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  • MacBytes
    Aug 1, 10:50 PM
    http://www.macbytes.com/images/bytessig.gif (http://www.macbytes.com)

    Category: News and Press Releases
    Link: iPhone 4 jailbreak hits from iPhone Dev Team (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20100801235008)
    Description:: none

    Posted on MacBytes.com (http://www.macbytes.com)
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  • Tim117
    Mar 16, 11:54 PM

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  • andi242
    May 1, 07:04 AM
    I'm the one who found it. It's the following file:

    thanks, it might have been good to point that out in the first place :)

    anyone else to confirm?

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  • Chone
    Apr 15, 06:49 PM

    Read the introductory paragraph, especially the first line. Then count the new releases.


    /end of witty post of the day.


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  • Chaszmyr
    Aug 16, 03:07 AM
    I'd like i better if the outside was graphite instead of fur print

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  • Warbrain
    Apr 28, 06:09 AM
    Agreed, and I think that Android devices finally grew up into a decent alternative many people got tired of waiting and are now under contract with something else. So the available market shrunk as more people got under contract.

    Even though the iPhone4 is a great phone, the iPhone 5 is needed soon to energize things. Too many people realize that the iPhone4 is nearing the end of it's life cycle.

    This is the issue with a yearly product cycle. People begin to understand when that cycle starts over, avoid new purchases of the product, and even tell their friends and family to not buy right now.


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  • Squonk
    Oct 31, 11:29 AM
    I think the free 38 character engraving is one of the things that makes this product so special. Buying one without it seems to devalue it's significance to me. :rolleyes: :confused: :eek:

    Examples of cool engravings would be:

    Reward 4 Return 555.555.6789 Taylor B.
    Frank Ford 555.555.6789 Please Return
    Always in my thoughts. Love, Fred
    Always in my thoughts. Love, Claudia
    When you speak, it's music to my ears.
    Always listen carefully. Love, Charles

    Sounds good to me, Claudia! :D :D :D

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  • ajohnson253
    Apr 13, 02:22 PM
    i don't mind. More time to enjoy the 4 :)



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  • Anonymous Freak
    Feb 13, 10:37 PM
    There isn't a universal yet; but you can run the 'application' in Rosetta (but not the screensaver, because Rosetta doesn't do screensavers,) or you could try downloading the source and building it yourself.

    (Or, if you're REALLY adventurous, you could try running the x86 command-line Linux version...)

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  • Eric374
    Apr 30, 06:24 PM
    Handbrake works well too.


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  • edtorious
    Mar 8, 04:31 PM
    Forgive my ignorance :o but why wait till they sell the iPad 2 till 5 pm, why not start in the morning? Weird for me for I have never got in line for 5 pm launch, either midnight or morning launch I have done before but never on 5 pm launch.

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  • willber
    Apr 17, 08:44 PM
    I was playing around with my CategoriesSB background graphic and had the idea of the graphic being a finder window with the correct folder name and graphic.

    If anyone is interested in giving it a go I can post the .psd with instructions.

    Here are some screenshots


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  • Duff-Man
    Apr 20, 03:39 PM
    Duff-Man says....if you search the forum (or in this case, even just look down the page) there's a somewhat lengthy thread about this (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1104106) already....oh yeah!

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  • Fotoguy10002
    Apr 22, 03:55 PM
    I downloaded a movie rental before my travels and when I tried to play it an error message came up that said the movie is unable to play. I have tried restating the I pad 2 but it did not correct the problem. Any advice on how to correct this issue.



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  • kilowattradio
    Nov 20, 06:37 AM
    Doubtful since their warranty does not transfer to a second hand buyer. If I were to buy an iPod and then sell it on ebay a few weeks later the new owner would not be covered.

    Hmm, Well If I want to try out an item and then resell it later I ask the retailer for a gift receipt which doesn't list a name, but just a price & Date of Purchase. Then when I sell it I just include the gift receipt to the buyer and the warranty is good for them also.

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  • Ace 7
    Aug 3, 03:17 PM
    Love me sum Inception.


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  • ChrisBrightwell
    Sep 27, 07:09 AM
    I haven't heard of any wise young men.They're out there. I meet them all the time.

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  • XnavxeMiyyep
    Jul 6, 07:08 PM
    Macs are designed to have Dual Processors, and OS X is designed to take advantage of that. Panther will definitely take advantage of the second processor, as will various applications.

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  • Mac4Ever
    Jul 22, 10:16 AM
    Thanks : ): )

    Nov 1, 09:45 AM
    How can I tell the difference?

    new: http://images.apple.com/ipodnano/images/specsearbudsvert20060912.jpg

    old: http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/39931000/jpg/_39931535_bull-apple203.jpg

    Apr 25, 10:38 AM
    i want to dual boot snow leopard on my netbook it needs to be 32 bit help me out i got snow leopard DMP file downloaded i dont under stand how to get it dual booted (note i dont have a disk drive on my netbook) if someone just can run me through how to do it?

    Mar 30, 11:48 PM
    I am looking for something that is like Visual Studio's "Properties Panel" UI component for Mac OS X (Xcode).

    Is there such a control?


    Oct 11, 02:59 PM
    It's an OK update but I'm kinda disappointed was expecting much more. There are other Twitter clients out there with more features. I'll give them the map though.. thats nice.

    I'm using Tweetings at the moment, I like the post what your listening to on your iPod feature.

    Apr 28, 07:06 AM
    As I glance thru these comments ... it sure would be refreshing if the negative posters would just go away. They offer nothing and it is truly a waste of time to even glance at them. Why not offer something that is useful and others can learn from. For those of you that do bring to light informative insights ... thank you.