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  • P-Worm
    Sep 22, 10:07 AM
    Isn't it amazing that no matter what the topic of a thread is about it always seems to degrade into people getting mad at how expensive a Macintosh is? Not to change the subjedt or anything...Carry on.


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  • Designer Dale
    Mar 17, 05:24 PM
    In response to all the "Recommend Me a Camera/Lens/Editor etc" threads, I offer this. Comments or additions?

    Never Show Your Work To Anyone

    Read Only "Expert Photographer" Blogs, Articles, and Books

    Leave Your Camera On Auto...:eek:...

    Buy A New and More Expensive Camera Because It'll Make Better Pictures

    Spend Too Much Time Mastering Photoshop

    Mine is this: Fixate on one style of photography or subject.

    Original stolen from PIXIQ... (http://www.pixiq.com/article/how-to-work-hard-at-photography-and-still-suck)


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  • gkarris
    Apr 2, 02:30 PM
    Especially the green sorry 'Aqua Blue' version.

    I thought it was Teal... ;)

    Does anyone know? :eek:


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  • mgargan1
    Nov 21, 04:09 PM
    Interesting concept, but their website (http://www.eneco.com/) scares me away in a hurry. What was that about making a good first impression?

    yea, their website looks like it was from 1998...


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  • Michael CM1
    Jun 21, 12:45 AM
    Thanks for all the input.

    I honestly haven't played much of the games some of you listed as platform-specific. I bought a Wii because of the virtual console games from old systems and the Zelda: Twilight Princess game available at launch. It was also $250 at the time versus like $400 and $600. I like a lot of the games I have bought for it, but damned EA Sports and it's awful NCAA Football attempt.

    I think I like FPS games, but it of course depends on which one. I've heard a lot about Halo being good. I remember David Pollack talking about playing that with his roommates when he was at UGA. I think that was in the Halo 2 days. I liked playing Half-Life in college on our network, but I didn't play much of the story. SOCOM: US Navy SEALs was pretty awesome on the PS2, but I got stuck at a couple of parts on it.

    As I said, I heard about a Magic: The Gathering game on 360 that sounds interesting. In my PC days, there was an online PC version of that game that I enjoyed a bit.

    Someone may need to explain the point of such big hard disks to me on the 360 and PS3. I know you can download movies and such, but I'm still a disc whore/Apple whore. I've got a lot of BDs and DVDs that I use, plus I plan on getting an Apple TV whenever Steve-o decides to update it. I watch a TON of my DVDs ripped to my computer. The Wii has storage space mostly for saves and VC games. I have a 4GB SD card in there, which is way more than I need. See I'd buy the $250 system with two free games if not for the insanity of $90 for a WiFi adapter. My Wii has WiFi built in and costs $200 now. Microsoft, c'mon.

    One last thing probably is system reliability. I've had a Wii since launch with no problems. I bought a PS2 before the slimming and it stopped playing stuff effectively, which forced me to buy a Slim. I don't know anybody who owned a PS2 who didn't have to do that. Consider me wary of Sony because of that, just this time the hardware has cost twice as much. I have two BD players. Yeah, it would be neat to have a newer one to replace my pre-Netflix streaming system that loads a little slow, but it still plays mostly fine. I've got another much better BD player, both of these Samsungs, and it's kick-ass.

    Thanks again for the info. My only hangup right now on deciding on a 360 is the stinkin' Live Gold card. At least I don't have to buy that upfront. Oh yeah, I also don't want to see Tim Tebow's stupid face on NCAA Football for the next year. I would pay $100 for the game if I could get anybody on the cover but that douche. Unfortunately, even a replaced cover won't cover up the art in the game. AUGGH.

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  • Abstract
    Jan 20, 07:04 AM
    If I click on it, it links to "itchyscalp.com.au".


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  • talkingfuture
    Mar 28, 09:28 AM
    I seem to remember a rumour not long after the iPad 2 event that iPhone 5 would be delayed until late summer / autumn. Perhaps all these rumours are falling into place and we won't see iPhone 5 until after the summer.

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  • Doctor Q
    Sep 23, 06:58 PM
    My personal benchmarking tool is SETI@home (http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/).

    I let it rip on my 1.25GHz G4 last night and set a record for the MacRumors team: the "Average CPU time per work unit" was a new low: 5 hr 52 min 11.2 sec.

    I can see that SETI@home made use of the dual processors because my elapsed time (5 hr 10 min per unit) was less than my CPU time!

    Check out the numbers at http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/stats/team/team_139691.html. My member name is (surprise surprise) "Doctor Q".


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  • corywoolf
    Nov 21, 08:44 PM
    here are two:

    you will get more help and more tutorials on a flash specific board... check out kirupa's forums and also http://studiowhiz.com 's forums. both are pretty great. also, flash has the best built in help system of any application i have ever experienced, so you may not even have to hit the boards or external tutorials.

    thanks a lot

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  • NoSmokingBandit
    Jun 14, 10:04 PM
    I havent been able to find out if the new HDD is proprietary or if MS stopped being dicks about that.


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  • Susurs
    Apr 20, 11:03 AM
    I third that...Intel integrated 'thing' will never be in a product I buy (If it's the only GPU in mac and nothing else is there like with MacBook Pro where you can switch between graphics 'device'). :)

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  • RMo
    Apr 12, 01:21 PM
    So what's fixed?
    To me, in Office nothing seemed broken.
    Outlook much? I thought they were going to add better syncing...


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  • MrCrowbar
    Nov 11, 04:52 AM
    I wonder if they'll do a version of the ad with the female camera that speaks Japanese, but make her an American camera that speaks English. :-)

    American Camera? Err.... I don't know any American brand that makes cameras... :rolleyes:

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  • Dont Hurt Me
    Oct 24, 01:25 PM
    I hope they introduce that option. Then it would be up to the customer to pick integrated or dedicated graphics, depending on his[her] needs.True, different people have different needs. Some should expect more out of a modern machine then integrated crapo graphics. My guess is 1st qtr next year we will see new Macbooks and they will have more integrated graphics since they kept the x1600 in the pro books. GMA3000 will show in it. Not to say I told anybody so but I predicted the Probooks would get the new core2s and the macbooks wouldnt. This gives Apple some seperation between the two lines. Apple could go cheap meaning speed bump CoreDuo's not Core2Duos and the integrated graphics that the fan club seems to love. Why not? As long as you have the cheap graphics whats the point of throwing in Core2? None that I can see.


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  • DeSnousa
    Jun 10, 06:01 AM
    Back at my computer, finally.
    A lumbago kept me laying down in front of my tv since sunday. sucks.
    Thx for helping out with the user questions.

    Time to do some work on the widget :D

    Welcome back, i was wondering what had happened to you.

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  • jakeDude
    Sep 2, 02:35 AM
    Inkhead, you make a good point about the ADA. **In the world of software, it recently has been the little guys that have been walking all over the larger companies (Paypal, Skype, Digg, MySpace, YouTube etc..) etc..**

    Competition is great too. *I am very happy that you are in a sucessful Mac oriented business. We are a community and facing hard times. We both have to work together to get our marketshare up so we can get more shelf space. The amount of non-game software space is very dismal.* To buy a $2500 desktop Mac pro and see very little shelf units can be a hard purchase versus going into Best Buy and seeing rows of PC software.*

    Back to the core issue, *money.. ***XCode and GCC and Interface builder are free..* Obviously someone like Delicious Monster or OmniGroup has tons of resources, they can get free Interns and have the connections.* Wil and Ken Case were presenters this year.* *Wil said in his student talk, Delicious made $54000 in profit the first day..* *

    So, where does that leave independent shops like us?* I want to kick Delicious Monster's butt bad at the 2007 ADA as Wil said they are presenting Version 2 of Delicious Library.. Stuff like OmniPlan is coming out..*

    The reality:*
    *I am a nobody at the conference. But I have a dream and one idea that I think is fresh enough to compete and possibly sell. Its all up to me to implement it and ship it. Steve Jobs said - "Real artists ship."* *Part of the problem is my fault and some of it is not.. *The reality for my situation is obviously better than some and worse off than others.*

    As developers we need:
    1) *development environment (XCode, IB, etc), APIs, sample code and docs
    2) *time
    3) *skill*
    4) *customers or audience
    5) *ideas , features, a purpose for the applications / systems

    The only issues that are currently variable between you, me , and general Mac developer population (750K+ according to the keynote)* are 1 and 2.
    #3 is based on #1 and #2 and we are all coding to the same APIs here using the same tools.

    * * I work for a lavery large insurance company and idiot PHB and alot of time after working as corporate drone can't work on my independent app when I come home.. I'm done from being in the office all day doing .Net development or maintaing others crappy code.* Plus its just me.. I am the only mac developer I know.* I did meet some at the conference, but they were from IT depts or large companies like Watcom.* Not many people want to talk to me at WWDC, I look boring and didnt have any company on my badge. *I would argue that anybody can have the same skill if given enough time to work on a problem.* Alot of successful products such as Delicious Library or this years ADA winners like Line Form were simpler apps compared to something like Modo.

    So,* how do I get more time?*
    *1)* I took off another week of PTO so I can sit at home and bang away on my computer all week. Thats a very limited resource unless I want to quit job and live on rice on beans and find a part time job 3rd shift somewhere so I can code more.

    *2)* Use Apple technologies to the fullest such as Core Animation and QTKit and AppKit and ObjC.. *I do not have time to figure out how to get NSViews on OpenGL views for example, so i will just use the provided documentation.. Im using XCode 3.0, new stuff in ObjC..

    A good application is like a good song.* It can be played unplugged on acoustic guitar or electric guitar.* Between Tiger and Leopard is not as wide as the marketing suggests.* Some applications do not need a glossy Core Animation interface. Animations can be done in others ways.. Look at Omnidazzle or FrontRow or use OpenGL stuff on Tiger.* Look at Photobooth.. This is such a simple application, but it works.

    Reading this forum.. *I live in Austrailia, I have bad injury/medical condition, I am a student etc, too poor etc.. * yes, it sucks!! Trying to make a living as a software developer nowdays is not easy.* I hear you brother.. Everyone thinks they are a developer just because they can write a web page or have XCode or Visual Studio installed or programmed a couple hello world apps in VB or Java.*

    I need the tools like Core Animation ASAP and ObjC features so I can spend more time adding features to my app.* In reality, we really only have until late Spring to get our apps ready for te release of Leopard and until maybe late May until submission for ADA. **That gives us maybe 6 months. *

    Back to the money issue..* Apple cannot give away Leopard seeds for free.. *It eats into Tiger and Leopard sales too much. It breaks too many Applecare when people screw up installing Leopard etc.. Preview seed blew up my Tiger partition i had.. I had to do a clean install :( * Microsoft doesnt do that even.. you have to buy MSDN for that..* There has to be a fee for the conference.* It costs alot to setup and for the 1000 engineers on site etc.. *If the fee isn't high enough, then 20,000 people would show up. I felt WWDC was not code specific enough as it is.. Too many IT tracks and less code samples and sample code released.*Too many people steal Apple's ideas.. Apple spent alot of time at the Keynote going over this.. **So, Apple this year decide to help developers by giving us a seed and having* alot of Leopard sessions and exclusive Leopard documentation.. A lot of documentation is not on the seed and exclusive for WWDC attendees.***

    So, I want everybody to use Leopard feature Z, because it helps Apple because Leopard makes Apple money.. i want more people to buy macs to buy my product, and it pushes for faster hardware (we all love new Apple hardware).

    There is a fine line with what Apple provides.. last year (2005) it was Developer Transition kit.. there wasnt any way to compile/test for Intel unless you had that and was like $1000 until the first Intel based comptuer came out.* Before that it was the same story.. Tiger seed given out at WWDC 2004.. so no way to do Core Data or Core Video unless you had that.*
    There is always going to be dangling carrots like new CPUS or OS versions.* Apple is extremely secretive, they didnt annouce even that they were giving out the seed until it leaked out the day before the conference.
    To answer your question.. what about people that can't afford even the ADC Select? People poorer than myself.* I have ADC Select..* You are asking to let 750K people download Leopard the way Microsoft has done with Vista RC1.*

    My answer.. That doesnt help me with issue #1 and #2 above that I talked about.. Now everyone has all the same tools/docs (unless you are top company like Aspyr, you will always know more NDA stuff) .. So #1, is balanced and drops off.* leaving time #2 as the only difference between me and the other companies. My skill is largely based on time, because I am new to the APIs (partly why I went to WWDC to learn more about QTKit etc..)

    Applications will be won based on time alone.. Small shops like me who are doing this on PTO and nights/weekends will lose..* I need all the help I can do to win the ADA against products from OmniGroup, Deleicious Monster and you and others.. These companies have the seed to.. But really helps me out by letting me catch up agaisnt the unknowns small shops like the guy that wrote F-Script (Phillipe ???) or that Line Form App..*

    If I can go to WWDC sessions to learn and walk away with beter tools and APIs its awesome.. It helps me and Apple benefit.. It just sucks for the people who cannot commit and have to wait 4-8 weeks for the same stuff.* That will be me next year, i am not going to be able to go next year.. I am in the same boat and hear you brother.* I am just the lttle guy here competing against these serial ADA winners....*

    Sorry for the lecture..* I loved your feedback.


    * * **




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  • trip1ex
    May 2, 03:12 PM
    Hell has frozen over or someone has jumped the sharked.

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  • phillipduran
    Feb 18, 02:47 PM
    Just think, if they all got food poisoning and died - America would be brought to its knees. For a few days.

    Nah, American leadership weathers stuff like that with ease. It's one of the effective things about our military leadership too.

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  • twoodcc
    Feb 20, 09:14 PM
    so any updates for this? cuz the widget doesn't seem to be working for me

    Apr 5, 09:13 AM
    CR is, IMO, the best starting point to find out if a product is reliable or has a known defect. From there, I expand my research with more detailed reviews.


    CR can be useful but certainly shouldn't be the end of your research. my parents and some friends of theirs bought vizio tvs based on CR alone and the tvs have really crappy picture quality. maybe they scored highly in reliability or something...

    Sep 14, 11:57 PM
    For everyone ccmplaiing about speed, go here:


    This is Sun's highest-end workstation, it runs with 2x1020 MHz processors. Also, Sun chips are based on RISC.

    May 3, 08:50 PM
    Their performance on the economy has been pretty good so far (even though prior to the recession they opposed the very banking regulations that kept Canada in decent shape coming out of the crisis). At the moment the economy seems to be the #1 priority for most people, and I guess a change in government in the middle of a recovery was not what people wanted.

    The conservatives campaigned on "we didn't want an election, we were in the middle of fixing the economy when the other parties decided to call an election, all we ask is for a majority government so that we can go back to work and fix the economy without these distractions". I think that resonated with a lot of people.

    Like I said- get ready for some very unwanted by-products. They will do everything they can to pit you against each other and divide your country on social issues- that's how they work. That's what they've done to us. Don't let them do it to you.

    Aug 19, 12:19 PM
    You need the app to use places....

    Well now I just feel stupid. . . .

    Mar 26, 05:28 PM
    So he really doesn't wear anything besides jeans and black turtleneck...huh :)

    I wonder how many turtlenecks he has?