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blake lively hair 2011. Blake Lively with Red Hair
  • Blake Lively with Red Hair

  • GeekLawyer
    Apr 21, 12:58 PM
    So what do you think it should have?

    Will only a redesign make it a real new phone? I think its great that Apple has had three good designs now. Some build up is necessary, otherwise the public will only look for redesigns and nothing else.

    It will be a new phone with updated specs and maybe the casing. That's all it needs.When I said "that's about it," it wasn't a negative thing. When it comes to an iPhone, if they made those enhancements, that's plenty to guarantee another year of success. Especially alongside iOS 5.

    blake lively hair 2011. Blake Lively New Red Hair
  • Blake Lively New Red Hair

  • petemc
    Sep 25, 09:59 AM
    how many of us actually care much about aperture...?

    Pro photographer using Aperture right here. I care :p

    blake lively hair 2011. Blake Lively Hair Updo
  • Blake Lively Hair Updo

  • Sydde
    May 2, 07:11 PM
    Neither party is very effective at this point.... :(

    Somewhere a few pages back there is a thread accusing the Republicans of being domestic terrorists. Reality is, both parties gleefully sodomize the 99% ("middle class" and below), the Ds are just a little more sly and subtle about it. And history would suggest that Rs are no strangers to sodomy, just to vaseline.

    blake lively hair 2011. Blake Lively Hair 2011
  • Blake Lively Hair 2011

  • gauchogolfer
    Sep 26, 02:54 AM
    I guess Apple has a problem with the free advertising, for some reason. Being associated with new technology like podcasting seems like something Apple would like to foster.

    Would they prefer them to be called 'Zune-casts' ???

    I'm with ya, Onizuka!

    You know what? There was an ex-MTV VJ that made his own show using a Powerbook and two mics and he called it "Podcasting." There was an issue of Wired Magazine with him on the cover damn near two years ago. People were using the term "podcast" before Apple did. Apple has no right to do thsi to teh people who've made their player the most successful MP3/Portable Media device EVER.

    *kicks steve jobs in the nuts for allowing this*


    blake lively hair 2011. Blake Lively: 2011 CinemaCon
  • Blake Lively: 2011 CinemaCon

  • Ja Di ksw
    Nov 14, 02:06 PM
    Ouch, that's painfully close. So, umm, Nym, how's the weather over there? :D

    blake lively hair 2011. Blake Lively debuted a bright
  • Blake Lively debuted a bright

  • MacRumors
    Apr 12, 04:01 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/04/12/ipad-2-demand-outstrips-original-ipad-by-40-verizon-preferred-over-atandt-for-3g/)

    RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky today issued a new report sharing his expectation that Apple will handily beat market expectations for its quarterly earnings report set for next week (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/03/30/apple-sets-2q-2011-earnings-release-for-april-20th/). Citing strong sales of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, as well as very strong iPad sales, Abramsky expects Apple to post revenue of $24 billion and earnings per share of $5.75 for the quarter.



    blake lively hair 2011. Blake Lively debuts red hair.
  • Blake Lively debuts red hair.

  • Mebsat
    Apr 12, 02:27 PM
    Office for Mac or Office for Windows? Easy decision.

    I haven't opened VMWare Fusion for months, since I installed Office for Mac.


    After dealing with the bugs in Excel 2011 for Mac, I have been running the PC version of Excel 2010 in Fusion ever since...it runs far faster on the VM than Excel for the Mac runs. There is no comparison.

    I'll see if the update helps but I'm not expecting much.

    Plus a lot of add-ins aren't available, but you can get Solver for Mac now.

    To each his own, I just use the PC version because I can build large worksheets much faster in it. (using Fusion 3, Win7Pro, Excel 2010)

    blake lively hair 2011. Blake Lively Hair
  • Blake Lively Hair

  • maya
    Sep 22, 07:10 PM
    The iMac G5 were just updated in May 2005. There is a slim to none chance that there will be an update until MWSF JAN 2006. :)


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  • gisele bundchen hair 2011.

  • Jason Beck
    Jun 18, 03:49 PM
    Something I'd like to see is a rackmount SDXC RAID array. Think how many sd slots would fit in a 1U array. I know, probably won't happen, but still interesting to see.

    That right there gave me a headache thinking about it. Jeeze...

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  • lake lively hair straight

  • Poff
    Nov 14, 02:48 PM
    I allready posted that, but everyone seems to be overlooking this fact (including you :P)

    So, this time in bold:
    People, one of the airlines mentoined has denied the deal, so it's not sure if it is true!

    I think we might just be surpressing this..

    ..this is veeery un-apple. Last time I remember something like this was Steve announcing the G5 would reach 3GHz within a year, upon which IBM said they would try to get it to 3GHz within a year.

    ..I'm guessing someone got fired at Apples today..


    blake lively hair 2011. Blake Lively hair styles 2011
  • Blake Lively hair styles 2011

  • Laslo Panaflex
    Sep 19, 04:18 PM
    Do you mean "whilst" the update is happening the fans run at full speed, or after the update applys your fans are stupidly loud? :confused:

    With a pending order of the mac pro, the last thing I wanna go through is powermac G5 fan hell again......

    Yes, please elaborate on what you mean, I don't want to update if it's going have my fans running full speed at all times.

    blake lively hair 2011. Blake Lively Hair 2011
  • Blake Lively Hair 2011

  • ComputersaysNo
    Mar 17, 04:42 AM
    I was in Oman two weeks ago, and the gasprice was 0,28 dollarcent per liter...


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  • lake lively 2011 hair. lake

  • ConanTX
    Nov 9, 10:04 PM
    If a store's inventory uses RFID, then a retail associate could quickly locate merchandise if their iPhone was able to detect RFID signals. Walking up to a wall of jeans and being able to instantly find the size and style you need in a mess left after a big sale would be a great time saver. The employee could also take inventory just by walking through the department.

    blake lively hair 2011. Blake Lively, goes red!
  • Blake Lively, goes red!

  • kfscoll
    Apr 28, 09:33 AM
    I'd actually pay a little extra to get Lion on a read-only USB drive. I've had to reinstall SL a few times (new computers, testing, new hard drive, etc) and reinstalling (heck, even booting) from optical media is painfully slow.


    blake lively hair 2011. Blake Lively hair style 2011
  • Blake Lively hair style 2011

  • Huntn
    May 2, 05:00 PM
    Fixed it for you ;)

    Thumbs up! However, although I won't propose Dems are more effective in running government, at least they are sympathetic to the average Joe. :)

    blake lively hair 2011. Blake Lively#39;s hair is a
  • Blake Lively#39;s hair is a

  • Maccus Aurelius
    Nov 14, 11:13 AM
    And here people were hoping something would come along and topple the iPod. I had to check the Zune out for myself, it's basically dull-finished 1st Gen iPod clone. And now with iPod friendly skies, the bastardized iTurd will have very rough waters venture through. Go Apple. :D


    blake lively hair 2011. lake lively hair gossip girl.
  • lake lively hair gossip girl.

  • gheat93
    Jun 13, 08:45 PM
    Don't quote me on this, but I am somewhat sure the apps are backed up if you had been syncing your iPod with your computer. Can someone confirm this?

    blake lively hair 2011. Blake Lively Hair
  • Blake Lively Hair

  • ucfgrad93
    Jan 4, 01:57 PM
    No maps on-board: no sale.


    Agreed. I want the maps with me, especially if I'm in a bad cell area.

    blake lively hair 2011. lake lively hair updo.
  • lake lively hair updo.

  • bushido
    Apr 12, 06:34 PM
    I bought a Verizon iPad because I have an AT&T iPhone. I figured that if one doesn't work, the other will. I saw no need to get two devices on the same network.

    But go ahead, explain to me why that's stupid, since I clearly don't get it and I'm ignorant.

    its stupid bc u pay twice for a mobile plan lol why not just tether ... oh wait u can't in the us without additional costs xD nvm


    sry but i still don't rly understand how it works in the US. there is an "AT&T" iPad, i thought they come unlocked, can't u just go to any store and buy a iPad "3G" and use whatever simcard u want? thats at least how it is here

    Oct 7, 05:59 AM
    ...how do these people still have jobs?

    NOBODY has jobs.
    Yet Jobs has EVERYBODY.

    Mwaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... :D

    Ok, that's enough. Going back to sleep now. :p


    May 25, 11:52 PM
    i'm just curious about all the people that stated how PCs are troublesome when we're adding hardwares. after i installed XP, i did not even installed any driver and everything was recognized as soon as i plugged them in and working in no time, from keyboards, mouses, to routers, scanners, graphics cards, printers, digital cameras. i had the drivers ready, expecting the onslaught of hardware setup wizard typical of 98, but instead, there's the little pop up box near the system tray that stated that these hardwares have been recognized, drivers installed, and ready for use. and sure enough, they are. as for the hardware incompatibilities, remember that PC hardwares and softwares are made by two different companies, while any apple computers ae assembled and prepared by on company who manufactured both. therefore, they KNOW what their software needs in order for them to work perfectly.

    Apr 29, 09:51 AM
    Should we tax those in high crime areas more because police respond there more often?

    I was poking at SactoGuy18 and his evangelistic "Flat Tax" posts.

    I went car free two years ago. I'd gladly pay a tax based on my use of the roads, whether it be by bicycle or bus. Or even the rare occasions I use ZipCar.

    There's a serious rethinking going on about the use of automobiles in society. Whether it's London's congestion charge or San Francisco's dynamic parking meter rates or the total rethinking of requiring retailers to have x number of "free" parking spots.

    The days of free roadways and free parking are over.

    Mar 29, 12:37 PM

    go down to COMPARED ..

    now roll over the images.. if you tell me that that 55-250 shot is a 1.6 crop and the 70-X shots are very different you DO live on another plant (the 55-250 shot was manualy zoomed to match the 70-X shot hence the SLIGHT difference in focal length).. I am assuming same camera..as the review is about the lens and the FoV is too close to be recreated beteen full frame and crop.

    you are twisting things nicely around now..

    @Cliff, my bad I remember seen the high speed crop also on the D3 series but I might be wrong. The D700 however does have a crop but also allows you to shoot your DX lens on full frame (which will vignette) but has no speed increase over the full frame mode.

    It is kind of funny how you try to wiggle yourself out of this though...
    We (a buddy and me here, pro photographer but you would dismiss this anyway as him not knowing either, are having a great time with your "knowledge" and your way of going from the 200mm debacle to IMAGE... and no, the image will still not be different between an EF-s and an EF lens at the same focal length on the same body.

    End of story..if you are so sure.. why don't YOU prove ME wrong? you posted 1 picture of a modified 5d, which wasnt even yours. there is no 10mm on full frame (hence the vigneting) so you would have to shoot that 52 with the 10-22 at 22mm and then use a full frame 22 milimeter lens and compare it, because you ARE arguing, at least now, that the image will be different. It won't except for the vignetting.. re-read your own statements from before and watch how you ended up now on the "image" :)

    Don't worry, by Monday I will prove it to you but why don't you prove me wrong before?.. I dare you.

    EF-s lens and EF (or DX and FX for me) at the same focal length on the same camera, same f stop, same shutter speed... Exif data intact.

    To the OP: I have to apologize for this and this is the last post related to Thats me from my side:

    To answer your question: EF-s is cheaper as stated before the mess and is targeted specifically for the crop sensor bodies. You CAN fit both EF-s and EF on a crop sensor body and you will get the same image. EF lenses are just made for full frame as also stated before.

    sorry for the mess.

    With your link provided, I agree there is a slight difference there, but as you said, you ASSUME that it was with the same camera.... That would be my assumption as well, however, that example hardly makes your case, as the 70mm had to be manually dialed in... a small change has a big effect at long distances.... just saying... Show it using a prime (can't) or at the long end of the lens where there is no room for error or adjustment (200mm example). Eliminate all variables.

    So, quit your arguing and prove it with a real world example with your gear. I don't own any EF-S lenses anymore, so let's get that in the great wide open, so I can't run this comparison for you. There is a fundamental reason for that, which gets more to the point of the OP... Image quality is flat out crap as compared with Canon's L glass, which just so happens to be only in the EF mount. Right, wrong or somewhere in-between, this discussion has no bearing for me, since I will never own another EF-S lens anyway. To that point, I won't ever own a 1.6 crop camera again either, for what it's worth.

    I have no further interest in this discussion, so have fun. Enjoy.

    Jun 18, 04:28 PM
    Something I'd like to see is a rackmount SDXC RAID array. Think how many sd slots would fit in a 1U array. I know, probably won't happen, but still interesting to see.And this is just the front�