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dory and nemo. with Nemo, Marlin, Dory,
  • with Nemo, Marlin, Dory,

  • CaptMurdock
    Apr 10, 11:24 AM
    I believe the crucial difference is that you believe when government taxes and spends the money on a service, it's better than not taxing at all.

    dory and nemo. Dory from Finding Nemo
  • Dory from Finding Nemo

  • SevenInchScrew
    Jun 22, 01:39 AM
    Oh dude, I CAN use a USB HDD? That's frackin' awesome. I have two portable ones sitting here doing nothing. Once I finish this first level of Halo, I'll have to try setting it up.
    Yep. The Xbox will format the drive and let you use it for extra storage. The only problem is, no matter what the size of the drive, it will only let you use up to 16GB for storage. But yes, if you have a USB drive just sitting around gathering dust, might as well put it to use.


    dory and nemo. Finding Nemo: Dory#39;s Memory
  • Finding Nemo: Dory#39;s Memory

  • SciFrog
    Apr 16, 08:14 AM
    Every little bit helps. But what we really need is people with 8 cores plus (virtual, desktop machine) running bigadv, at least until faster GPU and/or a GPU client for mac.

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  • yes dory. we all remember how

  • Small White Car
    Nov 17, 03:34 PM
    It's always depressing to see someone else succeed at such an obvious idea. Maybe next time...


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  • summary Finding Nemo

  • jacksonhern
    May 2, 03:42 PM
    I have been over to the website and I can't find where to download the beta. Can you send me a link to where it is?

    dory and nemo. Dory from Finding Nemo
  • Dory from Finding Nemo

  • bigjobby
    Apr 13, 02:35 PM
    Doesn't work for me either. Turning to Time Machine now after messing up all of my calendars in the wasted time with this. :mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Yep. This so called and touted Outlook Calendar/iCal sync feature has been a huge FAIL. Simply does not work and there's a bit of noise about it growing on the www. What a huge failure in their testing department!!! :mad:


    dory and nemo. Finding-Nemo--Dory
  • Finding-Nemo--Dory

  • QuarterSwede
    Jan 6, 03:29 PM
    Push Notifications are when your phone automatically checks for updates, alerts etc. without you having to open the app right? I guess it's just misleading to me because when I hear "push" notifications, I think of something that happens when I push the app or open it up.

    Thanks for the fast response!
    No, PN is when the Apple Push Notification server tells your phone you have a notification. The apps do not need to be running. Its suppose to save you battery life by not having multiple apps open all the time.

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  • Dory Meet Nemo

  • jsw
    Sep 19, 10:48 AM
    Gar! Perhaps ye be best served with some o' me best lines (http://www.talklikeapirate.com/howto.html#pickup) to use w' th' young lasses.

    Though be warned... those that be interested in th' words o' a gentleman o' fortune such as meself are oft'n wenches, not th' buxom beauties and lasses ye probably long for. If'n th' young lass at th' Apple Store be not a wench, ye might be findin' that th' nano be not so small when it be shoved into certain places.


    dory and nemo. Dory (#39;Finding Nemo#39;)
  • Dory (#39;Finding Nemo#39;)

  • steeleclipse
    Sep 17, 09:02 AM
    tell them you apple-care about them alot :D

    dory and nemo. Dory And Nemo
  • Dory And Nemo

  • EightmanVT
    Apr 13, 10:53 PM
    I was planning to have guns blazing indiscriminately but I guess I can silently hover if that's the game plan :mad:


    dory and nemo. Disney#39;s Finding Nemo
  • Disney#39;s Finding Nemo

  • dscuber9000
    Apr 7, 11:23 PM
    Yeah, I really don't understand the move to kill planned parenthood. Any way you look at it, killing it would lead to more unwanted pregnancies... which is probably a big contributor to abortions. :p

    I think Republicans just have this weird vision for America where everyone is capable and responsible. We're not. So we need planned parenthood.

    dory and nemo. dory and nemo. Marlin and Dory
  • dory and nemo. Marlin and Dory

  • roadbloc
    Feb 18, 10:47 AM
    Notice Steve is the only guy without wine?


    dory and nemo. Finding Nemo featured a fish
  • Finding Nemo featured a fish

  • mac-er
    Apr 3, 07:27 PM
    Pages 1.0 is typical Apple. Anytime Apple puts out the first version of a product, its really a beta.

    And, no, not necessarily because of bugs, but because it lacks the features or speed that a GM product should (ie OS 10.0)

    dory and nemo. Nemo and Dory
  • Nemo and Dory

  • fcortese
    Mar 4, 05:54 AM

    JD, nicely done. I love the vibrant reds and yellows with the softer-out-of-focus greens in the background. My eyes are drawn immediately to the almost star-like center of the red flower-of course, placed a the rule of thirds juncture.


    dory and nemo. Dory and Nemo
  • Dory and Nemo

  • barrett14
    Mar 14, 09:52 AM
    any report of a place that has them in stock?

    dory and nemo. dory and nemo.
  • dory and nemo.

  • CaoCao
    Apr 9, 05:25 AM
    How much can we trust Abby Johnson's word? (http://www.doublex.com/blog/xxfactor/earth-shaking-abortion-never-happened)

    Considering we have evidence to suggest PP workers aiding and abetting pimps and child prostitutes (fake) in acquiring abortion I don't see how lying and doctoring documents is above them. A lie from the physician and the paperwork for that abortion getting "misplaced" are all it takes.

    Also I'm very surprised at only one website "exposing" her and a couple sites commenting on it. Abby Johnson lying would come out as a bang not a whimper.


    dory and nemo. dory and nemo.
  • dory and nemo.

  • Tomorrow
    Mar 30, 08:33 AM
    $3.52 this morning.

    dory and nemo. NemoDory
  • NemoDory

  • gkarris
    Apr 5, 05:05 PM
    Anyways, the 3DS just needs titles. It's a solid portable gaming system with no shortage of GREAT DS games to play on it until 3DS titles start to role in.

    Hopefully, not merely updated N64 titles... ;)

    Yes, even with the 3D off - the games look nice...

    dory and nemo. dory and nemo.
  • dory and nemo.

  • justflie
    Nov 21, 04:36 PM
    If they can get it to work, engineers around the world will love them forever. Heat is always such a huge waste in any machinery, from computers to pumps to anything. The cost and environmental savings would be great if this tech (or something like it) can be effectively applied over a broad range of machinery!

    Apr 4, 11:36 AM
    I agree that you're taxing the wrong thing. If you tax mileage rather than gas, you're not encouraging higher fuel economy the same way a gas tax would. The ones who burn more fuel should brunt the burden. It's a lot easier to get a more fuel efficient vehicle than it is to make your necessary commute shorter.

    But these taxes are historically for funding the construction and upkeep of the highways, not to curb gas usage or to spur efficiency.

    A car that gets 60 mpg will do just as much 'damage' to a road surface as a car that get 8 mpg....but the 50mpg car will pay much, MUCH less for upkeep of that road than the other in a gas-tax based situation.

    Mar 25, 09:33 AM
    The difference here is Samsung settled. With $1billion at stake, Apple will likely fight this to the end. And with countersuits on the line, this will get ugly.

    For a billion apple could just go out and buy the company. :rolleyes:

    Considering they are today at 3.43 per share just buy them out and throw out the executive.

    Jun 25, 02:56 PM
    I think it should also include a folding accelerator, a folding amplyfier, and a voice feature that spits out the time, my points, WU's, Avg's, next 300hour overtake info, and the top 5 coming up the ranks threatning me, the team stats, and give this info via voice every 15 minutes!

    Whata think?

    May 3, 10:51 AM
    Ba-bye Canada :'(
    Are you say that you are leaving? Then don't let the door hit your on your arse.

    This is a democracy and in a democracy there are winners and losers. If you cannot respect the will of the people then I suggest that you find some communist/fascist paradise where you can be free of democracy.

    We have and will continue to have universal healthcare. We have and will continue to have a pension system and hopefully the conservatives can patch it up so that it will there for me when I retire as a supplement/backup for my RRSPs. The opposition parties would have either bankrupted the pension system or raised taxes on everyone which would have caused another recession.

    As for Americans, I don't see the connection. The conservatives are "real" fiscal conservatives unlike the republicans and social moderates. Understand this, social moderate mean that they are out to serve the needs of all Canadians and not just special interests. If there are problems with our system then the solution needs to be to fix it for everyone as that is the only fair thing to do. If you pay into the system then you should be able to access that system.

    The Americans could use some real fiscal conservatives right about now.

    Here in Canada, each party gets money for every vote they receive from a federal fund and this system replaced donations from big corporations and big unions which previously was turning our system into a more "American" style situation with lobbying and funding by special interest groups. Maybe the Americans should think about getting rid of their existing fund raising system and replace it with a taxpayer/voter based system so that they are more likely to work for their constituents rather that whomever gave them the biggest cheque.

    @leekohler: We are smarter than our neighbours to the south. We voted in real conservatives and we have a pay per vote system rather than politicians pandering to large contributors.

    Jan 7, 12:25 PM
    Have they fixed the issue where the News Feed constantly reverts to "Live Feed" view even though you've selected "Status Updates"?

    Because that problem right there is reason enough for me not to install it.