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40s pin up girls

40s pin up girls. 1940s-Pin-up-Girls
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  • zap2
    Sep 24, 05:16 PM
    I would have to agree with the others, if you "allow" it or not is irrelevant, it's not your call anymore.

    but if your paying the bills(college ect) then they best listen to you or risk losing out on you help them with $$$

    but i would let him, he's 18 (and if she is)

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  • 40s Pin Up Girl Auburn

  • Michaelgtrusa
    Feb 21, 01:35 AM
    It's now half term for us UK students, and i'm trying to calm myself down after a very stressful half term! So here peace central (With a bit of Beethovens Waldstein playing in the background) :rolleyes:


    Link please?

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  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 15, 04:32 PM
    We'll take them, at $10M per head (negotiable).

    Our Inuit brothers, up in Nunavut, will look after them, and they can put the money to good use.

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  • MattZani
    Dec 24, 01:51 PM
    Just saw my GF and did presents, she got me





    :D :D :D


    40s pin up girls. Pin Up 1940. 40s Pin Up Girls.
  • Pin Up 1940. 40s Pin Up Girls.

  • Eye4Desyn
    Apr 13, 09:59 AM
    I guess we'll just have to find out in June. Maybe not at WWDC, but who says there won't be a hardware announcement at some point immediately following WWDC? Either way, I'm fine with my iP4....that is until iP5 is available :D

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  • Doctor Q
    Feb 14, 02:14 PM
    Actually, there is a position below Mod mini that all MacRumors members have: "MacRumors Bad Post Reporter".

    One of the reasons our forums stay enjoyable for so many members is because of the members who let us know when there is a problem that needs attention, from spam to threads mistakenly posted in the wrong forum. This makes it easier for us than if they point out the problems by posting in the thread, but it means that they don't get any personal credit for spotting the problem.

    I learned this the hard way, before I was a moderator. I would post about something I saw that was wrong, and a moderator would fix the problem and delete my post. It didn't take me long to figure out I was making their job more time consuming!

    We all benefit from members who help the site by reporting the posts that we need to know about. Thank you, MacRumors Bad Post Reporters.


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  • 40s Pin Up Costumes.

  • rwh202
    Jan 26, 11:24 AM
    Hi all,

    Just added a 4.8 GHz i7-2600k folding -bigadv (~ 49000 ppd) to my MacRumors contribution.

    This is being helped by:

    3.8 GHz i7-860 folding -smp 7 -bigadv ~ 22000 ppd
    2.8 GHz i7-860 folding -smp 6 ~ 8000 ppd
    3* GTX 460 ~ 32000 ppd combined
    1* GTX 430 ~ 4000 ppd

    All running in wine under Ubuntu 10.04

    Hopefully I can maintain a reasonably stable 100k ppd, at least until the weather gets warmer when the graphics cards will have to stop.


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  • tigress666
    Apr 4, 02:48 PM
    I would gladly pay a $50 fee to continue to upgrade my phone every year. My bro in-law who just got the


    For those having a hissy fit and saying this is going to make them go to Verizon, how does that help you? Verizon doesn't give you any early upgrade price so with them you just end up paying full price (Which is more expensive than the subsidy AT&T is giving for one year upgrades).

    I fail to see the logic here on why Verizon is better than AT&T in this regard? Because AT&T got more expensive (but still has a better option than Verizon)? So you'll go and pay more at Verizon that doesn't even offer an early upgrade because AT&T got a little more expensive? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    I'll be the sensible consumer and go with who gives me the better deal, regardless if one of them increased their prices. IF they still have the better deal, I might be upset it's not as good as a deal as before, but I'm still going to pick it. I'll save my spiteful boycotting for when they actually try to scam me or do something it is worth paying more for (no one see the irony in paying more somewhere else cause the place you're ticked off at increased prices but still is cheaper?).


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  • Pinup Girl Swimsuit

  • Kyffin
    Oct 1, 04:48 PM
    That first link is a gold mine! Thanks :)

    Very happy to share:D you've given me an idea to boot- think I might just spend a year touring Japan along the old roads and seeing the famous sights by daylily changing my desktop- Cheers!

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  • iEric
    Oct 21, 12:28 AM
    You know the belt clip that comes with the iPod mini?
    Is there one for the big iPods?

    If there is, can you provide a link.



    40s pin up girls. Myths and Legends of the 1940s
  • Myths and Legends of the 1940s

  • cvaldes
    Apr 7, 09:26 AM
    Why all the negatives? Patches are a good thing.
    There are a lot of flame-baiting haters and sniveling little whiners in this forum. And I mean a lot.

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  • D4F
    Apr 20, 06:25 PM
    This is a sandbox with a bunch of kids screaming my dad is better than yours...

    Coming here and crying that your device is better you just prove to be absolute idiots. And I'm not talking as from insulting point of view. I'm just stating the obvious which points to the fact that you were born without most braincells needed for basic functions such as common sense. I really want to see the look on your face the day you will realise that.


    40s pin up girls. of 1940s pinup girls and
  • of 1940s pinup girls and

  • Grade
    Dec 12, 08:13 AM


    That is awsome. Can you give me the link?

    40s pin up girls. 40s pin up girls picture and
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  • kingledley
    May 3, 05:43 AM
    Guessing that MobileMe (as it is now) will go free, and then the premium service will allow backup and access to all your system. $100 a year for that would definitely be worth it.


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  • Iskender
    Apr 28, 07:48 AM
    Yes I know about pricing, but when you see prices in US (When count with the carriers price) and see the wide differences like nearly 1000 usd its making upset.

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  • tinman0
    Apr 29, 04:23 AM
    Yeah not going to hurt samgsung on bit.

    Apple needs Samsung more than Samsung needs Apple.
    Reason being is the parts Samsung is supply there is already a shortage of them on the market. Apple drops them all Samsung does is go to the next guy and more than likely for more money.

    Apple on the other hand will struggle to find a new supplier.

    Don't be daft, Samsung are the suppliers because they gave the best price.

    Samsung will also be locked into supply contracts anyway, and they interfered with them, Samsung would be in a world of hurt, not just from Apple and litigation, but every other company they supply.

    And don't you believe there aren't alternatives for Apples component supplies either - every company that can build something that Samsung already does has been on the phone this week to Apple.

    The end result in all of this is that Samsung are putting at risk an $8bn turnover for copying a customers phone design.

    Even if Samsung win any of these suits, Samsung will lose the $8bn turnover, and will hand their component rivals the same amount.

    The question at the end of the day is whether the Galaxy/Tab/S/S2 are really worth $8bn a year - which they aren't.

    So who loses? Samsung every time.

    Heres the clue - never sue your customer.


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  • coleg
    Mar 21, 04:54 PM

    Quinn 2.0

    i was actually looking for tetris today. yay.

    40s pin up girls. Traditionally the pin up girl
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  • Audrey313
    Jul 3, 03:40 AM
    Can buying things like charging cords and docking stations from places like eBay and from other companies other than Apple mess up the battery on an iPod/Touch?

    Rookie question I'm sure but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I'd like to get a couple backups but don't want any to mess up anything!

    Thanks in advance!

    40s pin up girls. From The Pin Up Files website
  • From The Pin Up Files website

  • Amnesiac1
    May 5, 07:11 PM
    And... umm... sorry... *what* does BTO stand for?!

    Apr 6, 08:26 PM
    My two screens for the month. =)

    Jul 19, 03:03 PM
    I bought a song from the iTMS a couple days ago (Delirium featuring Sarah McLachlin - Silence) and I can't get ot downloaded.

    I'm on dial-up but I don't think that's the problem since I've already bought two entire albums from there (one a day after I bought this) and both downloaded flawlessly, just not this particular song, anybody know how to fix this or anything?



    Nov 2, 03:32 PM
    May seem like a silly question about the shuffle....but can the 2nd gen Shuffle play gapless if you set it off shuffle and load in a gapless album?

    Apr 27, 12:57 PM
    I'm curious now to hear Googles response. Jobs comments I am guessing are only made for a pretty interesting reason. Kinda like the fragmentation thing that has now come to be generally accepted.

    Mar 19, 08:03 PM
    Unless, of course, we decided to declare war on Australia while I was napping.

    We could just add them to the list.

    Seriously, the death penalty as instituted in the US is grossly economically inefficient. With all the automatic appeals and legal fees, the death penalty is nothing more than a subsidy for the legal profession.

    Life without parole is the way to go. If "Life Without Parole" actually meant "Life Without Parole". Far cheaper to just house them, plus, if we did find out we made a mistake, we could give them at least a part of their life back.