its just unfortunate that people fail to recognize the importance of contributions for this effort.

    09-09 12:29 AM
    Words in CIR are supporting high skilled. At the same time Schumer mentioned that they will not allow companies to replace Americans with lower wage foreign workers. You can easily get the meaning of it. First CIR need to be introduced. And it needs to seen What CIR will offer for high skilled immigrants. Many lobbying groups waiting with laundry list of demands for them. Basically every group wants unlimited guest workers and green cards. Someone in congress has to take leadeship initiatives without politics and without any bias. Then only CIR is feasible

    I see some words 'brightest', and 'high-skilled'. Who is classified as 'brightest' and 'high-skilled'?
    Can EB immigrants expect something out of CIR?