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  • 63dot
    Apr 5, 12:56 PM
    This is so on the money.

    I was just having lunch while watching a film on my iPad. Next table over a table of business people are showing off one of their new iPads. People respond so positively to the experience on so many levels it really has something for nearly everyone.

    The important thing that apple got was that making great computers for 2% of the population, or smaller, was one thing. Making a great piece of hardware for 95% of the world something else entirely and much more lucrative.

    With 80.2% percent of revenue based on stuff other than Macs for Apple, this makes sense.

    If I were a PC user finally comfortable with a new PC and (pretty good) Windows 7, I wouldn't really need a Mac. What can a Mac add for me?

    But the iPad is so portable and incredibly powerful for its size and price it's hard to say no to it. Apple has already shown a whole world of PC users how indispensable iPods and iPhones are, so we came out with iPad for Mac users and non-Mac users and from the numbers we are making a killing.

    I don't know if both Steves had this type of vision that far back unless they were hard core Star Trek fans or something with a long range vision of making really cool devices. I thought they were all about the personal computer in the beginning, and of course their own operating system.

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  • kmiahali
    Dec 28, 11:32 AM
    This is another one of AT&Ts stupid moves alongside their battle wit Verizon and their boring commercials with Luke Wilson...

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  • sehix
    Sep 27, 01:36 PM
    They Can Aways Resort To, Etc.

    Nah, if they need to go past 10.7.9, they can go for 10.7.10, 10.7.11 .. 10.7.93 or whatever.

    The numbering scheme just looks like it's base 10. It ain't.

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  • liavman
    Apr 27, 10:02 AM
    Thanks Palter. Based on all your input, I booked my ticket on a 7 P.M. flight. Hopefully I can leave Moscone by 5 P.M. and make it. I assume it will take a bit longer than usual at that time of the day to get to San Francisco International Airport -SFO ( Google says half an hour with traffic )


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  • cameronjpu
    Apr 12, 08:03 PM
    Um.. the iPad does NOT even make calls. How could it drop them to begin with? *duh*

    It must suck to never get jokes.

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  • rdowns
    Feb 24, 01:37 PM
    What about regulations to protect the consumer from those that find loop holes to make big bucks....

    Parents need to do their part, but government needs to try to protect from the greed that that brought us to the mess we are in today....

    Are we really comparing looking into in-app purchases with the crimes committed by Wall Street? Wow.

    This is a 100% parental issue. As for Apple, the least they could do (and it might be there) is to post a video teaching parents to use parental controls.


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  • trainguy77
    Jun 5, 07:49 PM
    Hey I just downloaded the widget for Tiger and it just comes up Blink and says Overclockers Australia :confused: Am I doing something wrong? I have the team name entered in correctly in the back.

    I was playing with it and what you are putting the team number where you put your user number. In that same field you need to enter: 140721 this is your number. If you enter that number it should come up with your score. :)

    Good to see you are getting in too it!

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  • ddtlm
    Oct 2, 08:53 PM
    Not Microsoft's market... yet.

    They want that peice of the pie. Give them time, they will try to take it.


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  • twoodcc
    Apr 21, 05:59 AM
    It is a desktop. i have also decided to throw my PS3 in the mix so it will be helping out at night.

    oh ok. well you could add a video card to your desktop and fold with it also if you wanted. right now nvidia cards are better. probably a GTX 260 is best bang for your buck

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  • inkhead
    Sep 1, 01:31 PM
    When the hell is Apple going to seed leopard to us select developers? Also an update of the WWDC videos would be nice. It sucks when you get hospitalized and can't recover in TIME to go to WWDC.

    The least Apple could do is treat developers who are excited and PAY for select accounts (myself included) with a little respect and post some of the leopard stuff. geeze.

    If you are an Apple developer unable to leave your country or travel to the united states and physically attend the conference in San Francisco you are pretty much screwed.

    It annoys me that I pay for this treatment, yet Microsoft is more than happy to release all kinds of pre beta stuff to me just for signing up as a developer.

    Apple TAKE CARE of your paying developers. Geeze.


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  • DustinT
    Apr 20, 07:23 PM
    No, 2 x 2600 will not be an issue. I will second the post above, those are really limited cards so I'd recommend selling them and buying the one he recommended above. Its probably 10x faster, even when driving two monitors. If you can sell the 2600s for any kind of decent money it will be well worth your time.

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  • Kaafir
    Oct 27, 01:08 PM
    And so it begins - this is the first of only many apps that are going to be written to work with Intel chip sets only, I'm afraid. I am, however, somewhat taken aback that they appeared this early from a major software company.

    Perhaps there have been others, but I've not seen anything myself released which didn't have a PPC version available or was UB until now.


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  • t0rr3s
    Feb 18, 09:42 PM
    Damn I'm thinner than uncle Steve. I should have died a long time ago:D Better pack my stuff:p

    Looks like everybody wants to kill Steve, guess what? In the next keynote instead of macbooks Steve is going to announce:

    "Once again I'm still a live."

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, iLive 4(eva)


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  • countrydweller
    Aug 19, 09:49 AM
    There will be a way to turn it off(better be), it's not working yet either.


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  • Ommid
    Apr 25, 08:10 AM
    Surely if they do 1680 15inch, then a 1680 13 won't be unfeasible.

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  • Knowimagination
    Mar 7, 08:46 PM

    Why wait outdoors (Knox) when you can wait indoors (Northpark)?

    It is supposed to be a high of 70 and sunny all day friday, why wouldn't someone want to spend some time outside with that nice of weather.


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  • redeye be
    Jul 20, 12:23 PM
    I think the 2.5 years have passed, so it's time for another update!

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  • jayP1201
    Jan 7, 08:15 AM
    I got the new facebook update for bug fixes on syncing but not for the fact that I can't hear when I get a notification... I got no sound...

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  • scaredpoet
    Dec 27, 09:49 PM
    . You would have to believe that AT&T is willing to lose all the online sales from the iPhone on Christmas to stop some thieves.

    They wouldn't lose ALL online sales, just the ones from certain zip codes where it believes fraud is high.

    May 3, 05:39 PM
    Not all lives are "equal".

    An idea often held by those happily NOT DYING.

    Sep 20, 09:43 AM
    What's up doc ? Wrong forum ???? :D

    Jan 4, 12:47 PM
    I picked it up. I let you know how it is. I've never bought TomTom or Navigon, because all I've ever had was Garmin devices, and it's AT LEAST $10 cheaper than any other GPS app with Canada maps as well as US. (I like to travel to canada on occasion). The constant updating for free is a major plus, that's the one thing i missed about my old non-smartphone VZ navigator.

    As far as the no onboard maps...that's a bit of a concern. Most of my driving is done within a 3G coverage area, but I've read that it has a way of keeping the maps downloaded even if you drop data coverage. Hopefully this is true.

    EDIT: here is the link for that article i read: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CB8QqQIwAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fgps.about.com%2Fb%2F2011%2F01%2F04%2Fgarmin-finally-enters-the-iphone-app-fray.htm&ei=UGsjTem3IYT7lwfq8cDrCw&usg=AFQjCNEIBVv5SjAF_8y2wxKoJ2qD8HahKQ

    I will cover Garmin's method of handling maps when a phone is out of data range in my review.
    At least it is hopeful then...

    Oct 9, 05:08 PM
    maybe if target dropped their pricing they wouldnt have this problem
    As ITR 81 already mentioned, they are already often selling at below their cost to attract customers. They don't have any room to go lower unless the studios drop their prices.


    Mar 28, 08:52 AM