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  • srinivas_o
    08-22 02:18 PM
    Hello guys,

    My I-485 status was showing that a document was mailed on Jul 18th to the address on the file. I have changed address on July 5th online and got notification about that the address is changed. But the document which was send on July 18th I have not received it. I have called USCIS customer service and they are asking me to contact local service center and I could not get the contact number. Does anybody have that number? I called 3 times and they just told that and hung up on me. They are saying we cannot give you any service update. BTW, my case is pending at TSC.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • vinabath
    07-02 03:48 PM
    You decided to marry a girl because your PD was current, married her and promised her you would get her an EAD in 3 months...and you did all this in 2 weeks ???

    Man! You are fast!

    Actually I was slow. The God(USCIS) made me fast.

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  • GoneSouth
    04-12 08:05 AM
    Yes, you should have applied in 1999, before the labor and visa backlogs. ;) (I kid - above posters are correct, you *may* have enough time if you can get PERM and I-140 done very quickly, then apply for three year ext.)

    - GS

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  • new2H1&GC
    11-08 12:39 PM
    Hi all,
    This year I got my H1B approved with start date Oct 1st 2007 through a consultancy. I had also applied for GC in July (as derivative) and got my EAD October last week.

    The consultancy hasn't placed me on project so far (it's been more than a month) , and I am concerned , if this period of "no pay" will affect my GC process in anyway.:(

    The consultancy wants me to get an SSN now, because a couple of their clients want to know the SSN number before considering for projects.

    Would getting an ssn number based on the H1B effect me in anyway later on.....in case it takes longer for the consultancy to assign me a project?:confused:

    In the mean time I have been looking for jobs in my area , and if I find one before the consultancy assigns a project, I have decided to go ahead and use my EAD card.. and get SSN based on EAD.

    Could someone please please let me know if there is any effect on GC if I get an SSN on H1B...or if I use EAD to get an SSN would it invalidate my H1B?:confused:

    I would much rather be safe than sorry.

    Thank you all for ur replies...


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  • stucklabor
    03-11 11:01 AM

    I am not sure if line 14 of the ETA carries much significance. You can always submit your qualifications during I140.

    Can you get a copy of ETA 750 Form A? That will tell you if the job requirements were filed under EB2 or Eb3.

    Please answer me the following question?

    I have a masters from US and over 2 years of exp when I joined my company. They filed for my LC. There is nothing in form 750 B ETA that says if I am EB-2 or EB-3. In fact the line line 14 is blank which says list documents that support education, training, experience..etc. to be submitted during I-140. I suspect though on ETA 750 form A they made the advertisement as if I am eb-2. So the question is I do not see anything on line 14 of ETA form B. Is that a big blunder.
    Did my lawyer blunder or I am ok?
    My labor is not cleared yet. So no way to check I-140.

    I know few things
    ETA 750 FORM A probably filed as EB-2 (I have to believe my lawyer, they say I have been filed as EB-2 on repeated request).
    ETA 750 form B of which I have a copy of (it was the one that I had to fill), line 14 says Item 14. Documentation. List any documents submitted with this form as evidence of the alien's qualifications. These may include statements from past employers, diplomas, and educational or training certificates. now this column is blank. Is that a problem? Did my lawyer made a big unrectified mistake.


    Thanks in advance,
    Did my lawyer blunder or I am ok?

    Thanks in advance,

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  • nixstor
    04-18 12:32 PM
    <Snip from his speech>

    �When I mention this to people, they sometimes go hysterical,� Becker told a packed house during the inaugural Becker Brown Bag Series lunch discussion hosted by The Becker Center on Chicago Price Theory at Hyde Park Center on March 1 and sponsored by Vishal Verma.


    With all due respect, applying a bit of economics to politics/immigration might work out but folks in politics are not gonna let any one wipe away immigration/politics with economics.


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  • nixstor
    09-18 02:37 PM
    I dont see any thing related to scientits/researchers on the link you provided. Has it moved? The page I see talks about WU not making double digit profits.

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  • trinigirl
    08-09 06:36 PM
    Are you kidding me $400.00 I paid $115.00 Including tetanus shot and tb shot. $35.00 for the lab work and my husband's insurance covered the x-ray because I Knew it would com back positive. What a rip off


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  • grupak
    02-06 11:46 AM
    AFAIK you should be able to get the pay raise mid year even in a university, however you might have to file an amendment to your H1B if it is not the usual inflation adjustments.

    Usually amendments are filled when there is a material change like new location because it invalidates the underlying old labor. There is no clear cut rule but some lawyers feel 10% pay increase is borderline. If there is a title change you also might need an amendment even though duties in universities hardly change from the usual teaching and research.

    Filing an amendment is easy from what I remember.

    And, yes, I am familiar with the university system.

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  • vali
    11-14 11:53 AM
    I just received all the receipts for I-140/I-485/I765/I-131 from TSC.
    As some stupid questions:
    - I noticed a number above my name: A0xx xxx xxx. Is this an alien number?
    - If so please someone explain since I have my PD on 04/24/2001 I never noticed this number (I might be wrong). It is something good or bad or what this number mean?
    - Also, just to have an idea, after all are approved (hopefully without unexpected delays) how long until I have that plastic card GC in my hand?
    - any small clue will be greatly appreciated.


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  • ps57002
    09-14 07:50 AM
    I see IV has done an excellent job in promoting the event as I see it listed in several newspapers (and listed on lawfirm websites such as murthy, siskund, etc. I think it will be a huge turnout and you want to be a part of this exciting rally. If you're thinking "well there's enough people already" then you need to think "i'm doing my part, that's what matters, no matter how many show/don't show up". Stand up for what is right. Stand up cause enough is enough. Stand up because each and every one counts. Come on to D.C. You'll make a lot of new friends and can have fun in person talking to people who understand....you can talk about your receipts in person too :p Will be great...don't miss out.


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  • quick
    March 16th, 2005, 05:05 PM
    I have decided to go for the SB-600 rather than the 800 because I don't think I need the extra functions at this point. It will save on $$$ and weight too.

    Good choice.

    You also have faster recharge since the flash is slightly less powerful but perfectly adequate... I was going to get an SB-800 but ended up with two SB-600s for now for the same price.

    I will likely get one SB-800 (and maybe another SB-600) when I get my D2x so that I have commander mode available.

    the two SB-600s I have have been great for the month I've had them - if your only body is a D70 you're golden - you can use the sb-5B-600 on remote and use the built in D70 flash as commander.



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  • bouncer
    09-23 02:26 PM
    Hi bouncer,
    I just wrote a tutorial on how to call custom states programmatically or via code here: http://www.kirupa.com/blend_silverlight/custom_vsm_pg1.htm (the last two pages will be most helpful for you).

    Are you unsure how to call the states, or are you unsure how to detect the direction of mouse movement?


    I know how to call the states but not sure about the detection of mouse. I want to call each states on each direction.

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  • gcdreamer05
    03-19 01:26 PM
    To safeguard your own identity try to use any identity protection program, i do not work for or i am nto trying to do sales here, but i have used Bank of americas program and i used it for like 1 year it was pretty good. They alert you if there is any fradulent transaction like if any one tries to open a credit card or something with ur ssn number etc...

    I would strongly suggest you do that and keep monitoring your reports.

    I have seen so many other programs on TV about identity theft prevention software, services etc... sign up for something to be on safe side.

    i also remember seeing something which rhymes with id lock or something, the CEO of that company displays his SSN number on all boards etc... i dont remember which one.

    Just google for identity theft prevention programs and you should see lots.


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  • Abhinaym
    09-12 12:57 PM
    Lets start IV wiki then....
    and people here who are going through the process can contribute to it first hand.... coupled with moderation form admins.

    What say IVians?

    That sounds like a solid idea! We should be able to edit existing and new wikipedia entries showing our woes.

    Of course, we'll have to write it so that the text appears balanced and unbiased.

    Once again, this will show strength in numbers. BTW, how will moderation from admins work? This will have to be group work, with constant refinement.

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  • ndny
    08-06 03:01 PM
    Are there public benefits that aliens can legally receive without worrying that they will be considered a public charge?

    A: Yes. Not all publicly funded benefits will be considered in deciding whether someone is or is likely to become a public charge. The focus of the public charge definition is on cash benefits for income maintenance and institutionalization for long-term care at government expense. Examples of benefits that will not be considered for public charge purposes include:

    Medicaid and other health insurance and health services (including public assistance for immunizations and for testing and treatment of symptoms of communicable diseases; use of health clinics, prenatal care, etc.), other support for institutionalization for long-term care, Children�s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Nutrition programs including Food Stamps, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs, and other supplementary and emergency food assistance programs:

    Housing assistance
    Child care services
    Energy assistance, such as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
    Emergency disaster relief
    Foster care and adoption assistance
    Educational assistance, including benefits under the Head Start Act and aid for elementary, secondary, or higher education
    Job training programs
    In-kind, community-based programs, services, or assistance (such as soup kitchens, crisis counseling and intervention, and short-term shelter).

    Are health care benefits and enrollment in health insurance programs like Medicaid and CHIP considered for public charge purposes?

    A: No, not unless an alien is primarily dependent on the government for subsistence as demonstrated by institutionalization for long-term care at government expense. In particular, USCIS and the State Department will not consider participation in Medicaid, CHIP, or similar state-funded programs, for public charge purposes. This approach will help to safeguard public health while still allowing USCIS and the State Department to identify people who are primarily dependent on the government for subsistence by looking to the receipt of public cash assistance for income maintenance. In addition, short-term institutionalization for rehabilitation will not be considered for public charge purposes.


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  • ivgclive
    04-25 10:53 PM
    Here is my situation: I was on my 6th year of the h1b visa (I had about 3 months left of valid visa) when I left the country in January 2010 to live abroad...In August 2010 I came back to the US on a tourist visa and I applied to get the 3 months I had left on my H1b in November.

    After waiting for over 4 months, I received the approval notice from immigration for the h1b valid only for 1 day!! (4/20/11-4/21/11)...I received the approval notice on the mail on 4/23, 2 days after the visa was valid...so basically, by the time I received the notice in the mail, I was already out of status.

    If I apply for an extension this week, do you think that they will approve my 7th year extension or they might deny it based on the fact that I applied after my H1b visa expired? If they deny it, what are my options to stay in the country?

    What would the employer gain by applying H1B if only 3 months left?

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  • go_guy123
    05-30 11:56 AM
    While doing some ad-hoc research after watching Valkyrie, I discovered this interesting bit of U.S. immigration history and couldn't help but be amazed how nobody seems to know or talk about United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_v._Bhagat_Singh_Thind).

    The Luce-Celler Act of 1946 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luce-Celler_Act_of_1946) was proposed by Republican Clare Booth Luce and Democrat Emanuel Celler in 1943 and signed into being by President Harry Truman on July 2, 1946, granting naturalization rights to Indian Americans (and Filipino Americans) and re-established immigration from India (and the Philippines).

    Food for thought...



    Eventually this bill introduced that 7% per country cap

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  • vivid_bharti
    09-02 04:36 PM
    Sathya sai baba ???? You haven't known about his deeds, if you can find it read about great magician PC Sircar meeting him about 15 years ago. This is what PC said about him.
    "he's no godman, he's just a magician, not even a good magician, he should practice more".

    One of my ex-colleagues got his GC approved out of turn last year itself. He was EB3 - PD November 2005. They approved it for him, his wife and his two kids! He is a big devotee of Sathya Sai Baba and I think he certainly got his blessings on this one..!

    05-16 01:02 PM
    IV NEEDS MONEY to pay for all the resources. IV Core has spent thousands of dollars from their own pockets to fly back and forth from DC and other activities to lobby for all of us. Please keep in mind that apart from paying the lobbyist (top $$$$). IV has other expenses like maintaining this website, paying for related expenses. CONSIDER CONTRIBUTING ATLEAST A LITTLE AMOUNT.

    12-18 09:17 PM
    Hi All,
    I am currently working for a University in cap-exempt H1B (company A). I got a job offer from a cap-subjected company (company B). I am aware that the H1B which i have is non-transferable and i have to apply for new H1B petition to work for company.
    Since the cap numbers are still available, applying for new petition is not a problem. I was in an idea of asking my new employer (company B) to apply for new H1B petition (premium processing) while working with Company A but i came to know the following from USCIS official document that i have to stop working for the current employer before submitting the company B H1B petition. I thought I can work for the cap-exempt company A until the company B H1B is approved. Have anyone experienced it? if so when should i stop working for my current cap-exempt employer?...can i work till the LCA is approved..?

    Below is the paragraph from USCIS Memo
    "If the H-1B alien beneficiary has not �ceased� to be employed in a cap-Exempt position, then he or she will not be counted towards the cap.
    If the H-1B alien beneficiary has �ceased� to be employed in a cap-exempt position, then the alien will be subject to the H-1B numerical limitation, and the concurrent employment petition may not be approved unless a cap number is available to the alien beneficiary.

    From what you have quoted, where does it say that you have to stop working before you can apply for cap subject H1B? All it says is:
    1. if you apply for a new H1B that is also cap exempt position, then you will not be counted for the cap.
    2. if you apply for a new H1B this is cap subject, that a cap subject petition cannot be approved unless a cap number is available.

    Since the quota is not over yet over for cap subject H1B, you should be able to work with the University till your cap subject petition is approved.