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  • tmill56
    Mar 13, 12:44 PM
    yup i looked at midnight and it rolled back an hour. why is daylight savings such a difficult thing to get right? oh well.

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  • redeye be
    Jun 25, 05:11 AM
    Like have the 24 hr average on the main section, because this is what I look at when I look at our team.
    That's what the 'details' are for. I don't want to clutter the widget with to much information, unless you ask for it by expanding it.
    If a lot of people would like this i would be forced to implement though ;).
    Also a way to see the graphs would be great, but that might be a problem.
    I have been playing with this though from the beginning, there are some issues.
    First, and most important: EOC might not like this, they still like getting hits on their webpage. I really don't want to piss them off since they are the ones providing the info.
    Second: A log would have to be kept with all data, for the desired period of time. For this to work the widget would have to be able to download the xml file every 3 hours, making the graphs useless when you miss an update.
    Maybe in the future, when somebody donates a server to host our own stats... :rolleyes:
    By the way, if you ever need some help, don't be afraid to give me a shout
    I'll keep that in mind, thx! What are you good at? ;)

    For now, the biggest support anyone can give me is using the widget, keeping this thread alive and spreading the word (maybe even signature wise like some people do).

    different hairstyles for medium hair. hairstyles for medium hair
  • hairstyles for medium hair

  • mrspoons
    Mar 14, 08:57 AM
    I'm picking up a g4 mini in the next couple of days that has been completely wiped clean.
    I don't have any sort of monitor at home and was looking at hooking it up to my Panasonic plasma to set it up from scratch using a DVI - HDMI cable.
    Will I actually be able to see anythiing without having an OS already installed or is it going to be a pointless exercise?

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  • prom hairstyles for medium

  • apfhex
    Sep 19, 07:12 PM
    but NO, the fans are not loud all the time now, they sound just fine, but after the update (according to temperature monitor) they are about 10 degrees F cooler now at idle
    What do you use to monitor the temps? I haven't found anything that works yet.

    What problems *do* these EFI and SMC updates fix, exactly? BTW, according to the SMC update description, it will update it to 1.7f8, while according to System Profiler I already have that version. Must apply to to the first batch of models only? :confused:

    Edit: firmware update successfully applied, no SMC update in SWU for me.


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  • tablo13
    Apr 5, 07:23 PM
    Come on, no more stainless back :mad:

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  • bigcat318
    Apr 14, 01:50 PM
    I like the mop behind him. Is he the janitor of the data center?

    Joking I hope


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  • jacg
    Sep 25, 04:58 PM
    I can display a 10,000 x 8.000 pixel picture on an iPod if I throw away 99% of the data as well. But why would you want to use such a huge file for no reason? Not only would it take up vast amounts of space, but you have to process all that "throwing away" info on the fly.

    The new videos take longer for you to download, use more storage space on the iPod, require the iPod to downsample at playback, and cost Apple more bandwidth.

    So why would Apple do all this if they weren't in fact planing to USE the new format on an iPod? Soem may say "it's for rregular Macs", but this size is too SMALL for to build a new standard for computers. So the only conclusion I can reach is that it has to be for a new iPod to come...

    Front Row? iTV?

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  • Vitruviux
    Apr 6, 03:33 PM
    Used to hate the 30pin dock connector till I realized how much it combines.

    I love the inclusion of USB3.0.

    I just hope the old dock ports/cables will be backwards compatible, I've got so many dock cables.

    Also hope Apple will also release something like this to comply with the EU standards...



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  • Apple OC
    Apr 6, 09:27 PM
    looks pretty good ... best of luck NumeroTen :cool:

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  • Justinf79
    May 1, 07:43 PM
    Too bad I'll prolly never get a beta key. :(


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  • MacCoaster
    Sep 20, 02:59 PM
    Originally posted by bond2
    As the saying goes at Apple: "If you can't beat'em, dual'em"

    I say whatever it takes to keep up. Doesn't bother me that there are two CPU's under the hood. Anyways I am sure that OS X is way more optimized for dual Processors than Windows 2000 or XP. Having OS X far outways the slight difference in hardware performance. OS X is specifically designed for Macs, and optimized to take full advantage of the hardware. No one that has a Dell, Compaq, Gateway...etc... can say the same thing about Windows. The only way that would happen is if Microsoft came out with a special Intel version of Windows or AMD version. Never gonna happen. I know most of you already know this but I just thought I'd throw it out there again.
    Windows XP is optimized for both Intel Pentiums and AMD Athlons. You can include optimizations for both and they will be used as needed. Windows XP-64 is also compiled for IA-64 workstations. Apple might have beat Microsoft with the first consumer 32 bit OS, but Microsoft beat Apple with the first consumer 64 bit OS. You're speaking facts and not justifying them; please, next time at least justify yourself.

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  • Thom_Edwards
    May 7, 11:44 PM
    Originally posted by markjs

    What I am getting at by this post, is why are Mac people so biggoted against the PC. Another guy made a post somewhere else about how maybe one in fifteen PC users is anti Mac, but more like one in two Mac users is anti PC. What can a Mac user do that I can't? I do audio and video editing on my PC, I can't think of anything a Mac can do my computer can't (and I'll wager I'll do anything cheaper, and being poor that's a serious consideration to me), and what is the big draw to the Mac. I realize this isn't the best forum for a two sided debate, but I am thowing it out there anyway.


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  • rust0r
    Nov 18, 09:31 PM
    The real crime is that there are people with hundreds of dollars to throw away on pretty phone covers while a billion people on the planet don't even have access to safe drinking water.

    I'm sure my logic will be ripped apart, but I've made my point. :cool:

    Do you have an iPhone 4 ? A car? Or other "non essential items" / luxury items ? EVERYONE, yes even individuals who want to make constant "poor starving African children" stance, have possessions they could do without. Sell your phone, sell your car, stop going to the movies, enjoy basic sustenance and give all your savings to foundations to help those in other counties...THEN you can scold everyone else about how they spend their hard earned dollars on luxury items

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 12, 01:09 PM
    BTW.... Word and Excel are the only two applications from MS I like... and others are right. Pages and Numbers can't hold a candle to Office... yet.

    But I have always found it annoying that many times while trouble shooting or surfing MS web site you're constantly reminded you're not running the latest version of Windows. Subtle marketing I guess? :rolleyes:


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  • citizenzen
    Apr 9, 11:43 PM
    I call fake photo.

    It's always interesting to be exposed to a slice of history that had been up to now unknown to me. Margaret Sanger did in fact give a speech to the wives of the KKK in 1926. Here is her account (http://www.thefreshfacts.com/margaret-sangers-account-of-her-lecture-to-the-ku-klux-klan-educational-video-film-2/) of that evening from her autobiography ...

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  • MacBandit
    Sep 14, 07:33 PM
    [/B]I agreed with you. The new dual ghz is FAST, but the noise in the hot summer day. I can use my new Powermac as heater in the winter season. :)

    This baby can heat up your room nice and warm!:) if you are looking for heater and something to compute, Apple dual is a machine to get! [/B]

    Compared to every high end PC I've seen of late is not only louder but makes any Mac look like a refrigerator in comparing the amount of heat they exhaust.


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  • Eraserhead
    Jun 10, 08:03 AM

    Isn't getting a new category as it is suggested for deletion.

    different hairstyles for medium hair. Even if you have medium hair
  • Even if you have medium hair

  • m4c1nt05h
    Aug 19, 10:52 AM
    Why is everyone ragging on Facebook for this?

    It's not as if they invented it.

    Foursquare, Loopt and Gowalla have had these types of apps for many many months.

    because it's turned on by default. it should be off by default (IMO) and then turned on as an option. many people aren't aware that Facebook's new "features" are almost always on when rolled out.

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  • notabadname
    Apr 5, 09:41 AM
    And as to the displays, I quote the May 2011 issue and its preliminary findings: (this is also in response to all the "yeah, but a Xoom has a wide-screen format")

    among the best tablet displays we've tested. It has excellent color and is viewable from almost any angle without degrading the image. The Motorola Xoom's display can be viewed from almost any direction too, but it loses more contrast at off-angles than the iPad

    It's good to be square. Apple's approach has its advantages, too. In land-scape mode, for example, the display's greater height lets the e-mail app display more messages in the inbox, assuming you use the same size text as on other tablets. When you're typing in landscape mode, an iPad can accommodate a taller onscreen keyboard or more content on the screen above the keyboard. In portrait mode, its display is less cramped when you're Web browsing or reading a magazine or an e-book. And when you're playing games that take advantage of a display's height and width, that screen also allows for a greater range of motion.

    Oct 26, 05:29 PM
    Well I managed to pickup Leopard & a tshirt from Regent st. It was pretty mad in there. I took some shots with my Nikon + sigma 30mm f1.4 but I've yet to process them.

    It was fun waiting around if only to see the hordes of people and interest in what is... a software update. :rolleyes:

    Nov 21, 11:41 PM
    As a mechanical engineer, I'm not exactly cynical about this application of Eneco's technology, but I remain very, very skeptical. With such a relatively small temperature difference, I would say it is very unlikely that such a device would be economically feasible. A quick visit to Eneco's site shows me that they don't even have lab data for temperature differences of less than 100 deg C!

    They obfuscate the issue of efficiency by referring to the Carnot efficiency to inflate the numbers to the uninitiated. Sadi Carnot showed that an ideal heat engine that operated between two infinite reservoirs at temperatures, T(hot) and T(cold) would have an efficiency of ( T(hot)-T(cold) ) / T(hot), and the temperatures have to be on an absolute scale like Kelvin or Rankine. The "Carnot efficiency" compares the performance of the system in question to this ideal heat engine.

    Suppose you ran your chip at a very warm 90 deg C (363 K) and could dump the heat to your 25 deg C (298 K) room, your perfect efficiency would be about 18%! This means that for every 5W of heat you dissipate from the chip, you get a little less that 1 W of electric power. Something with an impressive-sounding 50% Carnot efficiency would really have a measly 9% real efficiency.

    Unless Eneco sells these things very cheaply and makes them very small, I can't see Apple going through the trouble and expense of adding them to their portables for such a small benefit in recycled power. I remain skeptical, yet open-minded.

    Apr 29, 09:39 PM
    Hey everyone!
    After a few days of trying to:
    a) Wipe the phone / Jailbreak
    b) Restore/Update/ Wipe Jailbreak
    c) Update and rejailbreak

    I came up with nothing.

    When I plug my phone into the computer, Itunes notices it, but cannot read any information and thus makes me restore. It downloaded the 4.3.2 firmware and started to get to work. After about 10 minutes it finally said failed. This happened over and over and over. Even using my own firmwares and the shift+click method. (Tried same 4.1, 4.2 and another 4.3.2). Nothing works. I even tried using iREB to put it into "Pwn dfu mode", but still I get errors. Anyone have any ideas?

    The next thing I'm going to try to do is use another computer.
    Also, what is that thing with changing the hosts file. I don't completely understand what it does and if it would help.

    Again, thanks!


    Fix my phone :(

    this link helped me out maybe it will help you


    Dec 6, 03:36 PM
    All Macs?

    Even Mac Mini?

    Not sure about the mini specifically, but all Macs dating back to G3 PowerBooks (and probably earlier) have this capability, so I don't know why Apple would disable this in any of its newer offerings.

    Mar 25, 05:45 PM
    I just called a store in my area. They have 32 and 64GB but they said they can overnight ship me one with 16GB capacity!

    Then I realized I am still not sure whether I really need one!!! :confused: