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  • Miharu
    Jul 24, 12:16 PM
    Well, I fell for it and bought this baby. It feels pretty nice, it's not my first XO per se (I had one borrowed for 6 months before from a friend) but it's nice to finally have my own and I can start buying a bigger game library.

    I'll make it a habit to install games now since it has a big enough hard drive, and it makes a lot less noise when no disc is spinning. It's totally not "whisper-quiet" like they claimed in E3 but it's noticeably quieter than the older one. The fan speed rises periodically the longer you have it turned on, after 2-3 hours of gaming it sounded much closer to the old one. Did you notice the new smaller power brick actually has a fan now? That's what's making most of the sound :/

    So far I'm playing RDR and trying to finish some older titles like Oblivion and Fable 2. Got any suggestions? I'm looking at Mass Effect 2.

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  • kainjow
    Oct 26, 08:15 PM
    Can somebody explain to me why anybody would want to pay $100/year for an email account with only 1 GB of storage?
    Um, you get more than just an email account. You get an iDisk. You can easy iCal/iPhoto publishing, you get syncing of your data with all of your Macs. Lots of non-Apple apps provide easy publishing of your info to your iDisk.

    I'd recommend .Mac to anyone who wants to do this kind of stuff. Can you think of a way to do all of the above for < $100/year without being an uber geek who knows all about FTP and WebDAV and POP/SMTP? :D

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  • saulbug
    Nov 14, 12:12 PM
    six airlines will begin offering their passengers iPod seat connections which power and charge their iPods during flight and allow the video content on their iPods to be viewed on the their seat back displays.

    that's stupid! why would the person behind me want to watch my videos!? They shouldn't put the video on the seatback of iPod connected passengers, they should put it on the seatback of the passenger in front of them!!

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  • EricNau
    Feb 18, 01:50 PM

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  • BC2009
    Apr 12, 04:55 PM
    Right now in NYC you can walk in the Apple store anytime and get the Verizon iPad. ATT models are extremely hard to find.

    So how is it that Verizon is preferred???... (I know why but I'll let you guess...:))

    I wonder why everywhere I go ATT is sold out...

    I was lucky enough to buy 16GB ATT this morning. :D

    The survey is flawed if it's estimating US sales by polling only US buyers.

    The survey is not a good indicator of initial US sales. Since the AT&T models are being snatched up and shipped overseas. The survey is asking US purchases which version they prefer. However, US citizens are not the only ones buying iPad 2 from Apple in the US. If the survey is accurate then over time (i.e.: as international iPad 2 availability increases) then the Verizon model should catch up to AT&T in the US and possibly pass it in sales.

    I still prefer the nation's fastest network (AT&T) over the most reliable (VZW) any day. Not to mention my GSM 32GB iPad 1 can be used internationally as well. Besides, in my neck of the woods, AT&T service has been very reliable for data consumption. No complaints here.

    I owned the AT&T iPad 1 and I am somebody who only buys the data plan when I am traveling for vacation or for work. In my home town, AT&T is awesome -- they have great coverage. However, last year when traveling I found that AT&T coverage was not so good. In Idaho and Utah I had terrible coverage, in New York City I had "four bars" but it was still dog slow (this is before their NYC upgrades), and in Southern California it was hit or miss. So I bought the Verizon iPad 2 64GB with the intention of sticking with AT&T for my next iPhone. That way if I get somewhere and my phone shows great AT&T coverage then I can go with the WiFi hotspot option. However, if the AT&T coverage is lacking at my destination then I can activate the Verizon plan on the iPad 2. Should give me the best of both worlds. Here's hoping AT&T gets their LTE network up and running sooner rather than later though.

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  • tktaylor1
    Apr 23, 12:43 AM
    Trump is basically the male version of Palin, so I don't want him anywhere near the whitehouse. He's way too far to the right, and I'm pretty sure he would totally mess up the country if he somehow was elected.

    Then how do you feel about our current president?


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  • Ca$hflow
    Apr 24, 06:34 AM
    Make the RAM user upgradable even if it means only having one ram slot. I really feel strongly about this because it seems that the MBA is morphing into a full functional iPad with a keyboard. :(

    I can not help wonder if this is going to put more laptops in landfills this way.:eek: There are many people that can't afford ordering the ultimate BTO option and are able to upgrade the components over time.:cool:

    What do you think?

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  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 5, 05:25 PM
    I suspect that we will have ridiculously fast backups coming our way sometime soon.


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  • Kobushi
    Sep 16, 12:38 AM
    Hmm...What stories to tell....

    They'll usually ask you if you've done any kind of drugs, answer honestly so as not get the wrong dosage. Don't cheat by eating/drinking or whatever they don't want you to do the night before. When I went under, he stuck a needle in my arm and had me count backwards from 100...I hit 97 when he asked how I was feeling. I said "woozy" as the room had started spinning. I closed my eyes to stop it, and was out at about 95. Waking up kinda sucked, it's like your whole body is the numb kind of asleep and you can't control it very well. Having someone with you is a must.

    My wife has gone under way too many times but seems to have handled okay every time. Although, they always removed something in her case, (appendix, wisdom teeth, fibroids, etc) and she would always get mad and demand them back in a drunken stupor.

    My mother had double bypass and woke up in the middle of it. Then proceeded to have an out-of-body. The Surgeon insists that she was asleep the entire time, but my mom was able to recall details of the op that only those present and conscious would be privy to.

    All in all its not bad...kinda boring, really....puts you to sleep as it were..

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  • Jonasgold
    Apr 21, 02:18 PM
    So, it's most likely they are going do these things.

    1. One device that will work on both VZ and AT&T network
    2. 32GB and 64G storage.
    3. 1080P recording with 8 megapixel camera
    4. A5 chip
    5. Maybe higher ram or maybe not.
    6. Throw in something new... like better gyroscope or something to just make iPhone 4 outdated, but nothing major.

    This is BS. It's not good enough, apple.
    To a lot, it is good enough.
    Let's not forget that a lot of Apple customers cannot upgrade every year.
    Those in countries with sponsered phones usually have more-than-12-month contract and those with sim-lock-free phone pay(something equivalent to) 600-700 Euros for a phone.
    If an upgrade is too good, a lot of those people who have had an iPhone 4 will not be very pleased.
    Personally, i'm happy with a 2-yearly update (3GS to 4GS/5/Whatever they call.
    The iPad 2 was also a good evolution without letting they iPad 1 owners feel ripped of.


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  • pubwvj
    Nov 18, 05:55 AM
    So a 17 year old can do it but a gigantic company with $50 billion lying there can't. Seems logical to me. :rolleyes:

    The kid didn't "do it". He is just reselling what was rejected by Apple. Apple has higher standards for the color matching, durability and such. They've rejected the units he's selling because there are problems such that the units don't meet their quality control.

    Lam intends to secure the services of a lawyer to defend himself against any possible action.

    There goes all his profits.

    In the words of the great bard, "First, we kill all the lawyers."

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  • leekohler
    May 3, 01:54 PM
    I got no good answer for you Lee, I didn't vote for that party. Maybe the minority position of the last two conservative government gave them a softer image than before, maybe it was due to the lack of a strong Liberal leadership, maybe people were tired of going to the polls and wanted a 4 year break... I got 'nothin. :o

    I'm afraid that instead of a 4 year break, you're merely going to get broken. I'm serious, after reading up more on these people, you guys are gonna have a very tough time with them. Trust me, they're gonna do what they say they're gonna do. They're idealogues.


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  • Spanky Deluxe
    Oct 26, 07:47 PM
    My main purpose in commenting though is to say congrats to Apple on the management of the event, especially the policing of the queue. It was good to see they dealt with pushing in because, let's face it, they get the same money whether you push or not.

    There was one security guy with a shaved head who was excellent although I think he spent most of his time down the other end of the queue. One of the security guys at the front was really nice too but was a bit overwhelmed due to the number of people. There was an Apple guy at the front who was a bit rubbish though and let people in. The queuing was *really* bad at the front. People were pushing in and got away with it at five to six. One guy even barged in at exactly six o'clock.
    Apple apparently couldn't get permission to use barriers from the council - probably because they left it so late to announce when Leopard would be in stores. We (everyone at the front) were *extremely* disappointed with the shocking organisation of the queues. The first 20m or so of the queue was about 4 people wide. The inner two had been there since about 4 while the outer two had queue jumped in at great annoyance to everyone else at about ten to six and the staff did nothing. This is the reason why some of you didn't get t-shirts. We tried complaining and arguing but to no avail. :(

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  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 11, 08:07 PM
    .. stuff ..

    I under stand what you are driving at, but the U.S. auto industry seems determined to "persuade" the American consumer to follow the guide-lines that THEY prescribe.

    If this continues, your only recourse is to pass on buying Big Three offerings, and trust your future to off-shore manufacturers.


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  • kingdonk
    Feb 28, 08:30 PM
    More server an the start of the profile manager web app.
    the profile manager also allows you to remote lock/wipe your devices but you need to have network directory set up which it was, so will investigate later more about this feature.

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  • Darklandman
    Apr 25, 02:28 AM
    Ignoring current situations and if I could have it any way I want:

    Macbook Air 11.6''

    - Intel I5 ULV, 6mb FSB

    - Nvidia GeForce GTX 460M

    - SD Card Slot

    - Thunderbolt Port in ADDITION to 2 USB ports.

    - Get rid of the bezel around the screen and either make the screen slightly larger or make it black edge similar to MBP.

    I would just settle for the i5 and Nvidia chip. As for the collapsable ethernet port... moving parts? ew.

    I lol'ed at this:p


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  • prady16
    Oct 19, 12:13 PM
    I believe there will be an iphone, but I doubt it will be a smartphone right out of the gate.
    Not to be too skeptical, but look at how long and how much R&D goes into current smartphones (especially qwerty ones). There were leaks for MONTHS before the E62, TMobile Dash, Blackberry Pearl, Treo 700p/W/750v/680, HTC StrTrK, etc all came out, because these things don't happen in a total vacuum...all that testing, it's hard to keep tongues from wagging and secret cameras from snapping. And people are certainly on the lookout, so it's not like Apple would fly under the radar.

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  • steeleclipse
    Sep 17, 09:02 AM
    tell them you apple-care about them alot :D

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  • Sun Baked
    Sep 16, 07:35 AM
    Originally posted by fragiledreams
    Please stop the stability ************. We are not living in the age of windows 95 any more. Some of you guys live with illusions.

    But sometimes fantasy can be so much better than reality.

    And if you deviate too much, the drugs they'll give you in the looney bin will really warp your mind.


    Note: the above post has no basis in reality. But for those that have always used Apples, sometimes it's really hard to think like a PC user without drugs.

    London Lad
    Nov 22, 03:41 AM
    I thought you guys in the USA encouraged free enterprise !!!

    Even if these goods came from Foxconn (which I doubt) if Apple ordered some items then rejected them (and I assume didn't pay for them) they would still belong to Foxconn. If Foxconn threw them away then they abandoned title to them and they cant be stolen.

    Last time I looked it was not illegal to export to the USA so as long as the tax man gets his share of the profit what's the problem?

    I think it's more likely he just had them copied.

    Sheesh, what happened to innocent till proven guilty ? Its not for him to prove anything.

    Apr 15, 07:24 AM
    And Microsoft Windows Server ? really ? Is it successful because I have to install 30 of those to run a simple SSO db like AD whereas I can run eDirectory off of 3 Sun boxes and achieve the same results with about 100 times more objects in the directory ?

    God, haven't used eDirectory in ages, especially so since Novell has been a bit volatile. Been using a Mixture of FreeIPA/Zimbra OSE/Zimbra Collaboration the last couple of years, much faster and cheaper than a Microsoft stack.

    So yes, Microsoft server is so successful because its just the best. :rolleyes:

    They have literally held the industry back all through the 90s and early 00s, something we're just now breaking free of. Just for that, I would never lend them my expertise no matter the offer. It is an ethical and moral choice, not one based on some crazy love for one brand of products.

    Don't forget the the near-brainwashing of Techs and Admins, keeping most businesses and service providers out of plain ignorance.

    Dont Hurt Me
    Oct 10, 07:36 AM
    I doubt very much Macbook is getting updates at the same time Pro Models do. Thats not how Apple operates. First the pro models will be updated then that tech will show up months later in Macbook with some crippling like in the Gpu.

    Mar 25, 09:48 AM
    Recipe and shopping list Palm / Windows Mobile apps like Pocket Cook date from 2000. That one in particular won awards for years.

    What you mean is, it wasn't until iOS that the mass public else took notice. Millions of us were surfing the web and using apps on PDAs, smartphones and tablets long before that.

    i remember they had add ons back then to get cell data, but it was expensive. did they have OTA contact and calendar sync?

    Apr 19, 10:48 AM
    Miami, FL $3.95 GAL for Regular